a day of chat

Today was a day of chat.

First came two hours with NZ’s American Freedom Radio talkshow host, Vinny Eastwood …


In the second hour the ever-delightful Alan Abbadessa Green from the Sync Book added a new dimension.

~  ~  ~

Later in the day …


… Fitzy & I joined Sinead for the second part of the Creating Doors show. It was a marvellous & heartwarming discussion which did us all the world of good.


April 13, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Pierre replied:

    The Renegade show was great Alex, thanks! Some really good stuff discussed with Sinead & Fitzy. The guys over there are doing a great job putting things together – better than anything previous including the now defunct Oracle Network (good riddance!). Will definitely listen to any future shows you do with Renegade and/or Sinead.

    I didn’t listen to the other show ‘cos I think the host is a complete twat! Just being honest ;)



  2. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Pierre – glad you enjoyed, I got a lot out of it myself :)

    ‘Sanity’ includes not ingesting things that dislike us – if the taste ain’t right its better to spit it out than swallow & gripe

    very best to you


  3. Pierre replied:

    I totally agree Alex! Which is why it didn’t even get past my lips to start with ;) Sometimes the smell or sight of something alone is enough to tell you that it possesses potential harm – nature is full of these examples & works very well this way if you are intuitively connected to it!


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