let my people go

We are in the process of being
crushed to death
by our parents.

This is nothing new – mythology bears out this ancient story.

A legend tells that … the god Geb and goddess Nut, were inseparable leaving no space between the sky and the earth for Atum to continue creating


Rangi and Papa are the primordial parents of tani and oma, the sky father and the earth mother who lie locked together in a tight embrace. They have many children … who are forced to live in the cramped darkness between them

In these ancient tales, space is created via more gods:

It was Shu who made his way between … Geb and Nut, forcibly separating them …


… He raised the goddess up to form the sky

The sons became desperate for light and space, so agreed to separate from their parents. The strongest among them, Tane Mahuta, put his shoulder to Papa and …


… and pushed upwards with all his great strength, until Rangi was forced far away up into the sky, and Tane held him there, letting the light shine in

As conspiracy theories have a delightfully potent zeal & speed, I would like to set one in motion…

~  ~  ~

We are in end/beginning times.

At these times, a great birthing is imminent.

Our histories & mythologies & religions have had one great focus when it comes to birth:

to be

The PArent-to-be

Without a SIGNIFICANT parent, the child is but a mewing infant.

Through ‘birthing’
the parent is

raised on high

For they have symbolically
God” / the Creator

In essence they become a god, albeit a smaller one

Today’s conspiracy theory declares that:

The worship of parents is unnatural & has doomed humanity to a living hell.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. If you give me the chance to speak today & IF I do my job well, you may cast a wary eye & a large question mark, upon those proceedings.

Let us begin.

In true creating, it is the creation
not the creator,
that matters.

Non-verbal, body-centred nature
knows & lives
this unspoken truth.

But humanity has been MADE to WORSHIP its creators.


Let’s create a few boundaries for this sacred conspiracy theory – they need to be wide enough to stretch our minds into what is intriguingly enticing, but not quite believable/provable – so that we maintain a state of fingertip-feeling in the dark.

We will use Matthew Delooze’s “Serpent Cult” as a foundational element:

the Serpent Cult get the masses to take part in these respect and surrender rituals because, according to universal law, that is how they are allowed to rule over us. We literally give them the right to rule over us because of our involvement and participation in global deceptive religious prayer (Sun Worship), by taking part in deceptive annual rituals like Christmas (Sun Worship) and by taking part in global rituals like Live 8 (Sun Worship).


The masses literally surrender their spiritual rights through such deception … They can never accept they are the real turkey

You need only read a small amount of Delooze’s work to really “see” what you will have not-quite-seen yourself – that there is a ceaseless herding of humanity into strange rituals & events. These events make no commercial or rational sense. They are often presented as ‘entertainment‘ or ‘for the people‘ – yet you shake your head in bewilderment at the choices.


Quite often you feel a strong sense of revulsion.

We have a two-fold picture.

  1. We must agree to our enslavement if our ruler’s are to continue having authority over us (Delooze’s idea)
  2. We are being driven to create some kind of destructive-to-us energies that feed them

NOWHERE are these more conspicuous (once you start looking) than in the worship of parents. In fact I believe this is the fundamental ritual that allows all others to take place.

Delooze states than when you worship a symbol you are giving emotional energy to what lies behind the symbol – you are granting it authority over you.


… it’s only a piece of material –
yet people will kill or die proudly for it.

I suggest that by being required to honour our parents we have in fact been honouring a Master PArent –  Jehovah aka Serpent Cult (or whatever name you want).

Remember all parents
symbolic life-givers /creators.

The Bible put its ‘stamp’ / symbol on parent worship in the shape of two tablets …

don vito

… to be taken daily

Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you”  — Exodus 20:12 (NIV)

In religion there is no clear separation between the concept of parent & that of God

In the Torah … Dishonouring parents by striking or cursing them was punishable by death. In the Talmud, the commandment to honour one’s human parents is compared to honoring God

The divine fatherhood is the source of human fatherhood. (Ephesians 3:14) This is the foundation of the honour owed to parents. …

feeding frenzy

… It is required by God’s commandment” (Exodus 20:12)    — Catechism of the Catholic Church 2214

Alice Miller makes the profoundly simple & deeply truthful statement that children who are loved by their parents do not need to be told to honour them.

It is highly significant … that we have been bound for thousands of years to a commandment that hardly anyone has questioned, simply because it underscores the physical reality that all children,


whether abused or not, always love their parents

I’m suggesting that the order to honour parents came because somewhere long long ago, parents were turned into instruments of Jehovah. Or maybe it has always been this way.

