high definition suncronicity

The title of the chapter I wrote for The Sync Book II 


The Colour of Suncronicity
was, of course,
a ‘typo’.

I had been typing ‘syncronicity’, but my finger hit ‘u’ instead of ‘y’.

The exquisite perfection of that unword for that article could not be denied, so it stayed.

In the beginning of this article, I mis-typed again.

So I’ve pondered the wisdom of giving this unword ‘suncronicity’, its own existence.

There were doubts. I have some serious concerns about how the sun is (mis) used in secretive circles.

Displayed in plain sight, but not mind, of our culture, lies a …


… glut of sun-focused sacrifice.

Combine any ritual …

two sun

… with a son/sun & watch while
body counts rise
death falls …


 from the sky.

Earlier I spoke with my Nigerian friend, remembering a conversation we’d once had where he’d mentioned that the greatest sacrifices seem to occur when the sun is …


… at its highest point.

My friend also talked of religions & how he believes their main purpose is to generate fear.

Now I’m wondering if sun worship is used specifically to trigger, generate & then maintain fear in this world.

Certainly, the sun does seem to be an …


… activating principle –
sweeping life into movement & flurry or fury.

My friend’s uncle who was a healer impressed upon him this most fundamental reality:

That which heals, can also kill

This most basic truth is something we consistently side-step in our search for cure-alls and absolute answers.

Perhaps it is time to consciously use what we have unconsciously acquiesced to for too long. Directing the energy of the sun according to our needs & not as directed by religions or others who know a lot more than we do.

So yes, let’s claim the word ‘suncronicity‘ for this place & all who use it,  It becomes a tool for our own strengthening & a framework for our expansion.

Of interest: I came across the following in the, often uncanny work, of astrologer, Anne Ortlee’s write up for today:

… The end is here. Sun squares Kronos so you approach the matter with delicacy but a deep understanding that things are shifting

At almost the same time, my friend Max, who played an unknown part in what follows, sent these words:

I can feel that there is a momentum A world collapsed and another one rises

In my life now, I feel exactly what Max is talking about.

So let’s flesh out our new word, suncroncity.

In our present world, ‘syncronicity‘ is a fast-growing buzz word.

And why not? It’s cheap & portable.

And like present-world sex, you get a …


… concentrated (& not particularly long-lasting), high.

Syncronicity is very much about YOU.

Suncronicity, on the other hand, doesn’t have a lot to do with highs & it’s not about you. That said it does have a lot to do with authorship:

An author is broadly defined as “the person who originated or gave existence to anything” and whose authorship determines responsibility for what was created

Suncronicity is the result of hard work, dedication & intention – you do not physically bring the syncing ingredients into reality, but you do author or instigate them, all the same.

The phenomenon of syncronicity is not independent from your action, but is an indirect outcome of your action. Had you not done your work, the miracle could not have been evoked. If you set your creative process in motion, dimensions beyond your control, but not your influence, will begin to emerge with startling regularity” ~ Robert Fritz

As is so often the case, Robert Fritz paints things very lucidly. I could almost have stopped there, but I’m going somewhere uncharted & that requires the creation of new words & ideas.

So let’s continue with suncronicity.

There is no ‘high’ or ‘wow’ feeling because, rather like the full force of the sun, it can leave you stunned & sunburned.

With suncronicity we are actively working towards generating change, creating clarity, healing – it’s so much bigger than our own lives – it is life working correctly for the advancement of life.

Very simplified we might call it ‘super-syncronicity with heart & fire’.

So let me quickly back up & then proceed with today’s tale.

A little while ago I told the story of a woman who died from pricking her finger with a needle. That article & every one since (& some before) are connected to something much bigger – an unwritten article.

That unwritten article seems to be putting down the roots it needs in order to exist.  Robert Fritz would call it structural tension.

What follows is both suncronicity & another root laid down …

Last week I took a couple of photos of window reflections for the Humanizenz site.

