the path of greatest comfort



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Ok what fuckwit started the meme about getting out of your comfort zone?

A little tarring & feathering is …


… surely called for.

If you have used that phrase more than a few times (allowance is made for a little idiocy), you will be required to wear …

sackcloth and ashes

sackcloth & ashes
for a week.

If sackcloth and ashes turn you on, (there are some weird people out there) you will be required to listen to the theme tune of Coronation St three times in a row …

detonation st

Be warned: Any more than four times can lead to permanent brain damage.

Let’s look at comfort:

comfort (v.)   … from Old French conforter “to comfort, to solace; to help, strengthen.”

comfort (n.)   c.1200, “feeling of relief“.

relief (n.1)   “ease, alleviation”.

Sounds to me like we are talking about this:

The path of least resistance describes the … pathway that provides the least resistance to forward motion


In physics, the path of least resistance is always taken by objects moving through a system … water flowing downhill follows the path of least resistance as it is pulled downward by gravity.

Atmospheric disturbances (storms) …


… flow on the path of least resistance by flowing toward zones of low barometric pressure, where lower air density offers less impedance to the storm system than higher pressure zones

Put simply, the direction taken is determined by the easiest route.

ease (n.)    early 13c., from Old French aise “comfort, pleasure, well-being; opportunity,”  … The earliest senses in French appear to be 1. “elbow-room” … and 2. “opportunity”.

Put even more simply, the direction taken is based on …


… what is most comfortable.

That suggests that every action we have ever taken, no matter how seemingly awful, was based on what was …


… the most comfortable choice for us, at the time.

We need not look back in contempt, but rather in compassion – many of us have had atrocious pasts and we need to find ways to treat those past selves humanely.

If comfort and ease is the path that nature takes
what chance have we got
of going against it?

When we accepted the concepts of goodness & badness, punishment and cruelty …


… we opened up terrible new paths of least resistance.  Once someone is made ‘not good‘ i.e. “bad” – their path of least resistance / comfort becomes …

terrible path

… punishment.

Pleasure becomes painful or even dangerous. Pain is so much ‘easier’ to bare. Punishment by …


… vengeful gods or life’s apparently normal rigours & hardship are more comfortable to bear than the wonders of life.  Btw I do hope no one took …

detonation st

… the Coronation St option.

We need to shout out this question:

Why have dis-ease, destruction, punishment & scarcity become the most comfortable option?”

How can we re-adjust our focus in a life-affirming direction?

Wherever you are right now, it is because it is your most comfortable option. You can jump up & down & shake your fists at me, but this is the law of nature. There is only one path – & that is  the path of least resistance / most comfort.

Lying to ourselves, dissociating from reality will not change that even fractionally. This world is built on absolute truth – like our bodies it cannot ever lie. Hiding from the truth is only an option in humanity.

But it’s the death option.

Maybe it was us who brought death to this world
when we first chose
illusion over reality.

I will be continuing along this path – it is vital for my return to health & I can take no other route. Those who come with me are so very welcome.

April 22, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. RICHIE replied:

    time spent with cats, is, never wasted…

  2. Michael Skaggs replied:

    All aboard! I’m coming with ya Mate!

    Enjoyed the ideas, sharing, and rant!

    And yes, I spend time with two cats Richie, well said. Kudos Alex!

  3. Kitty replied:

    Is that your cat Alex? I love tabbies. I feel comfort(ed).

  4. Doug Jordan replied:

    Hi Alex just a thought but i have a feeling that “The Last Shaman” William Whitecloud would resonate with you fairly deeply an absolute gem in my humble opinion just finished it myself Whew !! look forward too your blog’s with eager anticipation great stuff cheers
    Doug J

  5. alex robinson replied:

    Hello RICHIE, that’s what the cat who lives here keeps telling me :)

    Thanks Michael, always a pleasure to have you on board my friend

    Hi Kitty, altho’ I think she would object to being called ‘mine’, she did choose to make us her home with us :)

    Thanks Doug, & I’ll keep an eye out for the book you recommend
    very best to you

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