The tradition of sacrificing children is deeply rooted …


… in most cultures and religions

History is simply & horrifically, the story of the breaking of children’s spirit – each successive generation crushing the ones they give birth to, while commanding absolute respect from them as their ‘creators”:

at birth and throughout their later upbringing, we instil in them the necessity to live, honor, and respect us, to do their best for us, to satisfy our ambitions

oh god

… in short to give us everything our parents denied us

I call such treatment abuse, although for thousands of years it has been regarded as a legitimate parenting method

For those who are brave enough, we need to look closely at the real relationship between parent & child – because now we can contemplate that it may be a commandment to venerate (maintain) a vicious ‘God” AND to feed him (it):

So what is left of “love” when we take a closer look at the real emotions behind it …? Gratitude, compassion, illusion, denial of the truth, guilt feelings, deceit – these are all the ingredients of an attachment that frequently makes us ill & cannot do your parents any real good. Everywhere in the world this pathological attachment is regarded as love.

Or perhaps we should we say “jove”.

It would be a rare person in this world who does not carry the wounds of  jove-love.

But we may not speak of it.

All my life I have needed to ask questions, to try to find out what I did not understand about my childhood & why I lived in a freezing cold, far-away-world, while pretending to belong here. I never found one person who would let me speak as I needed to speak. All ears close if you try to speak of your parents in other than devoted terms.

As a child he [Kafka] was deprived of genuine communication. He suffered unspeakably from this deficiency, all his works describe … miscommunication – in all these novels & stories the questions are never heard they are answered with strange distortions, & central figures are totally isolated, totally incapable of getting someone to listen

I am trying to open doors here to a discussion about a crime so hideous that it has been unspeakable – the eons-old soul/spirit murder of children by their parents.

The Himalayas pale into molehill comparison beside the mountain-centuries of children’s corpses. Each generation crushing the one that follows, maybe something like this …


Annuit cœptis … is literally translated, “He approves (has approved) of the undertakings“.”

There it is again, that giving of approval – is that the eye of a child I wonder? Or is it the adult-child – the one who grows big in body, but remains forever twisted under the grasp of the PArent gods?

Helplessness, cruelty & apathy are never natural
they are bestowed
the grit inserted in your oyster shell,
the gift
of Jehovah
& for Jehovah.

but hey we approve of the undertakings don’t we?

Silence IS always approval.

We have not understood the power we have – here is a gem from the movie Northanger Abbey:

Henry Tilney explains the parallel between country-dances and marriage to Catherine as he dances with her: “You will allow, that in both, man has the advantage of choice, woman only the power of refusal


Catherine replies significantly, “Do not underestimate the power of refusal

Once you have received the kiss of Jehovah, you become its carrier. You will in time Judas kiss your children, whether you mean to or not  & so ensure that the sickness in this world continues.

You will do this because you bowed to the Jehovah in your parents eyes …

PA rents

That’s where he lives.

And then he lives hungrily in our eyes, awaiting the birth of our children – who WILL be made to bow down to him.

Come see here …

Throughout all of history (& mythology) we are given individual & select, events & deeds upon which to heap blame or praise.

Most of us at some point have followed the masonic trail, with it’s intriguing fingers that reach into so many pi’s.

Of course that trail was a blind.

So that we’d never see that WE are the masons – initiated via our parents … with initiation completed

two one

at age 21
or perhaps 33 …

It’s all there in the name.


The candidate during the time is divested of all his apparel (shirt excepted) and furnished with a pair of drawers kept in the lodge for the use of candidates. The candidate is then blindfolded, his left foot bare, his right in a slipper, his left breast and arm naked, and a rope called a Cable-tow round his neck …  


… in which posture the candidate is conducted to the door where he is caused to give…  three distinct knocks .. The door is then partly opened and the Senior Deacon generally asks, “Who comes there? Who comes there? Who comes there?”

The conductor…  answers, “A poor blind candidate who has long been desirous of having and receiving a part of the rights and benefits of this worshipful lodge, dedicated (some say erected) to God

What is this if not a re-enactment of childhood, even down to …


… the state of undress?
Which came first Diddle Diddle Dumpling or the Masons?

Initiation mimics the powerlessness of childhood – it requires an agreement to bind oneself to remaining a child, to continuing the system – in return for a piece of the heavenly pi.


Through our endless worshipping of the sun/son
as our saviour
we have eternally proclaimed ourselves

By remaining ‘children’ we have stated that we need a  ‘PArent’ / god to take care of us.

Our father who art in heaven
hallowed be they name
they kingdom come
thy will be done

We have called for the continuation of this system over & over again. And we have satiate our repressed memories by having children over whom we have complete dominion, &  can be “gods” of.

Let’s look at Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society

Anna Marie Jarvis (May 1, 1864 – November 24, 1948) is the founder of the Mother’s Day holiday in the United States.