Only when I downloaded this one …


… did the image of ‘crucifixes’ appear consciously to me.

I posted the image under the title “Crucifying the Mind”.

Two days later, I randomly picked up the book Meaning-full Disease & took it to a cafe with me. Randomly I opened it & began to read:

I described one of Groddeck’s cases, a man with retinal (eye) haemorrhages originating in a traumatic incident to do with a crucifix

There was no buzz of excitement that you get with a nifty sync, instead my mind almost came to a halt & then glazed over. The author suggested I return to the full story of this man which was posted earlier in the book. The story:

… involved a man who, as a teenager; … was taught shoe-making …


… Among those who came to the shop was a certain …


blind man who all the village people called a blasphemer of God … (who) made an unforgettable impression on the boy. After a time (the boy) gave up shoe-making … for he was suffering from retinal haemorrhage, and the doctor warned him he must find some other work less trying to the eyes.

Years later he came to consult me … his eyes had gradually got worse … the oculist had told nothing more could be done for him. The retinal haemorrhage was continually starting anew …


autumn was the worst time for the haemorrhage, and he also suffered from great depression in the autumn  … I asked him whether anything serious had ever happened to him in October, but he said there was nothing.  As I was not convinced, I asked  him to name any number, and he gave me ‘eight‘. To my further question whether anything had happened to him when he was eight years old, he again replied in the negative.

At that point it occurred to me that he had told me how the blind man was called …


… a blasphemer of God, so I asked him whether he had ever blasphemed God. He laughed and said he had been a very pious child, but for many years now he had ceased to trouble himself about these things … Suddenly he stammered, grew pale and fell back in the chair unconscious.

When he came to himself again he fell weeping on my neck, saying” “Doctor, you are right, I am a blasphemer of God, just as the blind man was, of whom I told you, I have never told a single soul about, not even in confession, and now when I think of it, I find it almost unbearable. And you are right too about the autumn, and about my being eight years old.

It all happened in the autumn of the year I was eight. In my home district, which is strictly Catholic, there are wooden crucifixes on the borders between one village and another. At one such structure we, my brothers and I and a few other boys, were throwing stones, when I was so unfortunate as to …


… knock the figure of Christ from the crucifix so that it fell and broke in pieces. This is the most terrible experience of my whole life.

After their consultative relationship began, Groddeck and his patient explored together two episodes of eye haemorrhage, and found they related in one instance to getting off a tram at a place where  a crucifix stood, and in the other instance to the site of an iron cross worn by an ex-soldier.

This cleared up from that time, thirteen years ago, no haemorrhages have occurred. Yet now he is a book-keeper and must use his eyes more that most people

This real-life story was set in early twentieth century Germany. When I took my photo I had been thinking of Max, who is German, & that he’ might enjoy the image of the woman.

Meaning-Full Disease is a book that allows illness to have highly specific meanings for the person who experiences it. Through many examples it provides ‘proof’ enough to strongly suggest that illnesses tell a story.

I think the lesson of suncronicity today is take the story of the man with crucified eyes gently to heart. I know, I know it seems such a childish tale.

And that’s exactly it – It IS a childish tale.

And that is its enormous significance.

It shows us that what we figured out as children, can be the central organising principle of our lives.

At no point did this man’s adult body rebel & tell him to ‘grow up’ – instead it organised itself around this emotional ‘truth’ – wrapping around & shaping itself to it, giving it the same validity …


… that water does to a rock.

Even the healthiest of children often do not have access to the information they need when growing up, but children from trauma homes grow up in varying states of insanity, lies & betrayal – so they are forced into figuring out life from scraps, pain & fear. I hope you can get this:

Often out of great necessity, we figure out LIFE at young age & when we have figured it out enough so that we can keep living (in some twisted form or another), that ‘figured-out’ take on reality, becomes the central organising principle of our lives.

I think all the fucked up bits in our lives that we try & try to change & then ‘seem’ to fail, are actually working perfectly in tandem with this core figuring out.

