enough is enough (all’s fare – part II)

This article is a three-pronged approach to a …


… perception-that-desperately-needs-changing.

Background: a seer who saw –

Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller  …  was an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor, and futurist

many people called him the grandfather of the future – he lived his life to make a difference“.

Middleground: a woman who ‘got it‘ –

… in 1976 I was at one of his talks … had a chance to sit down & be part of the audience, just when I sat down he departed from his scientific talk …& turned to the audience & said:

Now I want to say the most important thing I have ever said, in fact it might be the most important thing I ever say.

Well I got real interested in that … my antennae were up, I sat up straight in my seat & was ready to hear whatever this was & then Bucky said:

“Humanity has just passed the most important …


we have ever passed
… & we’ve crossed
that threshold…


… clearly.

And the threshold is this – humanity is now doing so much more with so much less, and we will continue to do so much more with so much less, that we have crossed a threshold where we’re no longer in a world where there’s not enough for everyone, but rather we’re in a world where there is enough for everyone, everywhere to have a healthy & productive life, in other words we are moving from a …

caned abel

you OR me world,
where either
you make it at my expense
(because there’s not enough for both of us)
or …

disabling cain

… I make it at your expense
(because there’s not enough for both of us),
to a

double doors

you AND me world
where you & I can both make it at no one’s expense“.

Bucky said that this is a …


… m o n u m e n t a l shift
in the human journey …

… and it means that there is enough for everyone, everywhere to have a healthy & productive life & we don’t need to do that at the expense of anyone.

So moving from a you or me paradigm to a you and me paradigm is a monumental shift in our relatedness with one another, it literally changes everything.

Now Bucky said that humanity won’t adjust to this for a long time. He said it would take between 50 – 100 years … for us to realise that there is enough for everyone and when he said this somehow I heard it so deeply and profoundly at the very core of my being – I started crying – I started perspiring – I had a …


… kundalini kind of experience – a Shakti experience – I had an experience of a kind of radical truth – I totally & completely got itthis distinction of enough and it revolutionised or transformed my whole experience of life from that moment forward.

Bucky went on to say that it will be very difficult to make the transition from a you or me paradigm, to the you and me paradigm, from scarcity to sufficiency or enough, because all of the institutions of humankind have been built on & are rooted in an understanding of the world that there is not enough to go round. He said it is obvious that …

bank on it

… the economy is rooted there … but it’s also the fundamental understanding of the world that …

church foundations

… religion is based on,
that governance is based on,
that …

education foundations

… education is based on.

All of the great institutions of humankind are rooted in the understanding that there is not enough to go round … & that structure & system on which these institutions are based is the you OR me understanding of the world, so to shift to a you AND me paradigm will take at least 50 years for us to really, really get it.

Now Bucky said this in…


1976 …

… & it hasn’t been 50 years yet, so we haven’t made that shift but that day in 1976 something happened to me & I did make the shift, I began to see the enoughness, the sufficiency, the fullness of life e v e r y w h e r e – scarcity was gone, it was an epiphany over which I never got & thank god I never got over it

Foreground: Looking at one hiding place of scarcity

The hugeness of the above idea CANNOT simply sink in – it is like rain on drought-hardened land, it quickly runs off because we have no riverbeds of understanding for it to collect in.

That is why I chose to include the words of Lynne Twist above – without her emotionally charged reaction those words would have simply wetted my mind momentarily & then flowed, or evaporated away,

But this woman experienced …


a transformative, transcendent, embodied shift.

On that day, she had just been helping out at a talk ‘Bucky’ was giving – his scientific discussions had been way over her head. Yet the moment, she had a moment to sit down, he changed the subject completely & his words flowed directly into her ‘readied’ being.

Thirty years later, she created an audio book about her experiences as a fundraiser & her words flowed into my being. Now they have a chance to flow into yours.

Until such time as I find an explanation that outdoes the following, I shall name two ‘facts’ we have lived by, as parents to humanity’s abysmal history of inhumanity:

the law of ‘ownership of children
the belief that there is not enough‘.

The DNA’d acceptance of not enough has warped us insanely, yet we can’t see it at all.

What’s the point of worrying about the elephant in your living room when you’ve got one stuck …

elephant eye

in your eye..

I believe the ‘fact’ that there is not enough is the other 23 chromosomes in the inhumanity monster.

If I take you by the hand & walk you through lots of examples, I will simply make you stuffed & lazy.

I’m going to give you just one. Nothing will ever have any value to you unless you shape it according to your own truth.

Until I see differently, my truth will remain thus:

All ills & brutality & cruelty in this world stem from the inhuman treatment of children allowed by the Parental Property Act (circa Genesis) AND by being born into a world where every soul is initiated into the concept that …

look at me

there is not enough.