Anna’s mother Ann Jarvis had founded Mothers’ Day Work Clubs in five cities to improve sanitary and health conditions … On May 12, 1907, two years after her mother’s death, Anna held a memorial to her mother and thereafter embarked upon a campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a recognized holiday. She succeeded in making this nationally recognized in 1914

How touching. But then there’s always a good story behind anything we need to swallow.

Play led to some
interesting insights.

Lurking  within the name of  “Anna Marie Jarvis” is another name – ‘Minerva‘.  Anna Jarvis also had a special birth date Beltane (May 1st)

Bel (Belenos) is the Celtic Sun God …  His name was given to the May festival of Beltane, which means ‘the fire of the God Bel’ …

His ‘wife’ is the goddess Belisama … equate her with the Roman goddess Minerva…  indicate that she was a goddess of wisdom and healing and as a light-bearer

A picture of Minerva shows an …

minnie not so haha

… rather


… visage

I have previously suggested that  the Statue of Liberty represents Demeter, but on close inspection, we find her half-dead daughter Persephone lurking there as well – that’s pretty nifty -two for the price of one!

In the days when a female’s words were worth little, a woman was asked to christen one of the New World’s most revered statues:


Emma Lazarus (July 22, 1849 – November 19, 1887) was a Jewish poet born in New York City.

She is best known for “The New Colossus, a sonnet written in 1883; its lines appear on a bronze plaque in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty

eMA = female/mother +
Lazarusone who was brought back to life
22 July = Mary Magdalene (MM) Feast Day


The power of Emma Lazarus’s poem, … gives the name ”Mother of exiles” to the Statue of Liberty …  She is not placed facing out to sea, as is commonly believed, to welcome those seeking a new life; she faces the hills in Brooklyn

And in the hills of Brooklyn …

A seven foot statue of Minerva stands at the highest point in Brooklyn, overlooking New York Harbor, located in Green-Wood Cemetery

And what is Minnie doing there?

The Altar to Liberty … includes the bronze statue of the goddess Minerva … Minerva and Miss Liberty are not merely waving to each other, they are, considering the elevation of the altar on Battle Hill in Green-Wood Cemetery …


looking eye to eye

I can’t prove that last bit, but it’s intriguing enough to leave in.

A little light-weight play finds strange rituals hiding in plain sight once again, this time lurking around Mother’s Day.

If you doubt the tremendous power of Mother’s Day, try not honouring your mother, or any mother, on that day – lynching might come back in style.


Why is it so important to bow down to a parent on one of their ‘honouring’ days?  Can it really just be put down to commercialization?

I don’t think so.


Indeed even among the great names of the conspiracy movement, I have yet to see one figure who didn’t kneel before a parent.

Let’s continue.

A recent article by Matthew Delooze calls out all humanity as a race of sex abusers. I was shocked when I read that at first. But dammit he’s right. We don’t have to commit acts, to be capable of them. And the reason I know we are capable of them is because of what I am writing about here.

There are NO good guys in this world because we have all been ‘perverted‘.

 “pervert (v.) … from Latin pervertere “overthrow, overturn,” figuratively “to corrupt, subvert, abuse,” literally “turn the wrong way, turn about”.”

There is no way in hell that the world can be in the state that it’s in, other than that we are raised in sickness & become sick ourselves. Maybe we don’t ‘do’ anything ‘bad’ but that doesn’t mean that this sickness is not within us.

I believe it is unleashed most powerfully with the birth of our children. – when we are thrown backwards in time to the beginnings of our trauma:

Not God but a swastika/ So black no sky could squeak through”, wrote Sylvia Plath in the suffocatingDaddy”, a 1966 poem that Plath famously described as being about “a girl with an Electra complex. Her father died while she thought he was God.” As the poem develops, father becomes husband, continuing the heart- stomping cycle.

If our lives are the compulsive repetition of our childhood trauma, then is history the compulsive repetition of a long ago childhood trauma of humanity? Do we keep repeating & recreating something that is actually long over?

I’ve been dozing & dreaming
too long in this place
what drew me here once
has long gone without trace

What if something truly awful happened here once long, long ago & then along came an inhuman species (or perhaps something deeply disturbed rose up in us) & it fed off our emotions & blocked us from healing. It did this by diverting us from seeing reality (which is the only way to heal) & got us hooked on the drug of illusions.

It /they would know that as soon as we turn & face our reality, their power is weakened.

Come on you guys, every monster …


… knows the truth of that.

There is NO bigger monster in the human psyche than the parent.

Children cannot escape their parents, so they cannot afford to see through them either. Blindness makes it possible to survive . This is the way the abuse of children has functioned since time immemorial. Blindness & forgiveness are essential to survival. But at the same time they lead to repetition & they perpetuate cycles of cruelty

No one will ever be bigger or scarier to you than your parent. You may find surrogates & trick yourself, but behind these usually weak & sad figures, lie your parents.