Your suncronicity mission today, if you choose to accept it, is to return to your childhood, gently, & figure out what your child self figured out about life long ago.

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  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    I absolutely loved this read Alex while enjoying my “Mind, Body & Soul” (yes that’s what it’s called) coffee this morning! Suncronicity! I love it.

    Robert Fritz’s works always amaze me and the structural tension, when people “get it” is the life force behind Creativity and your own Creations.

    Thanks for sharing the stories. I know we all have traumatic childhood stories and some that probably have buried so deeply they do not remember. This hodge podge method of life certainly is not conducive to healing, little scraps here and there….but then comes an article like this to make you gain perspective…

    and put the Sun where in belongs! :-)

    Cheers my friend!


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Michael :)
      Yes, our hodge podge ‘method of living’ is more conducive to death than life.
      Get very well very soon my dear.


  2. Barb replied:

    Thanks to you, I did precisely that, with the help of Alice Miller. Talk about sunchronicity. Everything you’ve written this last year relates almost exactly to what I’ve studied this last year!

    The eyes, wow, where you start with this complex organ. Here it goes:
    (Courtesy of the German New Medicine, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer http://www.learninggnm.com)

    The eye is composed of all tissue/germ layers. For example, the iris and choroid muscle are formed first when we are an embryo and are controlled by the brain stem and cerebellum (endoderm). This part of the brain produces most of the digestive and reproductive system. The seat of our most basic, instinctive and drives.
    Having been formed along with the digestive system, the iris and choroid operate using peristalsis, and yup, sphincter muscles, which regulate the amount of light that comes into the eye. The psychic/emotional conflict that would impact thus part of the eye, is what we learned to call a “light morsel” conflict shock. There is some distress in relation to literal light. Sometimes, there is too much, and these parts of the eye works to rid itself of the light morsel. Just like our digestive tract works.

    In the case of that awesome example/story you referenced, the retina, fovea centralis and vitreous body are controlled by the visual cortex. These come from the last and most sophisticated germ layer(ectoderm) that is formed in our development in the womb. The conflicts too becomes more complex, and figurative.The signal received from the lens gets interpreted by the optic nerve.
    The eight year old boy suffered an obvious visual shock. The conflict related to the retina is, get this “a fear that hangs over the head.” The retina responds with a degree of macular degeneration/hemorrhage. The point is the body is working to help you RESOLVE the conflict, water/inflammation surround the tissue to help you HEAL. We can usually do this with minimal impact to the eye, however, we are surrounded by literal figurative TRIGGERS, that set off the conflict subconsciously all over again. Just like the the boy, now older, i.e.seeing the crucifixes, or symbolic shapes of it. If the degree of conflict is so severe, we can’t completely resolve it, or are constantly triggered by reminders, then yeah, we can go blind.
    I do believe that we were designed by Nature to self-regulate. Our body knows this and has all the fail-safe measures in place to get us back on track. That’s what symptoms are for; they occur during our and for our healing.
    However, a lot of us just can’t fully heal; we’ve been that traumatized. And because that’s where the literal and psychic/emotional pain is, during the healing phase, we just can’t do it; sometimes it just too damn hard. We need help.
    Alex, We need more people like you to help us SEE ourselves as we truly are. That’s the real intervention we need.



    • alex robinson replied:

      Thank you Barb, I need to take time to digest this – it is very potent I feel.
      My mother developed macular degenaertion in the last years of her life. She also became obsessed by her neighbour who she believed was doing all sorts of things to control her world. What’s interesting is that her neighbour had a facial deformity – I wonder how much this sparked off something deeper. Just before I came here I was reading this site – which I’d found while looking for info to help a friend

      (scroll down to “About Body-Mind, Soul and Spirit”)

      “All this pervades the descendents and brings them in an emotional state, which they don’t remember experiencing at all. We can frequently see how, in families, children reflect their parents, as if they are looking in the mirror. The characteristics that they have taken from their parents or some distant ancestor may include the tendency toward depression, fear, self-criticism, lack of conscience, self-rejection, etc. ”

      To return to my mother’s story, what’s interesting for me is that I have felt extremely comfortable wit her neighbour, almost a kinship – I can get a lot of pain in my head & one side of my face, I have a ‘felt’ memory of the effect of something my mother said to me which felt as if she had struck me in the side of the head with a frozen leg of ham (don’t know where that comes from).

