having sex with ideas

Most people in the Western world do ‘idea porn’.


A cut’n’snip definition of pornography gives this picture:

the depiction of … pictures or writing .. intended to cause excitement

the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction

Ideas & information have become pornoGRAPHIC – used only for visual, aural & mental titillation.

When only one partner
in a sex romp is
the result

pushing up daisies



the hand in the mirror


from … manus “hand” … + stuprare “defile” (oneself) … related to stupere “to be stunned, stupefied“.

Your partner may not put up a struggle, but nothing alive is ever going to come from either.

Enter idea sex.

That’s when you stop masturbating-consuming information & start producing something.

All information industries (conventional media / conspiracy / truth / new age) work on the porn principle:

the depiction of … pictures or writing .. intended to cause … excitement

the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction

If we are going to move past this necrophiliating obsession, we are going to have to stop swallowing & start getting naked with ideas that truly arouse us.

We start by getting choosy about our partners.

And then we get naked.


And then vulnerable.

One-sided-sex leaves you fully clothed, untouched & rather polluted.

‘Responding’ sex alters your cellular make up. When you mingle your energy with another living form something ‘new‘ is created:

A presence, an outcome, a child, a song, an image, a poem, …

Six years ago I walked the streets of Sydney arm in arm with Mathew Delooze’s book, “Is it Me for a Moment” – the ideas in that book & the amazing journey I was traveling at the time, met up for a short space of time. I didn’t so much read that book as mingle myself with it.

Out of that, came this blog.

Of course it’s never quite that simple. My journey up to that point had been profound, I had mingled with many other ideas to get to that point. But that was my personal critical mass point & I used it a springboard into creation.

There have been many other critical mass points since then. The article to follow this is another, & part of the reason I write this.

You can’t just keep
reading stuff,
listening to stuff,
absorbing stuff,
arguing about stuff.

Otherwise you end up …



You have to get naked with ideas that really stir you. You have to play with them, tease them, toss them around & then give them some kind of three-dimensional reality, because:

If it’s inside
your head,
it’s dead.

Until something exists in this world, it’s as good as dead.

If all of your life is lived inside your head, you are effectively dead.

Don’t be dead dude.

It seems exquisitely telling that Max submitted his now …

max's erection

… infamous erection to Humanizenz because he has begun erupting into creative energy & artistic voice. Dave, another frequent creator has also come alive.

And so too have I.

I can’t explain how much of an effect getting immature & imperfect with ‘paint’ has had on my life. It’s as if I just learned a new language & can say all sorts of things that couldn’t be said before.

Because I have to use a mouse for paint – the lines are wiggly & fine definition isn’t possible. That is the brilliance of it. Remove the possibility of perfection & the freedom to be imperfect kicks you into life. Fuck its fun!

Humanizenz is a partner to toolonginthisplace. They work together. Don’t remain a reader of stuff. In case you missed it, this world is now requesting demanding your return to life.

Humanizenz is a tool, it’s a way to join a growing group of people who are serious about reclaiming life. Start using it & I give you a money-guarantee that your life will begin to change course.

February 4, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Love it! I dug out the sketch pad, pencils and crayons yesterday!! :-) Ab-soul-lutely brilliant points!!

  2. alex robinson replied:

    Awesome news my friend :) xo

  3. A Case of Misplaced Identity replied:

    I love your computer art! So cute!

    Humanize is a great idea but I’m trying to figure- is it an “association” thing? Do people post something associated with the last post or just any random creation?

    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks misplaced. Post anything you like – it’s for everyone. Whatever takes your fancy – my work comes from my life so can be it probably seems to link with what I’ve been writing about. It’s for you (everyone) to have fun & it will encourage others at the same time. The more you create the easier it becomes to create.

      looking forward to seeing you there :)

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