syncing well

Last year I was invited to write a chapter for the Sync Book Vol. 2


In the act of contemplating if I would write, & what I would write about, I found a wonderful explanation to a …

tricky in yellow

… long puzzling sync.

Because I always pay attention to strong personal syncs I wrote my article. It’s never been mentioned here before because I did not want to seem to be ‘marketing’ my work when it has always been my intention to give freely.

In the last couple of weeks I have met up almost accidentally with the Sync Book creator, Alan Abbadessa-Green. Last weekend he invited me to take part in the pilot episode for a new audio magazine. It was a very spontaneous event & I thought at first I was the wrong person for the show, but it turned out amazingly well.

Later in the show we played a ‘sync game‘ – the results of ¬†interconnecting with Alan & his co-host Andras Jones have stayed with me. In particular Andras’ honest feelings in relation to the Boston Bombing, via a question I posed. This became even more meaningful when I remembered that shortly before the show I had randomly created this picture over at Humanizenz

the-man-who-sat-and-criedthe man who sat & cried

The results of a small group of people using syncronicity while combining it with honesty & emotion offer much hope for a more humane future.

Link to audio magazine & show

April 23, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Darren B replied:

    It was a great podcast Alex,and I’m surprised they didn’t mention your surname in connection to Jackie Robinson and a certain Vodka from NZ (42 Below.-) .
    The day of Andras’ first podcast,21st April was the day Divinals singer Chrissy Amphlett passed away.
    She wrote the song “Back to the Wall” which was featured in Andras’s move “Nightmare on Elm Street 4”
    You can see Andras and Crissy both in this clip,

    and if you listen to the lyrics of the song in relation to the Boston Bombing you might agree that you couldn’t have got a better 8-Ball song if you tried.-)
    And you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Darren, yes I couldn’t help notice the double Robinson sync
      I had no idea Andras was so famous :) & yes you can’t make this stuff up, quite remarkable.

      very best to you

      Danke Biggi! :)


      • Darren B replied:

        Andras is also an author from the first “SYNC Book”,although that was probably mentioned to you somewhere along the line.
        He was also the first boy to give Drew Barrymore an on screen kiss in a movie called “Far from Home”.
        Which also starred the man behind the annoying Max Headroom,
        Matt Frewer –

        He is also good friends with Seth Green and co-starred in a strange movie called “The Attic Expeditions”


  2. Biggi replied:

    Wonderful Alex!!!


  3. persephone replied:

    hello i am creating a comprehensive website of spiritual and uplifting resources for artists and creative types. Its also a place where artists can hang out, talk to each other, vent, yadda yadda. Anyway on the website i want to put a list of blogs and resources that really helped me when i was down and out and all that stuff. just wanted to let you know that i will be listing your website address on the website as a place where visitors to the site can go. Hope thats cool with you! Keep up the Great Work!

    stephanie b.


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