      So your info makes me wonder much more about the hidden or long past effects of trauma thro’ generations & on how many levels do we ‘see or feel things’ that can drive us crazy & yet have no conscious understanding of them at all. How much are we living out long-dead yet very much still alive, stories?

      Thanks for this


      • Barb replied:

        Thank you for this and I’m to glad read that it resonates.
        I think what that article is getting at something like gene memory or the study of epigenetics. I haven’t looked at this research yet, but there is something there, definitely. What I do know is that it is possible to feel the conflict for others, anyone with whom we will form an emphatic connection. Usually family, but not always. An energetic link is formed between the psyche, brain and organ simultaneously.


      • alex robinson replied:

        Excellent Barb, yes I think we need to widen our thinking to allow the possibilities of ages old family trauma being rekindled thro each generation. AM working on more ideas so will leave that here for now.


  3. serpentchannelzero replied:

    Love this. I did my homework before you gave the assignment this time. My recent revelations have been from my child-self, as a very dear friend and I are unraveling the gender-stories that have ravaged our psyches. I am reclaiming the word “sissy” as I work toward sculpting my body away from scrawniness. I realized that I have believed that being a sissy (which I like to think of as shorthand for a sister-boy or brother-sister) means I must look and act like the derogatory implications of the word “sissy” – that I must be frail, easily dominated, intimidated and self-effacing. Of course, it goes deeper. One of my earliest memories is the childhood dream of being given 3 wishes; my first, and ONLY, wish was that I had been born female. As I turned, in the present, toward making use of my testosterone and sculpting a more stereotypically “male” physique, I felt I had to make peace with my child-self and his/her wish of seeming feminine. It was then that the key turned in the lock, and I saw that the only reason I had formed that wish was that I felt the WORLD would accept and understand me in a female body. In fact, my child-self watched boys and men with the question “Why can’t I be that?” He didn’t know then, as I do now, that he could – that I can. What my child-self figured out is that society says that boys go with girls. Whereas some homosexual children take that lesson and deny their same-sex longing, my child-self determined that to be a girl meant that he could live the dream of being with a boy.

    Here’s something else I’ve been meaning to share with you. You’ve written about the importance of connecting to the future self. I have begun writing letters to my future self – with the intention of reviewing them much later and responding to them. In fact, I keep 2 journals now: in one, I write with my non-dominant left hand (a skill I have developed over the last 5 years or so), and I write letters to my past-self; in the other, I write with my right hand, letters to my future self. I cannot testify enough to the transformative power of these rituals. I feel the thread connecting my experiences, tangibly; I am better able to make peace with my past, and I am less afraid of the future. I wanted to share this with you as a suggestion for your own journey, and in hopes that you may share the suggestion with others.

    One final comment, on suncronicity. Thank you for giving a name to this experience. My friend and I have both been experiencing this inner certainty of faith in the future; while we experience plenty of sycronicity, there is also an inner peace that has less need for outside events to confirm it – a feeling of being firmly enough rooted into the pattern of healing that the sometimes-chaotic upheavals involved in getting free are no longer disruptive. This is what I associate with suncronicity – being tapped into the source of one’s power and experiencing an abiding certainty in the work one is doing.

    Many blessings to your journey, and Thank You.


    • suliwebster replied:

      I love that idea of left connecting with past, and right connecting to future. As if our body is a channeling object, almost like a signpost with two arms sticking out. I think its just as important to visit the past as the future, and also value the present. I also think our future and past selves coexist, that time is a trick. So by writing to your future and past selves, you are healing the past, and helping create the future. And if you heal your past self, then your present self will be in a lot better state, because it has a better starting point.
      Everything can be healed.