How do we get off this horror-go-round?

To break this cycle we need to understand that so-called love cannot survive abuse, deception, & exploitation without seeking new victims … Only unflinching realization of one’s own past reality, of what really happened can break through the chain of abuse. If I know & can feel what my parents did to me when I was totally defenceless, I no longer need victims to befog my awareness. I no longer need to re-enact what happened to me & take it out on innocent people because now I know what happened. And if I want to live my life consciously, without exploiting others, then I must actively accept that knowledge

If we are in end/beginning times what are we going to birth?

If YHWH the warrior battles to maintain order, what happens if the world experiences … collapse … The logical result seems to be that YHWH is vanquished. But who occupies the void YHWH leaves? Humanity perhaps?

This is but a fraction of what I intended to cover. I have said before that I believe every person in the truth movement comes from a highly traumatic background. It is easier for people from a trauma background to ask questions, they already live somewhat outside the normal world – but I believe all have missed the mark & have become bogged down in any number of close, but miles away, searches.

Chasing down liars, cheats, tormentors, secret murders, earth poisoners & the illuminati is a camouflage for your own story, one that is almost too hard to face – the reality of your childhood. You have to turn away from the mesmerising glare, & walk back to face your past, until then you are of no real use to the future of this world because you still carry Jehovah in your eyes:

It is not experienced hatred that leads to acts of violence & destructiveness … only hatred felt for surrogates is endless & insatiable … because on a conscious level the feeling is separated from the person against whom it was originally directed

Every experienced feeling gives way in time to another, and even the most extreme conscious hatred of one’s father will not lead a person to kill

I shall leave it here for now. I am curious to see if anyone out there is ready to allow a discussion to begin. I certainly cannot do this on my own.

As a finishing note I offer this.

Yesterday I went to confront my father. I told him for the first time in my life, that my childhood was brutal. I spoke things never said before. I didn’t know how he would take it or how much he even heard, but I could not write this article, if I did not have the courage to face him. I did not want to live with the fear of speaking up to him or the regret of not having done so.  But in the end I spoke up for the child I once was who up until then had only been listened to by the trees.

I know of one mother who was actually able to escape from the destructive attachment to her parents thanks to her own child … One day she finally flew into a rage in the company of a new therapist & was finally able to admit to the extreme anger at her parents that had been pent up inside her for thirty years. And then a miraculous thing happened (although it was anything but a miracle): in the space of a few days, her daughter started to play normally, lost all her symptoms, asked questions … It was as if the mother had emerged from a dense fog & was seeing her daughter properly for the first time

Do not underestimate speaking to the trees – they will hear you, that’s a very good place to start.

~  ~  ~

All text in this colour from The body Never Lies (the lingering effects of cruel parenting) ~ Alice Miller

Link to Matthew Delooze’s excellent article on Humanity as a race of sex abusers

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  1. rainy59 replied:

    Thanks Alex for another enlightening blog, your depth of perception never ceases to amaze me. My brother and I have recently been discussing how difficult it is to honour our narcissistic mother who brought us up with conditional love, at best.

    She always did her best to alienate us from each other and its only since the death of my father that we’ve become acutely aware of this. My brother sadly said to me this week that he loves our long chats because only I can possibly understand what it means to feel guilty for simply being alive.

    I hope others comment so you can get a discussion going and see how widespread this feeling probably is.

    Do you mind if I share this article with a friend on Twitter?

    Much love , Lorraine xx


    • alex robinson replied:

      Go for it Lorraine – I wrote this for our future, so we can have one.

      I thank you for your comment which helps open the way for discussion & healing.

      very best to you & your brother


  2. Generation LOST | synchronaut replied:

    […] Good blog post about generational oppression:https://toolonginthisplace.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/let-my-people-go/ […]


  3. libyansibyl44 replied:

    I don’t know what to say. Thank you for writing this. It’s everything I’ve come to know is truth. I had to face my parent last year and it freed me. But it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, acknowledging that what was passed off to me as love was not love at all. You’re right…it’s the monster we don’t speak of.

    Yesterday, I was discussing these same concepts in a different sync forum. I was trying to describe how we’re at the end of a cycle which is analagous to the stage of mitosis in the biologicial process of cell division. Mitosis is when a “parent” cell splits to form two child cells. In that process the focus is not on the creator/parent. Instead, the focus is on ensuring that the creation/children are whole and defect-free. In this way, Nature itself shows us that perpetual (eternal) life is only possible when the parent becomes the child (not the other way around). Since the life cycle continue forever, the end is also the beginning. I was delighted to see that your pic of Shu forcing apart Geb and Nut looks remarkably similar to the photos in the Mitosis article I was studying yesterday on Wikipedia (those little “Y” thingies hanging off Nut look like chromosomes).

