taking our first steps into the forbidden planet

This entire blog has been a progression.

story 11

A searching & re-searching for something – but not knowing what it was.

I am fairly sure I do know now.

Initially I was discouraged by how many readers deserted this ship when the topic of parental cruelty was raised – I understand now that I may write about anything, BUT that.

Guess what?

I’d rather lose readers,
than shy away
from the healing scalpel of truth.

Forthwith I whole-heartedly choose to create a path / framework for myself & those who have the rage of heart (cœur rage = courage) to work with the body’s everconstant truth.

What we need to know is all there, and always was.

So let’s begin with
what we have been …


… forbidden
to hear.

We begin with stories, laying out in full view
some of the raw, vivid associations
that we see between …


… personal experience and physical disease …

… No matter how we twist and turn, trying to make sense of these phenomena, the truth is that our current biomedical assumptions cannot account for the expression of …

story 9

…  highly specific and personal meanings in bodily disease …

at times with extraordinarily obvious symbolic features … In some, the meaning is so obvious that the observer is stopped in his tracks

“The notion that highly specific personal meanings give rise to disease remains, for many, …

story 8

…  incomprehensible and even offensive,
violating entrenched assumptions about disease and illness”

“These patients … somehow know …

story 4

… that they are sick because of the meaningful things that have occurred in their lives. They know that their stories and their illnesses are deeply entwined

“In many circumstances we are expressing our ‘stories’ in illness and disease because the strands of meaning and their associated feelings …

story 7

… are too difficult to handle in other dimensions or personal expression”

It is much more ‘respectable’ to have a completely physical illness than one rooted in meanings. … fears of being labelled a “nutter” …

story 13

… will drive many people away from acknowledging the role of their stories in their illnesses, therefore, in many cases, lock them into chronic disease

story 12

… and this is truly shocking, that the most popular models of disease actually maintain many illnesses and diseases.

All quotes in this article come from Meaning-full Disease by Brian Broom – a man whose work helps put people …


… back together again.

It is way beyond time to comprehend that an adult is the OUT-growth of the physical body, not a disembodied entity.

Broom found that by listening to people’s stories he could hear their body speaking‘:

The main point is that that form of the body we know as the diseased body can also no longer be divided off from meaning and language

story 2

An exploration of language-making in relation to meaning-full disease is crucial

Our illnesses are nestled in the way we describe things, the words we choose. Yet the words we choose are an outgrowth of physical experiencing – language is an OUT-growth of the body:

The point is that language, thought, and communication eventually arise out of … embodied experience; they are rooted in physical experience

not listening

an understanding of the patient’s disease as emerging within and because of the patient’s language story

The way we language things influences how we imagine the relationships between our minds and bodies

Our stories are so vital, so life-connected that every facet of our lives is yelling them from the rooftops.

We can consider the infant in the first few months of life as experiencing life as some sort of preverbal holistic integrated structural unity where …


subjectivity and physicality are indivisible

Disease is just one of these rooftops:

I am saying that the language of the patient, and the patient’s experience in the body, of disease are not really as separate as they might appear to be

no hearing

What are the implications .. if we bring disease and meaning together? Why do we hesitate to look at the  possibilities of doing so? What are we afraid of? Why do many patients look more willingly at meaning in their illnesses than do their doctors? How is it that so often patients know that they are ill because of this or that event or circumstance, but have never discussed this aspect with their doctors?

A stout heart & good pair of walking boots are recommended for this journey.

~  ~  ~

Thanks to Max for his Humpty Dumpty picture.

All text in this colour from Meaning-Full Disease by Brian Broom

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syncing well

Last year I was invited to write a chapter for the Sync Book Vol. 2


In the act of contemplating if I would write, & what I would write about, I found a wonderful explanation to a …

tricky in yellow

… long puzzling sync.

Because I always pay attention to strong personal syncs I wrote my article. It’s never been mentioned here before because I did not want to seem to be ‘marketing’ my work when it has always been my intention to give freely.

In the last couple of weeks I have met up almost accidentally with the Sync Book creator, Alan Abbadessa-Green. Last weekend he invited me to take part in the pilot episode for a new audio magazine. It was a very spontaneous event & I thought at first I was the wrong person for the show, but it turned out amazingly well.

