Fitzy & I would like to invite you …

… to the grand little opening of a seriously fun / seriously healing blog gallery.

The blogallery is
& belongs to


It’s about reviving the desire of each human-creating, to create. As such it is completely amateur & sacredly foolish.

We hope encourage expect readers to create something in next few months & send details, an image, a poem, a story, a recipe etc … for the enjoyment / encouragement of other readers.

How can we build a new world without you?

Fitzy & I certainly can’t do it
by ourselves.

Every creation encourages / inspires another creation.

Humanizenz Gallery

OPEN now
(a continuing work in progress)

Email address for gallery contributions:

shy people very welcome

January 8, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Great idea!!! This should get the ball rolling!!



  2. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Michael & I’m patiently anticipating your contribution too :)


  3. shabsoasis replied:

    This is fantastic and inspiring! Thank you both so much! Gives me something to warm over…


    • alex robinson replied:

      Many thanks for the feedback shabs – can we look forward to a creation from you too?


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