    Also, this sentence you wrote “You have to turn away from the mesmerising glare, & walk back to face your past” combined with your final example of the mother being healed through her child is basically the whole plot of the movie “The Shining”. Room 237 in the movie is the mirror room where Danny finally faces the truth of the past and, in doing so, eventually defeats his father and redeems his mother, the parent monsters. The individual family situation is a microcasm which, as you noted, also plays out in the macrocasm of this world and it’s nauseatingly repetitive rituals.

    For me, reading your post was like seeing a compilation of everything I’ve been thinking about in my own mind. I love it when sync makes that happen. Thanks for the mind meld!


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hello sibyl – you have no idea how strange it is to say that & to meet you here – the syncs & symbols around this article have been enormous.

      Sybil is my mother’s name & as I was never taught to call her ‘mum’, I have always called her by that name. Yesterday, Mother’s Day was her birthday.

      Last year when Alan Green asked me to write a bio for my article in sync book & I said I didn’t know what to say, he sent me yours. Because of your ‘name’ it deeply affected what I wrote, in a sense that committed me verbally to a path I was already on, but not fully conscious of.

      This is such a huge topic & the energy surrounding it is enormous – indicated once more by what you had to say.

      I am very glad that you were able to take the steps you needed in your life.

      very best to you


  4. zenrebok replied:

    This is such a giant subject to approach, I’ve pondered where to start with this too, how to say the unsayable?
    That we’re mired in illness is apparent, look at all the ‘Treats’ held up by the commercial world, we either ‘deserve’ something or ‘if we’re good’ we get a ‘treat’.
    Its a demonstrable fact that Parents are often compensatory in behaviour, they give us proxies instead of love. Our lives are filled with feeble booby prizes, and its a hallmark of an abuser to offer petty compensation for neglect or torment.
    The entertainment industry shows us this, Stars are rewarded, they get accolade, toys, money and houses – its all right there on show. If you let yourself be victimised, Human society will give you stuff, but ask any rape victim, how much compensation would legitimise the rape?
    Simple answer, NOTHING, would.
    I know this is not coming across succinctly, difficult subject, but to quote a song doing the rounds – ‘I hate the taste, but I’d do it again’. Jehovah turns us into sadists and masochists, and so the great middle eastern desert demon rape machine is kept turning by us, by Human society.
    To up end this, as you’d shown, saying the unspeakable, having it heard, destroys – DE-STORY(ies) the magic trick. Silence is the enemy, it implies advocacy, and by withdrawing silence we withdraw tacit consent.
    Looking further down the path, to a point where the Human race is Humane again, these dark times will seem inconceivably brutal. Our descendants will rightly see us with compassion, and contempt.
    I agree 100%, with everything you’ve written, Delooze is spot on, thanks for saying it all, (again, and again, and again), until we started listening and better still actually heard you.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hello Fitzy
      I mis-typed the word treats & got teats – I think that says so much – we never matured psychologically, only externally-physically – there is this massive split in ourselves – even more bizarre & dangerous when we realise that the body ‘holds’ the ungrown child, it holds ALL the memories … so what the fuck is walking round in our heads & driving our lives??

      I think this silence we have been forced into, must hold the key – on many of those perverted war memorials round the world lies the instruction “Let silent contemplation be your offering” i.e suffer in silence
      ANZAC: Let Silent Contemplation Be Your Offering

      very best to you m’dear


  5. recoveringmetalhead replied:

    This article brought so many things to mind it is hard to choose a path so I’ll just pick one and run with it.
    Among the phenomena that befall many humans upon the birth of the first child is the habit of talking to other adult humans as though they are children. It is difficult to elaborate upon this behavior so if you know what I’m talking about you know. If you don’t you don’t.
    For some new parents the phenomenon wears off after a couple years. for some it lasts a lifetime. It’s the lifers that bother me.
    I have noticed this throughout my life and begun to pay closer attention to it in the last couple of months. This behavior is rampant in media. Most news presenters on tv do it ad nauseum. The DJ’s on any pop music or top 40 radio station are possibly the worst. I do not however think that it is simply learned through media, only supported or enabled.
    I cannot seem to find a psychological common thread that is satisfying. Some of the worst offenders are people whom I admire for their intellect, courage and other fine qualities.
    The closest I have come to a common link is a feeling of helplessness in childhood although this does not feel adequate. Just a working theory.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hello Dave
      I still cherish your earlier insight that gave momentum to this work. Now you do it again – fucking fantastic! If eyes can open this deep there is most certainly a chance for real change.

