absolutely not: a podcast

It’s been a while since Sinead & I did a podcast.

As usual, however,
today’s timing …


… was perfect.

We discussed our yang-key society,


… the violence of the question,
the power of the no,
the softness of  …


… real conversation
even how
to leave your job with style.


Or listen to our podcast below:

July 1, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Max replied:

    Good show, Alex and Sinead!

    I recommend to avoid looking at the images shown in the video below just to make room for creating your own associations while listening:

    A few years ago, I read on a German blog that we aren’t oversexed and underfucked, but oversexed and undertouched.

  2. Biggi replied:

    Wunderbar!!! Thank you both, Alex and Sinead!!!

  3. alex robinson replied:

    Germany comes up trumps again in responding :)

    Glad you enjoyed Max, thanks for the song, I followed your advice re the visuals.

    The over-sexed & under touched comment feels spot on – we need that printed out on bumper stickers :)


    Wonderful, thanks Biggi
    hugs to you also

  4. Minti replied:

    Yesss that was awesome! Thank you Alex & Sinead!

    Perfect timing indeed!


    • Sinead replied:

      I love that comment as well (oversexed and under touched) Thank you for listening guys!

  5. alex robinson replied:

    Minti – thank you, it is heartwarming to know that we are opening our hearts to other open hearts

  6. Kim Love replied:

    Great to hear your voices, I missed your chat, really enjoyed your conversation, my soul and mind was well nourished. Thanks Alex and Sinead x

  7. Max replied:

    Seems, like I played a trick on me with my memory.
    I actually can’t find that quote on that blog. So, the source is unknown to me.

  8. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Kim & very glad to hear that

    Hello Max, I understand your desire to give the correct origin. Funnily enough I heard something the other day by Edward de Bono, along the lines that, once an idea has been expressed/shared it belongs to everyone – I got a lot out of your ‘quote’ – I think it’s ‘time has come’, no matter where it originally came from.

  9. Cetus replied:

    Don’t know how I ended up here but loved the podcast, thank-you. I shall pop round again soon, cheerio

    • alex robinson replied:

      hello Cetus, glad you enjoyed :)
      apologies for delaying in posting this, it was caught in my the wordpress-spam-web

      very best to you

  10. serpentchannelzero replied:

    Finally, after switching to a more reliable internet provider I can actually listen to podcasts – hooray! Formerly known as mysticnihilist here on wordpress, but have had a journey take hold of me and am now starting a blog inspired by Tarot, with original music and sketches – I invite you to check in on it sometime.

    Excellent conversation here, and very pertinent to my journey. I was especially moved by the mention of kundalini; I wasn’t aware that there were 33 vertebrae in the spine. I just turned 33, and have embraced a title conferred on me in a dream (Channel of the Serpent). I have been thinking a lot about kundalini, because the Serpent-energy I am called to channel is basically the opposite of kundalini – the ouroboros (serpent devouring its tail). I received a violating kundalini release as a child (through sodomy), and I believe the rampant sodomizing of children and heavy emphasis on sodomy in the culture of the western world relates to this very yang Serpent energy. I believe the ouroboros, though yin-focused, has the potential to be a strong balance of yin and yang; I compare it to the power of a super-massive black hole which is so strongly internalized that it catalyzes outbursts of energy/light which surround it. There is a Norse mythical tradition that the ouroboros holds the universe together, which I find is an interesting correlation to the scientific trend of thought that our galaxy centers on a super-massive black hole…

    Keep digging, Alex and Sinead; you unearth treasures – and keep sharing!

  11. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks mystic serpent, & yes the digging does indeed continue. I have read that kundalini experience is often negative due to the unpreparedness of the ‘experiencee’, your ideas of it as yang energy are interesting – I am truly sorry for your horrific experience.

    very best to you on your future travels

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