      • serpentchannelzero replied:

        Exactly, suliwebster. Thank You for the reply! I used to be torn between living in the past emotionally and living in the future intellectually; the result was that neither my mind nor emotions could function in the present moment, which is where the work must be done. It was a very organic process that the left and right aligned themselves with past and future. When I decided to start keeping a journal again, I decided I would write solely with my left hand – I wanted to strengthen my left-handed writing, and also I have heard that writing with the non-dominant hand helps to balance out the brain and can give voice to the subconscious and unconscious. Eventually, I felt I wanted to keep a right-handed journal as well. I began that journal as letters to a Friend in the future that I would never meet; after a few letters, I realized that it was my future self that I was writing to. Once I had that realization, I decided that I also should address my past self and that’s when I changed the focus of my left-handed journal. I’ve only been writing to these to selves directly for a week or two, but the change in my perspective is profound. It’s as if my past and future have been speaking to me (and each other) all this time, and by addressing them I am joining in a dialogue which was already in existence. I feel more connected to myself and my life, and I am much more aware of my potential and power.


      • suliwebster replied:

        Da vinci wrote notebooks in mirror writing, going right to left. I guess he was experimenting with similar ideas. Whatever tasks you do, your daily rituals, no matter how seemingly small, they program your mindset somehow. Maybe I will give it a go myself, thankyou.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thank you for your story mr serpent.

      The more I look at this the more obvious it becomes – we expend so much time and energy rejecting & ejecting the children we once were because on so many levels we have been taught to see them as weak and contemptible & yet they have decided our future because of what they figured out about life – the only way forward surely is to return, & ally ourselves with them. To develop not only compassion but a fuckload of pride in their very best effort to keep this self we are now alive & moving forward in what was often the most inhumane, heartless & confusing of circumstances.

      Also you might find the link I gave to Barb of interest – we may have to expand our understanding of our individual identity to encompass the family stories that run thro’ us.

      Thank you for sharing your writing methods – these sound intriguing & wise. It is wonderful to see that you have already been heard by others – that is the power of verbal medicine!


      • serpentchannelzero replied:

        Nice. Thank you for directing me to that link. I am brought to mind of the scientific theory that the universe is indeed holographic – that any aspect or particle or whatnot carries within it the entire universe-story. I think the human story, or perhaps more accurately the story of consciousness, is a universe of universes within the Grand Universe. So what we are dealing with is healing a personal trauma which is reflective of a tribal/familial trauma, which is itself reflective of a human-wide trauma, etc; and so I wonder – is God sick? I ask that nearly in jest; I’m not sure that I believe in an Ultimate Mind…

        Y’know, I was terrified to write to my past self. It wasn’t that I held any resentment, but I saw how very vulnerable and fragile he was/is, and I didn’t want to hurt him in any way. Yet recognizing and remembering that fragility actually gave me the courage to write him, and once I began – timidly – I found an immense welling of gratitude and, yes, pride. That he carried the seed of me through literal hell is an absolute miracle, and I will continue to feed him that message. And I will continue to share what I find and feel and use along my journey – it is a pleasure. :)

        Thank you for your work and your words, and I mean this truly, Alex: I love you.


      • alex robinson replied:

        mr serpent, I am touched. I found myself with a similar feeling of what is called “love” the other day toward someone who is helping me. When we strip all the bs romantic crap out of the way I think what we can see is deep appreciation for a person that actively wants us to live WELL. It’s very sad that this should be so rare, & quite often it seems it has to come from outside the sphere of people that we normally associate in. from what I have seen in my life, families can be the very worst place to seek that support – its so important that this be understood, or we might waste our whole lives in a futile attempt to find something that never has & never will, exist.