So staying within the monumentally important family, let us look at the effects of not enoughness upon a relationship that has received almost no attention.

Mention ‘sibling‘ & the word ‘rivalry‘ trots pavlovically along – somehow with that one phrase we think we understand a relationship that:

is the longest relationship we have over our whole lifespan

When it’s put that way we might wonder why so little attention has been paid to the theme of siblings or why that relationship can become so bloodied:

cain & albert

Whether the relationship is long or short, it is so fraught with emotion that we cannot put it aside in the way we can ignore an erstwhile friend. When a person does find it hard to sever forever their relationship with a faithless friend, it is often the case that the friend occupied a sibling-like position in that person’s life

Dorothy Rowe has studied siblings her entire life. Her book “My Dearest Enemy, My Dangerous Friend’ was a revelation at a time when I needed a revelation.

Some of the fights between siblings are far more significant matters than family hierarchy and fear. Siblings may scream insults at one another, or …

disabling cain

… exchange heavy blows, or destroy each other’s possessions. Some do all three. Such fights are bitter & vicious

Rowe sees the need to preserve our sense of being a person as the crux of life:

The … major theme applies to all of us, whether we are a sibling or not, namely the overarching need to preserve our sense of being a person and our terror of being annihilated as a person. All our sibling relationships, whatever their nature, are based on this. Even indifference to a sibling can be a way of defending against this. Sibling relationships are very much about being validated as a person

My take on this is that our need, is to ‘be real’, to have our ‘personal reality, …


… to maintain our sense of realness.

What happens when you are born into the world of humans where it is an absolute-lived-unquestionable-fact that there is NOT ENOUGH to go round?

In a healthy family ways would be found to deal with that fear. In abusive families, the threat to one’s own survival often becomes monumental:

… fights are bitter & vicious, necessarily so because each sibling is fighting for survival as a person … Each sibling knows the other so well that each knows what the other will find the most threatening. They want to turn the other into a non-person, no-thing in order to make themselves safe

Sibling relationships are very much about being validated as a person

In the last few years I have wondered if I was my family’s sacrifice – I know, I know, how melodramatic. But when do you stop fearing labels & allow your life to scream its screams?


I have a strong hunch that the conspiracy / truth movement is peopled by those who are/were their family’s ‘sacrifice’.

I did the very worst thing possible, I looked to my family to validate my life – that I was worth ‘saving’. I did not understand that in a world where there is not enough, someone or something needs to be sacrificed or at the very least, kept very small.

Time & time again I have heard the most atrocious tales of sibling cruelty & destructiveness. Why has this subject not been given it its own reality?

Once again pain is screamed through the ethers & everyone …


… boards up their ears.

For fuck’s sake, if no one will look at pain, how will we ever find what lies behind it so that we can allow it the reality it deserves?

It’s not going to stay you know,
it just needs to have
a little time
in reality.

It is the frog that needed to spend one evening in the princess’s company …


… so that it could be transformed into a prince.

Why is everyone so afraid of pain?

Actually I have been playing lately with the idea of opening a ‘Pain Gallery’ – where paintings, poems, statues of pain stand large & proud – where people in pain can come & find they are not alone. When people are allowed to feel their pain, the pain begins to move, when they find others also share their pain, they begin to heal.

We allow the body to heal from physical injury, yet deny the emotional self the same privilege.


Here are some further thoughts via human psychology and neuroscience on the effects of not enoughness on traumatising the family:

Is it possible that you are not succeeding because there is no space for you to succeed? … Draw a circle of people in your nuclear family. Segment the circle into sections for the people who have been the most successful…

family pie

see if you occupy less success space than anyone else. Is there enough success pie for you? If there is not enough, realize that this may be why your success has not increased over time … You may feel that the success space has already been claimed by someone else. As a result, you may have informed your brain that there is no space for you to expand into … Although a geographic cure is not the first plan of action that I would suggest, I have seen situations where it worked wonders …  Martha, a bright young medical student … struggled but succeeded in getting through medical school, felt that she would never be able to exceed the accomplishments of her two brothers and her sister … she decided to accept a position in a state very far away …


… this gave her the mental freedom to succeed.

Adam was a star student … [his] awards and success led to more recognition for him and less for everyone else … his classmates asked the teacher to ask Adam to say less during class …Adam started to be more silent in class, but in the process, he gave up his success space voluntarily, It was not until Adam realized that this was setting him back considerably that he was able to do anything about it. Until then, he had guiltily given over his domain to the others” ~ Life Unlocked – Srinivasan S. Pillay

The subterranean foundations of our lives were built within the family (or similar structure) we were raised in. We might have grown upwards & out & wear size 8, 9, 10 shoes, but the programme we run on is the same one that was installed very early on. The predictability of our own & our family’s & friends lives is rooted in this & it just gets easier & easier to see.

