the Empire of Abuse – podcast

It’s here & much sooner than expected.


This podcast continues Sinead & Kyle’s outstanding shows (see previous post) & expands on where my searches & researches have lately been taking me.


I feel lighter, cleaner & freer – as if something I’ve needed to say for a very long time, has been said.

Sinead, I feel like we have changed something & I am deeply grateful.


Or listen to our podcast below:


Link via Sinead for those who need to know that they are not alone in their ‘feeling’

Extra additional:

No one has the vote as to how you should live, except for you. Within the limitations of our temporal world, some choices are well within your means to make. And life, after such choices are made, takes on a unique vitality, creativity, and truthfulness, even though you may be subject to the misunderstanding of others” ~ Robert Fritz

March 1, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Kim Love replied:

    Hi Alex, good show, tough at times, but got my thinking about holding onto feelings. My Mum being a prime example. I said goodbye and left her life, while she was in hospital going through chemotherapy. I grow up in care (a children’s home) from 13 onwards and my Mum didn’t talk to me for 2 years and for 1 year when I lived with her. When her time of need came, I was like “later”! I was there at/by her death bed in hospital.

    I liked your sentence regarding negative feelings re your/our Mums wanting to destroy us etc, Looking back that’s exactly what my Mum tried to do to me, but my will was stronger.

    Alex how do I put up a picture or poem on your other websites?

    Thanks x

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hello Kim, thanks for your story.

      As children we do not have the option of ‘opting out’ of life – we are jam-packed full of life & impelled ever forward – we have to make the best we can of what life has dealt us. Life dealt/deals a lot of children seriously damaged parents. If we can face that & break out of the “ideal parent” trap, we can digest what really happened & then move on. Great release comes with digesting reality, not locking & lying it away.

      You will find the email addresses to send your creations in the “about” sections of both sites. Use one or both sites as often as you would like – great steps forward are made be constantly using your creative abilities & you & everyone are so very welcome there.

      very best to you

  2. Kim Love replied:

    Hi Alex

    thanks for your words. I hope to post some of my creations on your websites, now I have the know how.

    the very best to you and your son.

    • sineadmcarthy replied:

      Hi Kim. Thank you for listening and also sharing : ) I am really enjoying your poems on Humanizenz. Can’t wait to hear more from you.

      • alex robinson replied:

        I second Sinead – strong, real words thank you Kim

  3. Kyle John replied:

    Thanks for that show ladies it was filled with great insights. Non-feelers rule the world was a great point. I always thought my thinking of others feelings first was a handicap. I am realizing now though that I don’t want to rule this world if it means being cold. I have found that their is a fine line between parental love and control/abuse. Once we as children find the courage to realize that our parents didn’t always want the best for us it can be so freeing.

    • alex robinson replied:

      Thank you Kyle John, your words & thoughts are very much appreciated.

      We have been trivialised by phrases like over-emotional & over-sensitive – when all that means is that we have a strong connection to our feelings and are able to sense and feel what is happening, but is constantly hidden and denied – our emotions are the child who sees the emperor has no clothes – they are picking up reality (on some level).

      The ‘feelers’ of this world have great potential, they can also become some of the most demented – living within a system that denies them the right to know that what they feel is rooted in truths that they are not allowed to speak of, or remember – my mother is a good example.

      I agree totally, being allowed to know at last (what our bodies ALWAYS have known) – that parents had their own agendas (but our minds would not/could not, see), is beautifully freeing.

      very best to you

  4. sineadmcarthy replied:

    Thanks for the comment Kyle. I really enjoyed the show you did on Renegade. Great stuff.

    • Kyle John replied:

      Thanks Alex and Sinead for the kind comments. It would be cool sometime if either of you wanted to be a guest on my new show on oracle.

  5. Kim Love replied:

    Hi yah Alex and Sinead

    I glad you liked/felt the words of my Poems, I will be sharing more with you guys.


  6. alex robinson replied:

    Hello again Kyle John, congrats on your new show – I’m sure a visit could be arranged :)

  7. sineadmcarthy replied:

    Hey Kyle John. When does your show start? I’d love to come on and chat.

  8. shabsoasis replied:

    I just want you to know that I was able to feel.more after hearing this. the part where you talked about listening to the voice and deciding to follow it and walk away from your mom .had me crying true and painful tears. I think you and Sinead helped me to begin to feel and recognize grief. It’s a lot to think about and work through, but you both expressed huge amounts of opening and shifting, and I’m grateful. I love you both.

    • sineadmcarthy replied:

      Thank you so much for the comment. Hearing that is music to my ears. It’s so good to know that others are relating to this, because I was afraid for a while that I was just being crazy, or overreacting to things. Most importantly I’m glad that the podcast assisted in some feelings for you. Thank you for listening. I love you too! : )

      • alex robinson replied:

        Hi shabsoasis, that is wonderful to hear & it is am impressive, healthy & brave sign that you have been able to feel grief – this work that we have to do is unlike anything we have been prepared for – it’s pioneering work in the field of becoming human based on realigning our foundations, not to face not north, but instead to face truth. You are not travelling this direction alone.

        very best to you

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