Belly greetings to all

New article on its way –
don’t get lazy or dejected now,
there’s a world of living …

gathering at our finger tips …

Surely you can feel it.

October 5, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. shabsoasis replied:

    Wow. Lazy and dejected. You just described my whole last week, but I learned a lot and it started a great shift! (I still blame the massive spraying in the last week for part of my depression…they destroyed the California skies)

    Looking forward to your next post, although I’m grateful to have your previous work to sift through. Everything you learn for yourself you teach to us with such eloquence.

    Love ya Alex!!

  2. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks shabsoasis – I’m very glad to hear of your shift. What a year it has been for deconstruction.

    You are exactly right, everything I learn I bring here, what else can I bring? And in the bringing comes healing for me & a warmth that gets labeled love & excitement that something I say might help with a shift in someone else. Pretty much all change comes at the level of perception, that’s the place to work at – the ptb have been using that knowledge for ages – it’s time to ‘craft’ our own paths

    very best of shifts to you

    • shabsoasis replied:

      You’re one of my all-time favorite writers. Such a strong and original heart you have pumping within… Thank you for your lovely response.

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