building vital momentum – feeding back & forth

In case you haven’t noticed
the world has changed.

The brakes have come off.


Ganesha, the god of obstacles has finally turned the lights to green, or maybe he’s simply fucked off. (The above is a quick & playful, rather than accurate, representation.)

This little article is about feed back.

Feeding each other back (& forth)
& helping make us all
real again.

We have NOT been ‘real’ for a very, very long time. This is something we have to do together.

So here are some examples of feedback / momentum building / making each other real that have occurred of late.

I posted …


… this picture
on Fitzy’s & my new site

Today Max, the German wunderkind responded with energy & play:


… I couldn’t resist.


We have lost all understanding of the importance of responding – responding acknowledges the ‘reality’ of someone or something.

What was taken from us & what we also gave up, long, long ago was this:

Our reality. Our realness. Our sense of being REAL

Max helped make the new site (& me) real by responding to something I had put up. Pushing the “like” button is easy, way too easy. Responding on the other hand, begins the process of putting flesh back on our bones.

Responding also means getting involved. It doesn’t have to be with our site, but with life, the people around you, animals, plants, the earth.

Responding also happened in my last article.

It was extremely difficult putting into words something that would be considered  heinous or treachery i.e. …

how parents use their children


ma wear

…as “predators
(due to the concept of child ownership).

Yet parents are & have been, the most sacred & protected species on the face of the earth.

In all cultures, “sparing the parents is our supreme law,” wrote [Alice] Miller

It is long past time to call them out – myself included (read article for more insight).

My article became more than ‘my’ article through feedback. Almost as soon as it was published Endpointithaca came and stood beside it:

thanks for this post – a hugely impactful and important subject. the children have always been the key to any meaningful change in society. It is a source of great strength to read your words

The first person to stand beside something that goes against societal dictates holds a place of great importance. When one person does that, it becomes so much easier for others. Almost never is that person acknowledged. James I thank you.

Then came recoveringmetalhead‘s stunningly clear & honest observations:

It has been my observation on countless occasions that there is something more going on when a child is born than “magic” and “love” and “magical miraculous loveyness”. Something happens to to the parents upon the birth of the first child. Some sort of horrible contract is chiseled in stone on that day.

It seems as though the religious, philosophic, emotional, and intellectual, processes of the parents freeze at that moment. From that magical day forward it becomes approximately 350,000% (could be as high as 415,000%) harder to discuss any topic that requires the parent to look inwards, engage in introspection, and/or face the possibility that they may have ever been wrong about anything whatsoever. The very words “wrong” and “mistake” seem to be stricken from the vocabularies of the bringers forth of the new bundle of joy.

This phenomenon has caused me a great amount of terror at the prospect of becoming a father

Who has not seen & therefore not seen this?

But there has been no framework with which to see. We have been imprisoned by the notion of child ownership & the sacredness of parenthood.

Yesterday John Bourassa said this:

My happiest times as a child were when I was alone. I, indeed, felt that something was being lost when I dealt with other people, school, parents, etc.. But I could never quite put my finger on what it was that was being lost. Now you’ve found it for me. What was being lost was my feeling of realness, my sense of reality

becoming a cartoon

Thank you to all who left comments & walked alongside these ideas because you make it easier for others to contemplate something they might otherwise have had to run from.

We are not finished yet, behind this lies a twin concept that has locked it in place.

This is the year we need to reflesh our bones in accordance with what suits OUR realness & we need to help make each other real again. We have not had a framework for that either. This is something we must build anew.

Notice when you make people unreal. I do it. You do it. We all do it

framework of silence

… Don’t try & change it for now. Let’s just learn the ways you do it. It will help make the next article more powerful.

I have started a new site called Framework of Hearing – it is a place where you can go and scream & rage & draw out your pain. It is a place that willingly embraces & witnesses pain. When we can’t let the pain out it gets toxic & we get toxic right along with it. So please consider the new site as a home for any pain you need to ‘draw out’ – it’s quite amazing what you can tell yourself.