      Yes I see what you are saying, since reading this yesterday I have found myself seeing & hearing it. I even put a book back at the library once the thought came, “Hey she’s talking just like Dave said!”

      What I have got was a feeling of ‘parent-ship’ aka authority over – I “KNOW” you don’t, I have ACHIEVED, you have not – sit at the feet of your superior. Isn’t this ‘success’, what we all strive for, to be above, higher – to shake off our smallness, which can surely be nothing more than our memories of vulnerability & domination over, as children.

      I would be glad to hear your further thoughts because you have made a study of this. I must admit to also having a feeling of “oh fuck’ is this what I do too? One thing I have found is that it is very helpful to forward momentum to be constantly toppled off any pedestals you might be resting on :)

      very best to you


  6. persephone replied:



  7. bquadri replied:

    Wow. Another great thought-provoking thesis. You are one of the few original thinkers, Alex. I’m so grateful for your work and please keep it coming. Re Matthew Delooze.Not to disrespect him or his work, I just have to question some suppositions about the snake and sun cults.

    I have been giving some serious consideration to John Lash’s and Merlin Stone’s revisionist views on the role of sun and the snake in the Goddess worshipping cultures. You know, the days of yore before patriachy and followers of Jehovah conquered, raped,wiped out, appropriated, assimilated, subverted, perverted and inverted these icons.

    Here’s where the “Father-Knows-Best” tyranny originated and “the family” has never been the same since.

    The snake symbolizes wisdom and healing; embodying elements of heightened sensory perception and closeness to the Earth. Think about it. The prevailing NLP to vilify it, suspect it and disassociate from it is powerful and compelling. How can we not agree Delooze’s thorough research here. Obvious right? But now I wonder…..

    And Here Comes the Sun. We know our life here depends on this amazing star yet we are hammered with a plethora of “evidence” to confound us into believing it’s always been Male, or it’s Apollo or it’s Jesus or whatever fucking concoction they feed us; topped off with blood sacrifice for shock value. Sometimes it’s just a crappy pop concert. And we keep analyzing it. Brillian how they got us. How can we but help to look at Statue of Liberty and her sun halo without disgust for her and for this cemetery she oversees?

    Open the curtain and see the toad that is Oz. Just because they “won” the war on us, copied the legends that were previously transmitted orally into their words and beliefs, or burned most of it (as in the case of Library of Alexandria) and hunted down and burned every so called heretic (free thinker) and witch (healer) they could find in the interrim…STILL all that effort doesn’t necessarily make this spectacle of sun and snake worshipping goddess truly EVIL, does it? Take back the snake and let it to slither back into forest and the Sun, just bless her, or him. Fuck them.

    I guess the only thing at this point that resonates as true for me is this: They (“they” being imitators, clones and clever usurpers, that’s all I know about them) create nothing. Is this any place to start?

    Thank you Alex.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hello Barb
      I agree that it seems the energy vampires create nothing, they cause things to be created & then feast & when the feast runs dry they cause more ‘food’ to be created – that is why I am very wary now – & will write more of this in the future.

      As to Matt Delooze’s ‘”serpent cult” – I would suggest it’s a name – he chose the name, but it’s what it represents that I am looking at/playing (seriously) with. Delooze’s work is of the sacred mind-flexing variety – it has both a this worldly & something else feeling that never fails to set new thoughts flying round in my head – that is enough for me, I don’t want to be pinned down with facts.

      I have written about the sun & will write more – but all these thoughts are meant for mind flexing as opposed to the mind-concreting that comes with fact (& the way facts are presented).

      There is much work to be done to make sure that we do not introduce yet another cycle with this vampire-energy piggy-backing in for another ride.

      very best to you


  8. Clare Daniel replied:

    I’m ready for a discussion to begin too, you’re not doing this on your own. though as others have said or suggested, it’s difficult where to begin, so i’ll be brief (ish).

    i’ve memories going back as far as i can remember, when my mum would scream things like “what have i done to deserve you”, or “i actually love going to work because i hate being in this house”, implying it was my fault that she had a miserable time when not in work. i wouldn’t even of been 10 after hearing these countless times.

    speaking up about this feels like such a terrible thing, and i’m even wondering if i’ve misread everything you’ve written recently about parents because this feels so wrong. i’m not supposed to criticise or ‘attack’ the way my mother acted towards me as i was growing up. she was doing her best, she loved me, only wanted to see me happy, she even carried me in her womb for 9 months for godsake, how can i be so ungrateful to mention such a thing.

