the healing powers of humanity – a quilted podcast

This evening I talked seven times with my guest & friend, Gerardo … perhaps it was such a powerful conversation that a single sitting would have short-circuited the entire internet in NZ.

Gerardo is an artist & story-teller on an adventure in 2012.

He is also the creator of a child he hopes will help heal the world. There are many reasons why I felt deeply that a chat with him would add to your world.

Many thanks to Paulo for stitching …

… our chat back together, which due to many technical difficulties was created in pieces.


Or listen to our podcast below:

Working through his own pain, anger & confusion
led Gerardo to the
creation of …


He is also working towards making ‘Finger Day‘ an international event.

We can only start our journeys from where we are,
but after that …
there is no looking back.

October 19, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. paulo replied:

    Thanks me Alex for the enjoyable company and creative play :)
    Great work of Geraldo :) Good Art and Good Healing :)
    Signed : the remote control mouse lab :P Beep beep :P

    • alex robinson replied:

      obrigado amigo, am very glad you took the journey.

      I was going to say that we lab rats must stick together but changed my mind, I think we each have to create our own path, but I think perhaps we shall meet up on the outside to set Plan in motion 3 :)

  2. shabsoasis replied:

    Very sad…I downloaded part 1 before it was stitched together. I was able to listen easily, but now I can’t play the new download…so I have to miss the rest of your chat! :(

    Something you said in the first segment really stuck with me, though. Burning Bridges. That’s what this whole year has been about for me. I feel so much guilt for the separation I’ve imposed on myself from people I love, but the more I’m apart from them, the more I realize that the role I’ve played in their lives was not at all suitable to me. I know I’m pissing them off by pushing them away so harshly, and I don’t know what good will come of it…but all I know is even though I still feel very lost, its a great burden off my shoulders to have restructured all those unhealthy relationships.

    I’ll try and listen on a borrowed computer, since everything I do is on a smart phone.
    Thanks Alex!

    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks shabsoasis, it meant a lot to hear that I am not alone in burning bridges. It has been a year of extremes, & I never wished to burn the bridges that I have, but like you I could find no other way to move forward in the way I needed while maintaining relationships that would not move with me. I feel like I have become a gypsy in a caravan travelling an unknown path, I simply could not stay where I was any longer. I will certainly reconnect with people if possible but it will have to be via new purpose-built bridges.

      Gerardo’s honesty is too good to miss, if you keep having trouble let me know & I will reload the separate conversations & put them back on the archive site & you should be able to listen from there.

      very best to you

      • shabsoasis replied:

        Purpose built bridges….love that! Your way with words my dear…

        If I can’t hear it soon, I’ll let you know. It’s like an unfinished novel in my brain!

  3. shatteredbutterfly replied:

    We all need to know we’re creative. We we created, we’re creative.
    There’s this artist (charmaine olivia) that keeps recommending a book called, “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. I haven’t read it yet, but maybe you’ll get to it before me.

    I was thinking about what you two were saying, and how when I’m working out, I’m creating a stronger body. I’m not just doing a chore, I’m creating.

    !! much love to the 2 of u in NZ

  4. alex robinson replied:

    Many thanks mistress butterfly :) glad to hear of your creation & ability to see it as creation.

    Somewhere along my travels I read something that made me avoid that lady & others of that ilk – I think it came down to understanding that we need to create our art / life in our way – otherwise we might spend our whole lives ingesting the creative thoughts & ideas of others without ever lifting our own pencil, kitchen knife, garden trowel. Or we might never take off our shoes & make up our own dance moves or exercise workout. Or we might never invent our own words and so on.

    The more you create the less time or desire you have to hear about how to do it. I read a comment by Edward de Bono recently on ‘philosophy’ saying it was as if you took a very large sheet of card & cut it up into lots of different shapes, put it back together again & then talked about it (yawn!)

    I wish you much wildness

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