future imperative grand finale – part i

perhaps we are only a shadow of our future self


… the subtle persistent force that nags at our consciousness – to be a creator, one who brings into existence creations that previously lived only in one’s innermost dimensions~ Robert Fritz

As I begin writing this article it is
1st Dec, 2012 –
a month that has pre-haunted
many a consciousness,
for many a year.

The month of cataclysm-ascension-transformation-annihilation depending upon which flavour …


… of Mayannaise guessing
you prefer.

Before stepping into this amayazing new life/death, perhaps we might take one last walk down reality lane – just to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

There are few possibilities for the future. One is slow decline …”

The paradox is that as we move forward into the future there is more need for change than ever, yet there is less room for change because everything is locked into position

Consequently, you expect to be helpless in the future … a conscious expectation that is the last link in the chain, the one triggering depression

Bugger, maybe not!

Please make your way smartly …

run away

… to the nearest emayagency exit.

… Well perhaps we have time for one small question.

Is it possible that,
because of our fixation
on the past,
our future selves

now where  did i leave it

 lost sight of us?

Culturally we are so obsessed with history that at times there does seem to be a ‘culture of corpses‘ … In essence we are positioned by our ancestors

It is possible that we have all but abdicated our right to a future?


God save the queen
The fascist regime
They made you a moron
Potential H-bomb

There’s no future, no future,
No future for you
God save the queen

We’re the flowers in the dustbin
We’re the poison in your human machine…
No future, no future
no future for you

For those not familiar with the above lyrics:

God Save the Queen” is a song by the English punk rock band Sex Pistols … The song was released during Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 … The song peaked at number 2 … though there have been persistent rumours … that it was actually the biggest-selling single in the UK at the time … In 2012 it was announced that the single would be re-released on 28 May 2012, coinciding with the 35th anniversary of the original release and the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II

jolly good show

… The song could be heard during Journey along the Thames, a two-minute film … played at the beginning of the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony, an event opened by the Queen, and held during her Diamond Jubilee

Hey call it anarchy & who’s gonna see a formidable ritual – worship of the hive leader (God save the queen IS the title) complete with abdication of the future.

Of interest:

Sid Vicious was born John Simon Ritchie … Ritchie’s father … was a guardsman at Buckingham Palace

Ah conspiracy is so damn intriguing … but we better get back to reality.

We need to shift from an obsession with history to a concern for the future

Yep, we do really need to do that –
if we are going to have one,
that is.

Let’s look back one last time.

look back

What do you

I see a race of homo sapiens … waiting

Waiting for …

he'll come again

to come back.

Waiting for the next life,

pearly gates

when rewards


will be

virgin lines

… plentiful
(to make up for the suffering in this one)

Waiting for the
to be


… uncovered / discovered …

figuring out the past

… revealed

Waiting for ‘things’ to get better

Waiting for the next bill / disaster / loss

Waiting for the big lotto win

Waiting for the ‘right time’ to begin living

Waiting for the right
man / woman

Waiting for …


extra-terrestrial contact

Waiting for
the ‘big day’
in 2012


Let me remind you about waiting:



wait  stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens

waiting water

to remain inactive  … until something expected happens

In the spaces in between waiting,
I see a race of homo sapiens …


… writhing in pain

That unfortunately is only natural for a species that has abandoned its…


to the future.

Where & how did this idiocy happen?

It’s hard to say.

Perhaps it came about when the future was removed from of the earth & placed on high.

Religion did it through their sky gods & heavenly after-lifes.

The West did it through its
worship of
all kinds of …


as symbols of
a shiny …

the future is looking up

… ‘bright future’ …

Ever noticed how the future is always


… ‘a head

out in space

… out in space.

So it may surprise (or dismay) you to learn that the future is very much closer to hand.

To your hand(s).

Like pretty much everything we have been supplied with, the directions we live by are arse about face.

The future, of course, was never ‘out there’.

it is located
in your

The place where the future & most life, begins.