    reading your posts, whether i’ve interpreted them correctly or am deluded (which makes me wonder what effect this comment will have), i realised that since at least being a young teenager i’ve been trying to speak with her about us not getting along, to try and sort stuff out. but in a conversation whenever i even edge close to mentioning that something was her fault, possibly humouring the idea that she did something wrong in raising me or in general, she screams, she gets angry, i’m a fucking arsehole, and on and on.

    and as such, we never get anywhere. which coincidentally is what she says to me. we talk but it goes nowhere… so it’s boring, she hates speaking to me, she hates having ‘deep’ conversations because all i want to do is speak about the same stuff in her eyes, over and over.

    but there’s this one barrier that she refuses, and has done a heartbreakingly countless number of times, to go past. the idea that something she did was wrong. and all i feel is guilt at being such a cunt towards her.

    alex, are we actually talking about this, is this real?


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hello Clare

      Yes this is real. I understand all that you speak of as much as someone who hasn’t lived your life, can. There are millions of people out there suffering in silent agony.

      Different people, deal with it in different ways – but all have one thing in common there is NO JOINING OF THE DOTS – there is NO bringing the shape of the past into clarity so that it can be seen.

      There is no hearing of pain of unheard stories – everything is kept unspoken & out of earshot – should you try to break this code, you are shunned at best or damned at worst.

      Many find their way into the conspiracy/truth movement where should you try to tell ‘the Truth” … ” you are shunned at best or damned at worst” – so familiar …

      Please take this to heart – you CANNOT get your mother to hear you or make your past real so you can heal. Our parents have a huge vested interest in keeping our past ‘unreal’ because they are rerunning the same theme from their childhoods – to them their parents are the sacred ones & they cannot bear the pain of their truth.

      I suggest you read the works of Alice Miller, she is a splendid stepping stone on the road back to yourself. Bear in mind you do not have to believe everything she says – take what is good for you, I think you will find a great deal. One thing I would suggest however is to relax when you find her talking about the need to find a therapist to act as an “enlightened witness” – many of us may never find such a person – I think we can create a way to heal through interconnection & speaking our truth – the more this gets out into the world & the less hidden it is, I think the awful grip of the past will lessen too.

      One more book suggestion – “An Uncommon Dialogue” by Debra Drake – it is superb for showing in absolute clarity the depth of commitment adult children have to their parents no matter what was done to them, & how they simply CANNOT see without having the will to see. The book did something profound for me.

      very best to you


  9. libyansibyl44 replied:

    Do you watch the tv show Once Upon a Time? Tonight’s episode revealed how a disconnect in the parent/child relationship was at the root of each and every character’s story. I thought you’d love the sync and the way they symbolized the parent-ship. The show’s theme was that it’s never too late for a parent to do the right thing…I truly believe that BUT we must realize that it’s totally and completely the parent’s responsibility to make that choice and endure whatever repercussions come along with it. We have no obligation whatsoever to shoulder any of that burden (regardless of how hard they try to guilt trip us). Stop carrying their baggage for them and life gets better immediately. And, Alex, I’ll be looking forward to you writing more about the energy vamps, their relation to food, and their inability to create which is why they siphon from and manipulate those who can. I just started recognizing these things a few years ago and needless to say I was horrified, but who was I gonna discuss it with? I’m glad you opened the convo. Let’s get it all out on the table.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hello again Sibyl,/b>
      No I haven’t seen that programme. I don’t have any trust of the media – I’m sure they are one & all trauma-impacted people & their shows may contain half or even three-quarter truths – they seem so plausible but nothing ever changes – we seem satisfied that someone has said ‘we must do something about this”. Perhaps the biggest failing in the West is our vocality when it comes to tsk tski’ing about outrages’ & then walking away thinking that by tsking we have changed something.

      The fact that parents should be 100% responsible ‘to’ the children in their captivity, oops I mean care, cannot change anything, because parents default to ‘their’ parents downloaded programmes & hell will freeze over a hundred times before such parents will give up what is ‘owed’; to them from this world, via their children.

      So it’s actually up to us. To become the speakers, the ‘non-silenceable’ ones, the brave fools who turn & face up to their reality – who are willing to face their heart-breaking truth & then speak about it. At least that’s the most useful path I can see at this moment.

      very best to you


  10. Mark LeClair replied:

    You know me Alex, as The Wrong Way Wizard–a long time admirer of your work. I have been waiting to hear these ideas expressed by a woman. I’m not surprised it turned out to be you.

    Of course Delooze is on the money–the worship of sex and its natural by- products has changed humanity into a Death Cult. From what I see on TV, I think we can blame the Borgias.



  11. alex robinson replied:

    Thank you mr three w’s.

