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Fitzy & I teamed up again last night for a podcast we had promised each other.

There isn’t an explanation for our podcast except to say it was pulled from our depths. We touched on nothing we had planned to speak about because …

… the moment called for something else.

If you are in a light & fluffy mood go forth & enjoy it. Come back another time when you need the touch of raw humanity, & we’ll be there.

Fitzy you are a courageous & humane being – I thank you.


Or listen to our podcast below:

November 12, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Duke replied:

    Jeez, I love your accents.
    Oh, interesting, funny, powerful, sad and at times even a little hopeful.

    “Grow and move forward .. and chill the fuck out.”

    Fitz, that’s the best thing you’ve ever said. Have you ever thought about a stand-up comedy tour ?

    Get well soon guys. I’m no doctor, but you should both smoke a little pot.

  2. transcenddesigns replied:

    Wonderful show you 2…Love you guys…!
    please take my next comments as truly coming from a place of love as I wish to help anyone (if I can) who is in pain, mentally or physically, I don’t wanna sound like an annoying preacher… :)
    but in my limited time here, the reality of karma (amongst un-popular belief), seems to be the actual reality of how things truly do ‘work out for us’ as we move along, karma being simply the ‘law of nature’, and I think your right where ‘it’ doesn’t care whether you are a fool or a genius, doing certain things will give you certain effects, and the more we operate from our hearts, the smoother the ride gets…it doesn’t mean we don’t run into ‘bumps’ in the road, but I truly believe these bumps are directly manifested by ourselves (ie decisions made and actions taken which weren’t thought through and executed to our or anyone else’s benefit…) this is a touchy subject, one that gets professors fired from their jobs, but I do believe it to be absolutely true…
    getting to the ‘pain’ aspects of our conditions, you may be unknowingly causing them directly by the foods being taken in…I know i’ve mentioned it before, but if you are experiencing ANY kind of symptom which is not healthy, it is due to an imbalance within, being from ‘over toxicity’…we ALL need to detox regularly (actually have a diet which is detoxing in itself is best)…have either of you tried to go on a complete raw fruit/veggie (whole and juice) diet for an extended amount of time? meaning do it for 2.5 – 3 weeks solid, and then go from there as far as how you feel, for me the first 2.5 weeks was tough, as your body truly is getting rid of all the crap stored within, but then I pretty much have made a mostly raw diet with a cooked meal a dinner, and I feel incredibe…again I always feel like I’m preaching, but I just know it to be true (the power of fruit that is), and a look up on Youtube of Robert Morse ND and The Life Regenerator is what got me rolling….I have never felt better….I wish the same for you and I won’t ramble on any more…try really ‘fruiting out’ for a while and I know things will change for you….
    please don’t think I’m just some nutter, there is really something to this and I wish everyone would just try it, most people I tell never really do it, as it does take some vigilance in the beginning, until you start reaping the rewards…..

    Love you guys, keep up the great work!

  3. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Duke,
    I know Fitzy enjoyed your comment. He has loads of talent & you never know just what might eventuate :)
    If we mix your & Brad’s advice below, we might have the ultimate cure – ‘pot salad’ :)
    very best to you

    Hello Brad
    I don’t see karma at work in this world. It looks to me as if bastards do very, very well in this world. A while ago I came across a site that suggests that it is the newest ‘souls’ that are the strongest & purest of heart, not because they haven’t accrued karma, but because they hadn’t been here long enough to be poisoned. I have seen what gets passed down thro’ families, so that individuals have to deal not only with their own ‘sins’ but they are also crippled by generations of earlier ‘sin’ – when I look at it it’s like interest that keeps building & building so that it can never be paid off.