Try this on for size:

The future is a moist, dark, fertile, desire-impregnable place that requires constant connection with us.

promised us

Prometheus’ punishment for giving fire to mankind, was the loss of his future (his belly) – chained to a rock & going nowhere, each day an eagle would come & eat out his liver. The liver is the only internal organ which can re-grow itself – now that’s an amazing connection to the future.

In the beginning was the future,
not the word.

Awhile ago I came up with an image that I felt expressed the dynamics of creating as I had experienced them in my own life & then had understood them through the ideas of structural tension by Robert Fritz.

Keep paying attention – it matters, because creating & the future are soul-mates:

The space between the desired and actual states [of creation] is not the absence of something, it is the presence of a powerful tension that propels the creative process toward resolution.

The following is an excerpt from a continuing series of mysteries.

Here’s an inchworm doing structural tension.

He has feet at the front & feet at the back – so he’s grounded in where he wants to go & where he is right now.

But in his middle bit there are no feet –

it’s a bit like that part is empty space –
that is the
place & space
that will allow the birth of
his chosen future

There was no thought of the location of the future when I wrote that. Only later did I see the story it told – that the future is, & always has been, housed in the middle of us – in our bellies.

The ‘future’ never, ever
out there‘.

The belly is the seat of the inner world, of darkness & of the unconscious, but also of life & emotions. It is the opposite of the breast & head, which symbolize consciousness, the outside world & light~ Grandmother’s Secrets-Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi


If you understood that the future was at the centre of your world, would you stop to give it the time of day?

Maybe you have been too busy being in the now.

If I was living in the now, you would not be reading this article, I’d be too busy ummm … just being.

Instead I am working with an amazing tension – one stretching back many weeks & stretching forward until my stats show me that this work has found a new home within a few open minds.

It’s not about fame, it’s about connecting. It’s about the desire to live & the wish that others live too. It’s about creating the future, instead of having it pre-packaged for us.

Let me suggest that the extra-extraordinary growth/learning of children is a direct result of their DEEP connection to the future. They may live ‘in the moment’ but their feet are forever paddling in the future. I remember being eight years old, looking at my new-born baby brother & thinking there was NO WAY he would ever walk or talk. He surprised me & very quickly too.


Why do we keep digging up the past, instead of ploughing & seeding the future?

Another possibility is that of a new Renaissance, one on which people are involved with their lives, their growth, & their own continuing learning in the creative process. This is different ground than we have seen before. We cannot use our old assumptions, values, biases, premises, or structures. But neither can we change if we are motivated by conflict, dissatisfaction, or disorientation.

What could motivate this change? Nothing short of …

stop & think

… rethinking what we are doing, how we are living, what our lives are about, where we are going, & what we want to create. There are horizons you have not encountered yet that lie before you as you begin to travel the road of creating

Our DUTY is to the future.

duty (n.)     … pp. of debere “to owe” (see debt)”

debt (n.)    … from L. debitum “thing owed”.”

We owe the future everything. Nature knows that. Look no further than the efforts of animal parents – every year they undertake the exhausting task of birthing & raising new young & then they set them free – no looking back – because the duty is to the future.

We do not owe the past.

We owe the future.

Let’s talk about pollution for a moment.

no future pollution

NO. Not that pollution

That pollution is a result of the
real polluting
that’s been going on for far too long …
future pollution

So let’s give a round of applause to …

future f'kd

the sex pistols of the media
& haven’t they done a terrific job of showing us that
‘we have no future’

Not only do we owe a debt to the future …

debt (n.)    … from L. debitum “thing owed

… we are also meant to own it …

owe (v.)  … “to have, own,” from P.Gmc. *aiganan “to possess”  …  from PIE *aik- “to be master of, possess

There’ll be a reason why the anglish words now & own are secret twins.

possess (v.)  mid-15c., “to hold, occupy, reside in.”

If you do not stake a claim in the/your future, then something or someone else can, & will do so.

Why do you think so much work has been done to turn us away from it – via gloom, doom, fear & waiting? It wouldn’t surprise me if ‘death’ as we (don’t) know it, was crafted into its current state as the icing on the fear-of-the-future cake.

