a kingdom for his horse

In a conversation with my son yesterday, mention was made that…


…  the royal babe has (apparently)
been hatched.

I had heard rumours of the pregnancy, but not being a ‘news’ devotee I tend to straggle in at the tail of ‘big’ events.

This morning I noted a synchromystic forum linking to my site & curious as to which article it referred to, followed it. It turned out to be one about the …


… IRA bombing in Hyde Park in 1982.

Other comments in the forum pointed to a recent spate of horse deaths.

This was very curious – especially in light of the contents of an article I’d written in 2009.

Wider implications now come to mind. So here’s a little updated starter, bear in mind the massive mass marketing of the ‘Kate & Wills’ Brand:

One of Shakespeare’s best known lines …

KING RICHARD III:  A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!” (from Shakespeare’s – Richard III)

The public declaration & confirmation of the finding of Richard III’s body, was made earlier this (royally auspicious) year:

“On 5 September 2012 the excavators announced that they had identified Greyfriars church … where the memorial to Richard III stood in the early 17th century. A human skeleton was found beneath the Church’s choir … 


… On 4 February 2013, the University of Leicester confirmed that the skeleton was beyond reasonable doubt that of King Richard III

These days it doesn’t matter if something is true or not, it has only to be declared true by experts to take on a life of its own.

Shakespeare’s horsey quote is one of the most famous in existence – in essence (imo) it is the symbol of handover of rulership from one royal house to a new one. Richard without his horse is quickly hacked to a pulp, his body stripped naked & dragged away.

A dead king and horse is instantly translatable:

The King is Dead, Long live the King

Legend tells us that after the battle, King Richard III’s crown was found hanging on a thorn bush

How symbolic …

crown of thorns

… would you like to get?

On a syncing note, when I went to paste the above image in ‘paint’ for a quick pruning, I found an image sitting there that I created earlier in the day for humanizenz, (before any thought of this article existed). I was quite freaked out when I saw it:

not a chip

Entitled “not a chip off the old block’, it depicts a father flower looking with disapproval at his son’s prickly hairdo.

On an even more unsettling syncing note, I just went back to check the date I had written the previous article – it turned out to be 22 August which is the date that Richard III was killed – nothing in that early article had anything to do with him.

Let’s return to our theme of horse deaths and royal babies – you need to understand that horse sacrifice has existed in many cultures for centuries and that horses are linked to both the sun & royalty:


22 May: More than 100 horses feared dead after 200mph twister destroys farms

29 May: A South Auckland road is closed after a car hit and killed two horses.

22 June : 35 show horses worth $4 million belonging to respected breeder die in a barn fire in Georgia

23 July: Three horses died in a collision between a horse lorry and another HGV on the A303 near Thruxton in Hampshire yesterday

July 23: A “finicky” storm pummeled parts of central Iowa Monday night, toppling buildings, including a barn near Story City, killing six horses that were inside.

In my article on the Hyde Park bombing  (20th  July), I also mention that that date, was Edmund Hillary’s birthday.

I have written a number of (fabulous) articles linking weird & tragic connections between NZ & England in connection with the Royal Family. So it was interesting to note that the date of the NZ horse deaths this year was May 29 – the same date that …

hill a re

… Hillary ‘conquered’ Everest in 1953 – three days after that event, Elizabeth was crowned Queen & one of the first things she did was ‘knight’ Hillary.

I will finish (for now) with a link to “The Day of the Jackal in Hyde Park“. It contains masses of information which may put things in a new light.  I’ve reread it myself & can confirm that it is damn good, but don’t take my word for it:

Alex Robinson at Too Long in this Place has written about it, brilliantly:

It’s too good just to try and rehash it here but, as a taster, it involves the royal birth of Apollo in 1982, the moon landings, Sir Edmund Hillary, Eye of Ra and the kidnap of Shergar (also in 1982). Please go read it for yourselves”  – (thanks Roobeedoo!)

The Day of the Jackal in Hyde Park

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finding ‘the one’

How much time, energy, despair, searching, yearning & loss has our civilisation endured in its search for …

the won

… the fabled “one“.

It’s time …


… to end this farce.

If you want to keep that life-sucking dream alive, walk away now.

If you are thinking of inserting the alter-legend, “we have many soul-mates”, not just one –  you are still on the same path,  just a little further down the track.

You know what is said in this place:

No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road,
turn back

There is only one person who you need absolutely in your life.