    Thank you for your food ideas. I may well come back to the whole topic of healing in a future article, in particular something I’ve come across recently that may be vital before any other methods can work.

    very best to you

    • brad replied:

      The interest can be ‘paid off’, but it takes conscious knowledge of this fundamental law of nature to do so….this lack of knowledge on our part is the greatest tool these masters hold over us, and it’s by this deception that we end up ruining ourselves, growing up thinking ‘shit happens’ and that the Universe is just chaos, when it is actually far from it…we (humans) bridge the gap of material and spirit and can actually control our outcomes, which is why we are in such an extraordinary predicament…I wouldn’t think of it as ‘sin’ or ‘good and bad’ as, like you and Fitzy pointed out, Nature doesn’t really care one way or the other, it is just operating, but this fundamental law is the parameters we have in which to operate in this 3D existence, whether we believe in it or not, it does exist, if we choose not to, that is/will be our detriment…but once we really grab hold of the notion, and then work from our hearts, this ‘bad interest’ does get paid off, and things will smooth out….I know it sounds all woo woo, but it took me years of deep contemplation and trial and error, to see that this is the case, and I am only a guy who discovered for myself what’s already been taught and understood in most Hindu/Buddhist traditions, it just took ‘getting away’ from all the ‘noise’ of society to really grasp it….Interestingly, I had come upon Mark Passio’s podcast last year, this guy claims to be an ex Priest of the Church of Satan, and he verified for me that it is this lack of knowledge that keeps us exactly where we are, under control…interesting how all Western religions won’t touch it or teach it nor anyone in any school…actually I guess it’s not surprising at all….

  4. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Brad, that gives another interesting way of looking at things.

  5. shatteredbutterfly replied:

    Right now, I just have so much in my mind from reading these comments and hearing yours and Fitzy’s words.

    The part that’s stuck with me the most is creating our own future, someting positive and different than what’s been created in the past maybe. Consciously creating I you could call it. Take control of ourselves and and our passions.

    For the future is unknown to me, yet I feel like I’m almost living it while I create it. If all I imagine would be darkness and cycles, I’ll create that for myself if I think there is no other way. LIke Brad was saying, humans are the middle part of the equation where physical and spiritual meet. I get sucked into this systematic physicality too often and when I slip into spiritual awareness I realize I’m never lost and I’m never alone.

    Just some thoughts so far, I haven’t listened to the whole podcast yet. It takes a lot of soaking up and processing and when I’m done I’ll come back :)

    ps. I’m having a fucked up month, anyone with me? haha

  6. Fitzy replied:

    So often we find ourselves trying to articulate a position the Western Plato-Socratic conditioning dogma won’t permit, that of the 3rd, 4th, 5th etc way of being Human.
    Its easy to get tongue tied, because on one hand we’re protecting our integral self (Individual), while endorsing cooperation with others (group cooperation), and the powers that be polarize that into a single choice, the “me-me-me of selfish psychopathy” or the “dissolve-your-ego” bs mantra of the collectivists.
    This is easily countered, but requires practice, foremost, reject attempts to draw you into either binary camp, to do this consider the following possibility…
    Each of us, are like some fantastic note in a reality spanning symphony, when we ring clean and true, we add to it, the song is incomplete without us, and at the same time, so much more than us. We have talents, purpose and meaning distinct to each individual, when we are true to our core purpose, we appear to merge into the greater mix, but remain completely ourselves – no borg collective assimilation required.
    This concept, the way of being true to ourselves, and contributing to a Humane expression of our species energies – is foreign to many. We are told to either kill off our our distinct qualities by conforming to group think, or hammer and smash all others as competition.
    In either case, that binary sh*t works against Humanity, Elitism is both a sickness of the ultra-individuals, and the malaise of herd or tribal politics.
    You can, in a heartbeat, create a Universe inside yourself that shuns those toxic memes, even a brief attempt, changes you, do it enough – by imagining Humane, no militant resolution to all conflicts inside and out – and you’ll start throwing a serious spanner in the works of this pisspoor/halfassed/shoddy reality on earth.
    What will really float your boat, is when you become so saturated with your core purpose (only you will know what that is), you start acting according to it, often surprising yourself, even amazing yourself – sometimes you’ll do something Humane, without knowing you were going too.
    Best of luck and Humane success to you, nothing placed here on this earth or on your path is beyond your power to contend with.

  7. alex robinson replied:

    Hi shatteredbutterfly, I’m with you on the fucked up month :)

    Glad you connected with the future idea – more to come on that.
    Physicality matters extraordinarily – everything we do is because of it – everything created comes via our seemingly mundane lives – our physical life is the plant that can produce the most extraordinary flowers & nectar (creations) – very good for butterflies :)

    very best to you

  8. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Bloody Brilliant you two!

    Thanks for the great inspirational info, the common sense, and the humane touch. I laughed and enjoyed myself.


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