So why not get as clear as we can now so that we can have a richer, healthier future.

Look into your life & see how many places & ways the unquestioned “fact’ that there is not enough, has taken root.

One more hint from Lynne Twist – bear in mind that themore is better” meme is the love child of “there is not enough“.

Let’s finish with a thought from Bucky. I noticed a strange saying on his gravestone which said …

weight loss

… “Call me Trim Tab” – fearing that this ‘enlightened seer’ would turn out to be a ‘pusher’ of weight loss pills I felt it necessary to investigate further:

Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary—the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there’s a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trim tab.

It’s a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trim tab. Society thinks it’s going right by you, that it’s left you altogether. But if you’re doing dynamic things mentally, the fact is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to go”

So I said, call me Trim Tab

—Buckminster Fuller

There is no reason why we all can’t be the little person who creates great change. If each reader was to set to work to clear their consciousness of the lie of scarcity in its many guises, we might just change the whole course of the future.

~  ~  ~

All text in this colour from Unleashing the Soul of Money ~ Lynne Twist

All text in this colour from My Dearest Enemy, My Dangerous Friend ~ Dorothy Rowe

All text in this colour from Life Unlocked ~ Srinivasan S. Pillay

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subterranean realignments – podcast

Just for
today …

kat came back

… the Kat
came back.

Katherine, from the women’s show (& our first podcast), returned for a brilliant discussion about the foundations of humanity & our future –

looking ever backwards

… children.

Insights abounded.

roll up

Don’t miss out.

kat came back



Or listen to our podcast below:

Please excuse the beginning – a little editing was called for, but it all comes together.

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having sex with ideas

Most people in the Western world do ‘idea porn’.


A cut’n’snip definition of pornography gives this picture:

the depiction of … pictures or writing .. intended to cause excitement

the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction

Ideas & information have become pornoGRAPHIC – used only for visual, aural & mental titillation.

When only one partner
in a sex romp is
the result

pushing up daisies



the hand in the mirror


from … manus “hand” … + stuprare “defile” (oneself) … related to stupere “to be stunned, stupefied“.

Your partner may not put up a struggle, but nothing alive is ever going to come from either.

Enter idea sex.

That’s when you stop masturbating-consuming information & start producing something.

All information industries (conventional media / conspiracy / truth / new age) work on the porn principle:

the depiction of … pictures or writing .. intended to cause … excitement

the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction

If we are going to move past this necrophiliating obsession, we are going to have to stop swallowing & start getting naked with ideas that truly arouse us.

We start by getting choosy about our partners.

And then we get naked.


And then vulnerable.

One-sided-sex leaves you fully clothed, untouched & rather polluted.

‘Responding’ sex alters your cellular make up. When you mingle your energy with another living form something ‘new‘ is created:

A presence, an outcome, a child, a song, an image, a poem, …

Six years ago I walked the streets of Sydney arm in arm with Mathew Delooze’s book, “Is it Me for a Moment” – the ideas in that book & the amazing journey I was traveling at the time, met up for a short space of time. I didn’t so much read that book as mingle myself with it.

Out of that, came this blog.

Of course it’s never quite that simple. My journey up to that point had been profound, I had mingled with many other ideas to get to that point. But that was my personal critical mass point & I used it a springboard into creation.

There have been many other critical mass points since then. The article to follow this is another, & part of the reason I write this.

You can’t just keep
reading stuff,
listening to stuff,
absorbing stuff,
arguing about stuff.

Otherwise you end up …



You have to get naked with ideas that really stir you. You have to play with them, tease them, toss them around & then give them some kind of three-dimensional reality, because:

If it’s inside
your head,
it’s dead.

Until something exists in this world, it’s as good as dead.

If all of your life is lived inside your head, you are effectively dead.

Don’t be dead dude.

It seems exquisitely telling that Max submitted his now …

max's erection

… infamous erection to Humanizenz because he has begun erupting into creative energy & artistic voice. Dave, another frequent creator has also come alive.

And so too have I.

I can’t explain how much of an effect getting immature & imperfect with ‘paint’ has had on my life. It’s as if I just learned a new language & can say all sorts of things that couldn’t be said before.

Because I have to use a mouse for paint – the lines are wiggly & fine definition isn’t possible. That is the brilliance of it. Remove the possibility of perfection & the freedom to be imperfect kicks you into life. Fuck its fun!

Humanizenz is a partner to toolonginthisplace. They work together. Don’t remain a reader of stuff. In case you missed it, this world is now requesting demanding your return to life.

Humanizenz is a tool, it’s a way to join a growing group of people who are serious about reclaiming life. Start using it & I give you a money-guarantee that your life will begin to change course.

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