It’s not God.

It’s not your father

It’s not your mother.

It’s not your lover.

It’s not your child.

It’s not your soul.

It’s not you.


This person is 100% dependent on you.

Without you
they die.

But without them you also will die – oh you’ll survive for a while, but slowly the vitality goes, the life dries up, the eyes dull & you …


…  sink to the surface.

Superficiality becomes your home.

Who is this person so dependent on you?

It is someone you will
never meet.

It is someone who can give you
more ‘love’
than any other being on this (or any) planet.

It is someone who can keep your path strong & true.

It is someone who will never seek to harm you,
because their existence completely depends
on you & the choices you are making.

This person is your future self.

If you do not have a living, breathing connection with this being, then you have absolutely nowhere to go, no direction in which to head.

Why do children have so much energy, so much drive?

Because they are rooted in who they are becoming. They are in a perpetual …


love-adoration affair
with their “future self”.

They may adore their parents, siblings or friends but no one has more non-stop reality to them than their future selves.

The terrible thing is that I think an awful lot of us suffered too long, too alone & too harshly & we lost touch with our self of the future.

The well that once nourished us,
all but dried up.

I think reconnecting with our future selves may be the most vital thing we can do for our present selves.

When you have a connection to who you want to become /what you want to experience, you create a spectacular tension …


… a tension that constantly seeks to ‘resolve’
& thus it takes you
with it.

If you have a future self, …

pic 1

… you have momentum.

Without a future self you are stuck in a state of inertia.

It is not the ‘love of your life’ or money, or fame that makes your life zing, it is the twang of releasing tension as you reach towards your future self.

This is the stuff of perpetual energy –
always reaching towards
the one who you give life to,

pic 3
& who gives life to you.

This self has NOTHING to do with who or where we are now – it CANNOT exist here with us, it lives in the future, it cannot breathe the ‘present air’. If we died tomorrow, it would die with us. That’s how vulnerable and dependent it is on us. But if we don’t go back to nourishing & watering it, our ‘futures’ will be desiccated.

What I’m talking about here is the most high art & alchemy used constantly …

mute daughters

… by all children – this is NOT the stuff of the adult world.

We are NOT talking about an older version of our present selves. If anything we are linking the child-self we once were to the future-self it longed to become, & bypassing our stuffy-zombified present selves. We let ourselves out to play & so rekindle our dreams.

This work involves constant sensory awareness, focused day-dreaming, inspired play, bold statements, fabulous future-talking, wish-researching & a goddamn respectful & electrically-charged connection to the us-to-be we long to make exist.

pic 2

What experiences do you want that self to have?

If you will pay just a little attention & respect I think you may find that your future self has many of the qualities of the child you once were. I find vulnerability, honesty, excitement, naughtiness & big, big dreams (shhhhhhh…).

Here’s the real kicker – the more I allow her to exist, the more I, in my tiny present self, contemplate what she wants, the braver, bolder  & naughtier I get. In the tension I have been creating I’m pushing through barriers that once seemed impassable as if they were made of cotton wool.

Were they always made of cotton wool & I couldn’t see …

cotton wool

… or is my in-tension & desire
changing their structure?

The future self is both unborn & grownup – it’s existence rests solely in our hands, in our decisions, in our taking responsibility for it, in our care for it.

Connect to it and you ignite yourself – there isn’t any going back …

pic 4

… once you’ve felt its
vulnerable magnificence.

Part of the significance of this post (if you deem it has such), might lie in what it does to the West’s obsession with relationships – it means, you see, that at the start of every healthy relationship, four people need enter into it, not two.

Two present selves AND two future selves.

This post is based in reality. Today I begin walking a path that would have been impossible had I not started building a connection to my future self – on my ‘own’ I simply did not have the momentum.

No one can create this relationship for you, or maintain it. There are no rules –

pic 2

… each person must work with themselves. Like any relationship it will be ongoing. But it’s power, which I have only slightly glimpsed, is immense.

One slight hint that might help in reconnecting – try to build up to saying ‘no‘ three times a day – not the “no”s that come easy, I mean the ones you have been ignoring for far too long.

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absolutely not: a podcast

It’s been a while since Sinead & I did a podcast.

As usual, however,
today’s timing …


… was perfect.

We discussed our yang-key society,


… the violence of the question,
the power of the no,
the softness of  …


… real conversation
even how
to leave your job with style.


Or listen to our podcast below:

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