There’s this poem … (updated)

What follows is a poem I have cherished since I was a teenager.


To be honest I would rather continue to hug it to myself – no one likes to share something precious when it may be stood on. 

But today I finally understood it’s bone-shaking perfection & why it has always meant so much to me.

It is the tale
truth lost.

Not the ‘truth’ we had to learn in school.

Not the ‘truth’ the News spews out. 

Not the ‘truth’ that the Truth Movement would have us look for.

Not the ‘truth’ of a thousand philosophers

Not the ‘truth’ of science.

Not the ‘truth’ of religion.

It is the first truth

It is the why of all the other

that simply take us
in circles.

The ‘she’ in this poem is the lie we had no choice but to swallow.

Now we do have a choice.

More to come for the bravest of heart.

~  ~  ~

Oh sad wind, add your snow-song to my grief,
and shade the pale sunbeams;
mourn softly in your shroud of solemn clouds
for my dead dreams.

solemn cloud

I feel the winter breathing cold and grey,
and glad would I forget;
but the sad ghosts in the graveyard of my mind
remember yet.

dead dreams

She came with April when the primrose spring
wove sunlight in her hair;
her touch was warm and fathomless her eyes
like sky-blue air.

sky blue

She took my dreams with wreaths of summer flowers
she gathered in her arms;
and bound them with a promise and a kiss
and a twine of charms.

yellow leaves

Her songs soft-worded fell like yellow leaves
the trees in autumn weep;
she wrapped my mem’ry in her scarlet dress
to haunt my sleep.

summer flowers

She sighed when the silver river caught the moon
from the bat-winged sky above;
for the witness world had turned away its eyes
for us to love.

silver river

‘O wait,’ she sighed. ‘Haste has a wicked fee,
and all things bear a price;
you only offer me your heart, but love
demands your life.’

love demands your life

‘Small cost, my life, if it is spent alone
In a long and empty while.
Yes I will live my life for you, and earn
your captured smile.’

She led me to a chapel robed in night,
a ruin dark within;
and in the door she turned a silent key
to let me in.

She let me in; O had I only known
her grim reality …
could I have slipped the chains of her embrace
for liberty?

She locked me in a jail of dismal walls,
unjudged and yet condemned
to spend my life enslaved among the grief
and groans of men.

Oh had I only known she owned the earth
and in a spell bound me
to join the souls of all the world and cry:
‘O set me free!’

What cruel deception let me see beyond
her beautiful disguise?
black devil forms of her around me danced
in the grey sunrise.

Her changing eyes, her teeth, her hair, her claws,
gleamed with the chill of ice;
‘O Sorrel give me solitude, love asks
too great a price.’

She left me in the white wind whirling snow
and winter’s freezing breath;
and in return for giving her my life
she gave me death.

So sad wind add your snow-song to my grief
for I loved a summer child;
and still my spirit mourns for her and walks
the Wyndcliffe wild.

 from The Wyndcliffe by Louise Lawrence. 

~  ~  ~

I know the parent issue is extremely scary for many people.

“Why?” – would be a really important question to ask.

I’m doing my best not to frighten away those who’s toes are just dipping into the edges of this lake. I haven’t been struck dead yet for my heresy so maybe it’s not as dangerous as we have been scared into believing.  Anyway I intend to go on.

For those who also want to go further I have written a short fairy tale at my ‘Framework of Hearing’ site.  I’m not going to push it into anyone’s faces, I’m just leaving a link – tremendous changes have been going on in my life due to this work & I will continue to leave bread-crumbed trails for those who wish to explore it with me – we are going into the cells & bones of change, but it requires making the acquaintance of reality.


March 15, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. karen wright replied:

    So beautiful glad that you found the inner strenth to share your childhood fears alex, and by bringing this out you have in turn sent your fears away for ever x

  2. karen wright replied:

    wish that the truth could put the lies to shame.. that can not happen its just far to late , but at least we know the truth.

  3. sineadmcarthy replied:

    Wow Alex. This is incredible. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. There’s a poem I came across last night that I wanted to share with you:

    “To go in the dark with a light is to know light.

    To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,

    And find that the dark too, blooms and sings,

    And is traveled by dark feet and dark wings.”

    -Wendell Berry

  4. alex robinson replied:

    Hi Karen, it seems that the most important thing we need do now is face our fears – it’s looking more & more to me like an art form or a martial art form – takes constant practice, but the rewards are great.

    I think truth doesn’t so much shame lies as dissolve them – it may be the greatest digestive juice there is.

    very best to you

    Wow Sinead what a wonderful find – thanks

  5. karen wright replied:

    You are an incredibly deep thinker Alex ! you also have an inate gift of understanding peoples inner most thoughts and fears , i thank you for your very touching exsplanation as to why it hurts so much ! with your truth i think i can hopefully find some for myself ! best wishes karen x

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