  4. Darren B replied:

    Re: “Syncronicity is very much about YOU.”
    Great post Alex and sunchronicity (I thought that was how you Kiwis pronounce “synchronicity anyway.-) is a good way to look at an old and frequently misunderstood word through a new lens,as an old writer like Proust might say.
    Whilst synchronicity is about you (me) it is mainly about how YOU connect to the other YOUs who think it is about them and like the sun,synchronicity shines on us all.Just because you might be under a cloud,or on the other side of the earth doesn’t mean it’s not shining still.
    So I can see where sunchronicity might be a good way for some people to look at the phenomena. To me sync is like the six degrees of separation principle and none of us are any more important than any other one of us,whether you happen to be the Pope,Brad Pit,Mick Jagger or Santa…alright,I know one of them is not a real person,so forget about the Pope.-)
    Synchronicity I see as a connecting principal where it connects you to others,or their work and so on like a domino effect.It’s like the game Chinese Whispers in a way,where a message is past down the line to you to go through you and onwards.People get lost with synchronicity when they start thinking they where special because the message got to them through an unlikely chain of messages and think that they where the end point of the message instead of just one more link where they are meant to do some work and pass it on to others.
    That’s why I like reading books like the SYNC book,because it’s like getting 26 people out of a Chinese Whispers line and asking them what they thought “the message” means to them…and fun to watch how they will interpret that message through their own lens of their own life experiences and beliefs.
    Sunchronicity / Synchronicity.Tomato / Tomato,it’s the same thing to me.
    The sun shines on us all,as does sync,none of us are anymore important than any other,but some do have better tans from exposing themselves to it more,while some get cancer from too much of it and too little protection,while others are so afraid of the sun that they get Vitamin D deficiency because they won’t venture into it.
    Good post and good new word,but there is nothing new under the sun don’t forget,so I’ll stick with synchronicity.


    • alex robinson replied:

      When it comes to things that can be understood on many levels then we need more words or pictures or stories, not less. Part of the reason for this article is the great pleasure of seeing that we can create words (or pictures or stories) if they suit us at a particular time (or in this particular place). Nothing is set in concrete, but it does helps if we play on the same page :)


  5. suliwebster replied:

    Very interesting Alex. My thinking is also going along the theme of retracing and going back at the moment. That THE WAY is to GO BACK. That is how you find out the truth of where you came from and how you got here, or how we got here.
    I also wrote a post about Illuminating Illness, how illness propels you into a voyage of discovery, and how it happens because you need it to happen.
    I am also noticing that as well as HIGH NOON, there is a corresponding moonchronicity of HIGH TIDE.
    And chrone is also crone, the old hag, the wise woman, and you are a very wise woman Alex, maybe a SunCrone. (Not sure why the words crone and hag are so despised, must be our world of anti-wsidom and stay forever young).


    • alex robinson replied:

      I think maybe we have to use both directions – past and future. So much seems to come back to us directing our lives, or life itself, consciously at least if if we want to experience the great possibilities of this human experience.
      Yes I think illness does create a voyage of discovery if you use it consciously as opposed to drugging it.
      Nice spot on High tide.
      Funnily enough I started out blogging with the name wisewoman – it was a “foolish” joke that let me stretch toward something I might not otherwise have had the courage reach for.


      • suliwebster replied:

        I think the future is good too, but maybe we are being overherded to future and cut off from past, as if time is a one way straight ahead street. So maybe I am trying to stretch time to go other ways too.
        I love these coincidences “wisewoman” !


      • alex robinson replied:

        Stretching seems to be a really good practice to keep things limber & yes the coincidences can be fun :)


  6. Max replied:

    Very nice read again, Alex!

    I was indeed unaware of this astrological thing, you shared here.

    While I am writing this it is October the 3rd which is in Germany also “German Unity Day”. Today, the weather was very sunny in Berlin, by the way. ;-)

    Yeah, I like “Crucifying the Mind” so much that I am using it as Facebook banner.

    So I’m going to figure out some stuff…


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