preparation for one hell of a ride

We are searching, searching, searching but somehow …


… we never arrive

Remember the following phrase – you’ll need it later:

There is an almost irresistible temptation to become one of the oppressors, one of the exploiters, …


… one of the utterly disembodied

What follows are delectable quotes from a book which also gave me indigestion.

It is sanely healthy to like & dislike the same thing once you begin to use your gut – then you become like the blackbird who …


picks & chooses his dinner &
casually discards
the inedible.

I believe the quotes on offer here are invaluable – pick & choose what appeals to you & be ready for one hell of a ride in the near future.

The founder of the Japanese Soto School of Zen spoke of the body as the gateway to ultimate realization, & the Dzogchen teachings of Tibet affirm that enlightenment is found


…  in the body

The body presents a very different way of knowing the world and of being in it. To be embodied, to be in the body, is to be in connection with everything


… Somehow the body’s knowledge is so much more subtle, but also so much more convincing and satisfying than knowledge that is purely conceptual

Emotions are, at root, a somatic experience; they arise out of the darkness of the body. They are felt …


intensely in the body … To be fully embodied involves an unconditional presence to our emotional life

Tibetan yoga holds [that]: to attain realization, we have to practice in such a way that we become fully and completely embodied. This is why … virtually every practice is aimed at …


recovering the body

These stages all involve attending more and more closely to our body, feeling into it, sensing and discovering …


what it is really like

Consider the possibility that our true and ultimate realization actually lies in and through matter, …


in and through the body,
in and through the earth

… we have to begin to learn the language that the body itself naturally speaks … we begin to feel, perhaps for the first time in our lives, that with our body, we are in the presence of a force and intelligence that is filled with wisdom, that is loving, flawlessly reliable, and, strange to say, …


worthy of our deepest devotion

As one enters the process of the body work, it becomes critical to learn how to see in a new way …

river night

… When Malidoma wanted more light, he was told, “No, if we light the lamps, we won’t be able to see.”  As the village elders explained it, you can’t see anything real in the daylight.  The only thing you see in the daylight is what you want to see.  When you turn the lights off in the night , you see…


… what wants to be seen,
which is a whole different story

We begin to find that the body has its own wants … We can’t imagine the idea that the body might be a living force, …


… a source of intelligence, wisdom, even something we might experience as possessing intention

the body’s knowing operates completely outside of and beyond the …


… realm of our very limited conscious ego awareness

The return to the forest of the body, then necessitates our willingness to step beyond

beyond what we know

any and all adherence
to the past and its traditions

We refuse to receive a great part of what the body knows and feels and understands


… This ignorance is not being unintelligent or uninformed. It is the act of blocking out knowledge and wisdom – received by the body … The activity of ignorance knows exactly what to accept and what to reject in order to keep …


the illusion intact

What happens to all that denied and rejected experience ..? … all that somatic awareness and experience is walled off from our consciousness …


… we literally freeze the body

When we have gained the ability to reside within the body … we notice how much information comes to us …

The first step in this process is that we move from a state of …


insentient numbness
backward into
a state …


… of discomfort

… The discomfort becomes more subtle and transparent as we move deeper and deeper into the body

The skill & ability to sit with discomfort is a major, major key.

It’s not that hard – you build up slowly.

Once you stop having to run from every tiny discomfort, you have the possibility of becoming a truly awe-some truth holder.

Let us take the example of the big toe.  At first, we may have no sensation at all in the area of our toe. There is simply no feeling in the location of the big toe. It is as if we are missing that part of our being …


… Then at some point, we will begin to detect a very faint sensation in the general area of the big toe … we begin to feel a kind of increasing sense of something being there. Going further, the big toe will begin to take on signs of definite life, & we begin to feel that there is something there to find out about … we find ourselves increasingly sensing the big toe as having a kind of …


vividness, energy & intensity
never experienced before

But there is a new wilderness … a new …


terrain of chaos, that calls us. It is a territory … that in its true extent cannot be mapped by human logic at all. This is the …


… “forest” of the human body …  the “outlandish” expanse in which we are invited to let go of everything we think, allow ourselves to be …


… stripped down to our most irreducible person … I am talking about the body that we meet …


when we are willing to descend into it,
to surrender …


… into its darkness
and its mysteries, …

strange land

… and to explore it
with our awareness

The only thing that is truly ours is the life


… that’s in our body that
wants to unfold

Now that  you allow yourself to feel, to write your history, your migraines have disappeared, & we can also hope that your cancer will leave you. The body is not cruel, not mean; it only wants you to help you listen to yourself, to love yourself, and to care for your life and body instead of waiting for your family to change” – Alice Miller

~  ~  ~

Text in this & this colour (basically everything) are from Touching Enlightenment  – Reginald  A Ray

May 2, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Thank you for sharing this Alex!!!

    My body has been very fidgety, and feeling so weakened trapped in cubicle hell for 10 hours under horrid lighting, in front of two 60hz monitors all damn day, and tethered to a phone line!! It screaming “get me out of here!”

    I try to take a deep breath and pause when I am in a “moment” say for instance outdoors in nature with an animal, and just feel the energy flow in and out from me. I really love it when life can be slowed down between breaths.

    Thanks you again love!

  2. empoweredbyknowledge replied:

    Much love to you Alex for opening up so many infected wounds and sharing the way to healing on very deep levels

  3. alex robinson replied:

    Heya Michael, I’m gonna say DON’T hang in there! why would I tell you to stay in hell – perhaps it’s time to tell them to go fuck themselves – healthy rage is so undervalued.

    Hugs & every good wish to you

    Thanks for the encouragement empowered, you ain’t seen nothing yet :)

    very best to you

  4. alex replied:

    oh dear alex, i don’t comment very often here, but your writings really mean very much to me! thank you!

  5. iloveusercomments replied:

    great article as usual! listen to the wisdom of the body…

  6. Mick replied:

    We wouldn’t have chose a body if it wasn’t good and healthy, at least originally. So much of a miasma to wade through. A big thank you.

  7. jackie replied:

    alex , you’re my best friend, I dont do much in return ,but i live better because of your words. and i come n go, n i have a go, at that life thing. And I’m glad you are you, and Too Long In this Place is here. From years ago, you have helped me, n I have a slow pace. Its progress . I take sharp breaths when i read u sometimes, n i think new ,different thoughts, i gain strength. The words and ideas u have shared about family, mothers/ and cruelty, has helped me start tackling things and i think… i aim …I am to be liberated from my/the ‘hidden things’. I would still be hiding with them,if it werent for you. :) I’m stopping being so half assed. ta chuck, i send u my love n big bear hug, ( this my Big thanks to You, cos i dont ever write or post )

  8. alex robinson replied:

    cheers iloveusercomments & yes indeed

    Thanks Mick & yes wading boots are a good option

    Many thanks for your words jackie – I wish you much strength & nosiness in your life – an unbeatable combination for recovering our reality as opposed to the fake personal stories we have lived by for too long.

    very best to all

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