    Damn I completely missed the Borgias link, I feel like such a fool

    xap returned


  12. RICHIE replied:

    S-O-L, is, actually, Fe-male. You ,cover, a lot, of, Ideas/Themes, but, maybe, you, should, concentrate, on, Polynesia/New Zealand, ‘Mythology’?,For ,Me, this, is, Your ,strongest , [and best] attribute.Your insight, is, remarkable, but,You, will, always be, Your, Parents Child!

    The Perfection Complex is based in the feeling; “to earn father’s love I must be perfect.” This leads to such psychopathologies as free-floating guilt (because I cannot ever be perfect, no matter how hard I try!), an over-blown sense of responsibility; (“I’m responsible for everybody,” Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility). For such people worry is a favorite pass-time; they go out of their way to find things to worry about. They are impossibly self-critical with their inner parent forever beating up their inner child, and they are unreasonably, irrationally sensitive to even a hint of criticism from others. The pressure from this leads to projecting their inner child onto everyone and everything else. They are forever criticizing other people and every situation and circumstance in which they are involved. This is the perpetual malcontent.

    Keep Smiling! Best Wishes…


  13. alex robinson replied:

    Hello RICHIE
    In my writing I have re-captured part of my wildness, therefore I must continue to go where my heart & gut desire – even if that disappoints or upsets others.

    “Biologically, a child … is a human between the stages of birth and puberty” – if I remain my parents child I would be well & truly fucked – perhaps ‘offspring’ might be a healthier option or even “spring off” – as in to spring out from captivity into a life of my creating as opposed to the deathing-plan provided by my (& a great number of other) parents.

    I suggest a perfection complex would be one of many labels created to camouflage the original sin – that of the distress/cruelty that children/offspring must never, ever be aware of ever, even if they live to 100. Our sick society demands allegiance to the divinity of parents & the justness of their demand for total loyalty by ‘their’ trademarked/copyrighted children. It is not ok to do this – I hope in time as brave souls speak out, others will be freed to do the same – then there will be no need to create these kind of coping/disiguising mechanisms.

    best to you


  14. RICHIE replied:

    You, are ,an interesting, writer..Perfection, ‘Complex’, is ,just, a term,it does not, have, to mean, anything. I, am, a Parent, My Children, are, 29 years old, and 27 years old, respectively. My daughter, has, more Tattoos, than,a Maori Warrior, but,it ,is, Her ,own, way, of ,Self-expression, and, it’s just fine, with, Me. When ,You say, ‘Divinity of Parents’, I ,don’t understand, what, You, mean. ‘Deathing-Plan?’, I, can, only equate, with,the word,’Mortgage’.[French Root, ‘Death Note’]…and ,Yes, I’ve got one, of those.
    You, are, free, to create, Your-Self.[and, You, never, lost, Your, ‘Wildness’]


  15. paulo replied:

    what came first? The mouse or the lab? or both? :P



  16. Dennis replied:

    Always thought provoking brain food. Thank you. Perhaps the synchronmystic is spiritualy attuned to dis-regard the religion of no-thing. Dennis


  17. alex robinson replied:

    Hello RICHIE, if it’s not clear in my articles I can’t make it any clearer in my comments. Just take what you want & leave the rest
    best to you

    Hello Paulo, I’d say whichever one claimed to be the parent first :)

    Cheers Dennis, maybe it comes down to being able to play with everything before us & having nothing sacred or profane.
    best to you


  18. jacquie replied:

    Thanks Alex,My mother abused me every way possible;strangely-she hated mother’s day (we did not celebrate it-per her wishes)because she felt she should be honoured every day of the year.That commandment “honour thy father and thy mother” I always struggled with-my retort was “what if my parents are NOT honourable?” will god understand that I can’t honour my parents? I felt that way as a child and still do 60 years later,therefore very much appreciate your insights.The fact that my parents were both abused as children kind of corroborates what you’ve written.I have done my best to not dump all this crap onto my daughter-we are very close-she says I am the best mom-and she doesn’t say it cuz she thinks she has to,so I believe I’ve done something positive in allowing her to be herself without feeling obligated to “honour” me just cuz she’s my daughter.I agree with all that you wrote on this topic-thanks for being so eloquent and sharing so openly.


  19. alex robinson replied:

    Hello jacquie, thanks for your candid comment.

    It is only through people who are willing to speak up that those on the sidelines can begin to allow their own truth – if it was just me speaking alone there would not be enough momentum to carry this forward. I think we are in a time where it is possible to create great change.

    many thanks & very best to you


    • jacquie replied:

      Thanks again Alex-love reading your blog.It makes me re-think so much.Every topic you address speaks to me.I believe you are helping many people by sharing your thoughts.You have helped me more than you know.keep on writing!!


      • alex robinson replied:

        Thanks jacquie, much appreciated & yes there is more to come
        very best to you


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