I’ve made a start, but there is no right way. Pain has it’s own language – this is simply framework to embrace it. If you want to put something up for just a little & then take it down that is perfectly fine.

Link: Framework of Hearing

~  ~  ~

Some afterplay.

Max (owner of impressive erection above) sent me a private comment (which I hope he doesn’t mind me publishing):

This erection picture have been prepared nicely like a bomb and was waiting for around one and a half years until I could ignite it for a fitting purpose. It totally hit me when you’ve posted your reflection foto

What’s extra special is that last night I decided to change the background photo here once again – I playfully picked an image of wooden planks taken during the same walk as the photo that was here previously (both of which are on the street that I live).

Only after I’d posted did I see the word ‘Max’ written in the top right hand corner. This morning I decided to publish that same photo over at Humanizenz under the title of “Max Plank‘ – upon re-looking at the photo I saw that not only the word ‘Max’, but also ‘Plank’ appear on the timber.

plank one

Looking up Max Planck a name I’d heard but couldn’t remember why, I find he is the originator of the quantum theory – somehow seems so fitting to the streaming of events throughout this post & its human inter-twinings.

January 30, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Max replied:

    Sehr geil, Frau Robinson!

    I’ve found this comment on (28th Jan, 2nd paragraph):

    “Reality is looking outward, unreality is looking inward, and madness is when you can’t tell the difference.”

    I’m not sure, if I can agree with this. But anyway, let’s get MAD!


  2. Kitty replied:

    I’ve thought a lot about Harry Harlow, the monkey experimenter, my whole life. His experiments supposedly had something to do with “maternal deprivation”. But actually Harry was an abused child who felt like a motherless child and acted out his insanity with the help of an “educational” institution.
    Every student of psychology learns about Harry and his torture experiments. And even if they disagree with his methods they usually come away thinking ” gee, I’m glad he taught us how important a mothers love is”.
    This is so fucked up in so many ways. All the torture of animals and all the twisted minds of humans brought to us by an esteemed educational institution. That same institution, as of this time, has no less than 2000 (not a typo) monkeys held captive which they experiment on.
    The latest “research” is being conducted by a Buddhist who wrote an award winning book on emotions and his collegues.These new experiments will study trauma by scaring the shit out monkeys, then studying their reactions and then cutting up their brains and THEN extrapolating that information to humans. Not like we don’t have enough traumatized humans to study, but hey then we’d have to step out of denial AND we couldn’t torture animals for fun and make believe we aren’t studying our own lives.
    I like to say that at the UW-Madison the vivesectors torture monkeys and then go meditate about it.
    Thanks for having a place where such things, the truth, can be said.


  3. alex robinson replied:

    Haha Max, I didn’t know I was supposed to wait :)

    Great points Kitty. Isn’t it wonderful what we can do in the search for truth, so long as it doesn’t involve us looking into our own lives.

    When I read the book on Helplessness the thought that came was that these experiments are actually proving the helplessness of the ‘researchers’ – we could say now that they used animals to tell their story. Perhaps all of modern science, & I suspect all of our ‘entertainment’ industry is made up of people retelling their unheard childhood nightmares – we refuse to see our own unheard screams so we make others do it for us.

    Animal experiments most certainly stem from the same source as child abuse.


  4. Joanne replied:

    Hi Alex! I’m going to catch up on your blog when my life slows down a little, but I just wanted to say I think it’s really awesome you’ve been drawing your own images :) They’re awesome. The imagery you choose has always been something that makes your site stand out, so I hope you keep moving forward with your visual communication. Great idea and well done! Keep taking great risks



    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Joanne, I’m really enjoying this ‘new way of speaking’ – & no worries about copyright either!
      At some point I want to look into, or should I say break down, the cruelly constructed fear of creating. I will indeed continue with risk taking & hope you are doing the same :)


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