the sacred mythology of the conspiracy theory


Some give their lives to the pursuit of secrets. We call them conspiracy theorists (or nuts).

Others devote their lives to the pursuit of facts. We call them scientists, authorities or experts.

Both sides look down on each other.

Yet they are two sides of the same ‘conquistador’.


Both are in a race to capture ‘truth’ & force it into a life of captivity – ideally while making a name for themselves as conquistador supremo.

May I suggest that a damn good conspiracy theory has a far greater & more sacred function.

That of keeping the mind
open & flexible.

Or as a preventative for
mental constipation.

If we take a few steps back from any conspiracy theory we find a healthy liveliness & exuberance missing from the heavy factuality of the expert world.

Mainstream media understand this well, which is why they have to lace their reports so heavily with bloodshed & condemnation to hold the spectator’s attention’.

I have an outlandish conspiracy theory to present shortly. Rather than fuck about trying to explain myself in that article, I thought I’d just post this instead to prep your mind.

Be ready for a sacredly outlandish, chilli-hot unbelievable kind of theory …

chilli arsed

… that may burn the arse out of constipated minds.

That’s all the warning you get.


Thanks to Max for this priceless creation!

May 7, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Max replied:

    “… that may burn the arse out of constipated minds.”

    You’d like a pic of that, Alex?

    • alex robinson replied:

      hahahaha – I’ve seen what you are capable of creating, so better steer clear of that :)

      • alex robinson replied:

        on second thoughts … why the fuck not? Go for it!

  2. sineadmcarthy replied:

    the suspense is killing me!

  3. RICHIE replied:



  4. Eugene replied:

    I concur. The pain and the wonderment are the reality of it. To continuously swallow the dead mass is to become dead mass. To shatter oneself and to eat from ones own living belly as a flowing fountain is to be alive. Hugs and kisses from la-la land. At least here the Maya is more real than the other Maya. The body of our Lord QRST is undergoing catharsis please be patient. Many lifetimes are needed in each raindrop to see the mud and the flower and the stars. Such is the wheel of eew and wee! Feeling ewe.

  5. alex robinson replied:

    Hello RICHIE – your beer drinking may be more appropriate than you think – beer has a sacred history

    Many thanks eugene, I have indeed been walking the shattering path or perhaps the ‘explosive one’, having reached maximum contraction. I think that’s where we are now, we simply cannot contract any more – something’s gotta give or something’s got to be born – this time we must honour the child & allow it to live as it needs to live

    very best to you

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