Let’s face it, most of us have a suspicion there is much more to life than what we have been led to expectpossibilities that there are dimensions to ourselves, depths of our being, & heights to our aspirations that are lurking just below the surface. Despite years of attempts by relatives, friends, acquaintances & society …

promised us

… to bring us to our senses, the desire & impulse to reach for what is highest in us is still there … perhaps we are only a shadow of our future self, & the subtle persistent force that nags at our consciousness – to be a creator, one who brings into existence creations that previously lived only in one’s innermost dimensions

End of Part I

~  ~  ~

Text in this colour from The Path of Least Resistance – Robert Fritz

Text in this colour from I am Right, You are Wrong – Edward de Bono

Text in this colour from Helplessness – Martin Seligman

December 3, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    That was great Alex!! Just what I need to read when coming home from wage slaving.

    Going to re-read and post a more coherent comment when I am ‘awake’. Very inspiring!!


  2. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Re-read this morning with a nice cup of Mind, Body, and Soul coffee (Yep, that’s what its called! Delish too!)

    Thank you for the calming Chamomile-like post! Certainly the West is disconnected from the Future. Hi-jacked by Doomers, Futurists, Sci-Fi, and Transhumanism right now. Everyone is so neck deep in Tech here, it sickens me. You cannot go anywhere anymore without someone have some sort of pocket device! People bring them into the break room at work and just spend their time on that. It’s hilarious, so few real conversations with eye to eye contact and you also see it if you go out, everyone on a device. It’s sickening. Not sure how NZ is, but I am ready to relocate to a far southern tip of NZ away from society! :-)

    Love Fritz’s works, happy you share those! The inchworm is a wonderful example of structural tension!

    So..if we are so obsessed with the past, was that a two fold claim to the future for those PTB bastards? Control the past control the future? If they buried the past, we spend so much time trying to dig it up, we end up in endless rabbit holes? Never knowing “The Truth”? So we lose a grounded future right within our grasp?

    I never liked the Sex Pistols music :P Or being bombarded with negative “spell-like” lyrics. Great point out! I am SO happy I’ve never had a ‘belly problem’ like most here in the West..no indigestion, no ulcers, nothing! My belly seems to always be at a happy point, unless bombarded with grief. Seems to make that go topsy turvy.

    Great work again Alex!! Thank you for getting this out when you did.

    Cheers again!

  3. alex robinson replied:

    Thank you Michael – am glad it went down a treat :)

    Was reading a line from Edward do Bono earlier that really resonated – “You can analyze the past, but you have to design the future” – that’s where it’s at & that is what we are NOT doing. But some are – the ones who control so much are very busy buying out the future – if we don’t lay claim to it, then we lose it – perhaps Dec 21st is merely the last day of the sale – hurry while stocks last!!

    May your future be belly-full my friend. Send hugs to your mum too

  4. John replied:

    There is a great scene in the movie “Chinatown” that contains the following exchange:

    Gittes: How much are you worth?
    Cross: I’ve no idea. How much do you want?
    Gittes: I just want to know what you’re worth. Over ten million?
    Cross: Oh my, yes!
    Gittes: Why are you doing it? How much better can you eat? What can you buy that you can’t already afford?
    Cross: The future, Mr. Gittes – the future!

  5. paulo replied:

    I have the usual “feeling” that the mouse is soo fat, and the wheel soo greesy, that hes just waiting for the “owner” to put him, in a “new” lab :) Fatter, “happier” and _______________ … “the future is futile” ;) …

  6. alex robinson replied:

    Telling indeed, thank you John – apparently that movie cemented Nicholson’s future as a star.

    very best of futures to you

    lay off the medronho & Edam paulo or you’re never going to find or fit thro’ the escape hatch :)

  7. paulo replied:

    ahahahahahahahahahahaha squeeziiiiiinnngggg ….. no medronho for me alex :P

  8. Dennis replied:

    The future hell yes! Transmigration of human heart. Dennis

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