Later in the show we played a ‘sync game‘ – the results of  interconnecting with Alan & his co-host Andras Jones have stayed with me. In particular Andras’ honest feelings in relation to the Boston Bombing, via a question I posed. This became even more meaningful when I remembered that shortly before the show I had randomly created this picture over at Humanizenz

the-man-who-sat-and-criedthe man who sat & cried

The results of a small group of people using syncronicity while combining it with honesty & emotion offer much hope for a more humane future.

Link to audio magazine & show

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the path of greatest comfort



~  ~  ~

Ok what fuckwit started the meme about getting out of your comfort zone?

A little tarring & feathering is …


… surely called for.

If you have used that phrase more than a few times (allowance is made for a little idiocy), you will be required to wear …

sackcloth and ashes

sackcloth & ashes
for a week.

If sackcloth and ashes turn you on, (there are some weird people out there) you will be required to listen to the theme tune of Coronation St three times in a row …

detonation st

Be warned: Any more than four times can lead to permanent brain damage.

Let’s look at comfort:

comfort (v.)   … from Old French conforter “to comfort, to solace; to help, strengthen.”

comfort (n.)   c.1200, “feeling of relief“.

relief (n.1)   “ease, alleviation”.

Sounds to me like we are talking about this:

The path of least resistance describes the … pathway that provides the least resistance to forward motion


In physics, the path of least resistance is always taken by objects moving through a system … water flowing downhill follows the path of least resistance as it is pulled downward by gravity.

Atmospheric disturbances (storms) …


… flow on the path of least resistance by flowing toward zones of low barometric pressure, where lower air density offers less impedance to the storm system than higher pressure zones

Put simply, the direction taken is determined by the easiest route.

ease (n.)    early 13c., from Old French aise “comfort, pleasure, well-being; opportunity,”  … The earliest senses in French appear to be 1. “elbow-room” … and 2. “opportunity”.

Put even more simply, the direction taken is based on …


… what is most comfortable.

That suggests that every action we have ever taken, no matter how seemingly awful, was based on what was …


… the most comfortable choice for us, at the time.

We need not look back in contempt, but rather in compassion – many of us have had atrocious pasts and we need to find ways to treat those past selves humanely.

If comfort and ease is the path that nature takes
what chance have we got
of going against it?

When we accepted the concepts of goodness & badness, punishment and cruelty …


… we opened up terrible new paths of least resistance.  Once someone is made ‘not good‘ i.e. “bad” – their path of least resistance / comfort becomes …

terrible path

… punishment.

Pleasure becomes painful or even dangerous. Pain is so much ‘easier’ to bare. Punishment by …


… vengeful gods or life’s apparently normal rigours & hardship are more comfortable to bear than the wonders of life.  Btw I do hope no one took …

detonation st

… the Coronation St option.

We need to shout out this question:

Why have dis-ease, destruction, punishment & scarcity become the most comfortable option?”

How can we re-adjust our focus in a life-affirming direction?

Wherever you are right now, it is because it is your most comfortable option. You can jump up & down & shake your fists at me, but this is the law of nature. There is only one path – & that is  the path of least resistance / most comfort.

Lying to ourselves, dissociating from reality will not change that even fractionally. This world is built on absolute truth – like our bodies it cannot ever lie. Hiding from the truth is only an option in humanity.

But it’s the death option.

Maybe it was us who brought death to this world
when we first chose
illusion over reality.

I will be continuing along this path – it is vital for my return to health & I can take no other route. Those who come with me are so very welcome.

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created today, from an eternity of unheard stories

a simple recipe – childhood down thro’ the ages


displayed at

not everyone is afraid to see

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a day of chat

Today was a day of chat.

First came two hours with NZ’s American Freedom Radio talkshow host, Vinny Eastwood …


In the second hour the ever-delightful Alan Abbadessa Green from the Sync Book added a new dimension.

~  ~  ~

Later in the day …


… Fitzy & I joined Sinead for the second part of the Creating Doors show. It was a marvellous & heartwarming discussion which did us all the world of good.


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