crumbs or crucifixion (the genuine article)

I want to explore the idea that we are in the midst of Ragnarok:

In Norse mythology, Ragnarök is a series of future events, including a great battle foretold to ultimately result in the death of

rag na rock

… a number of major figures (including the gods Odin, Thor, Týr, Freyr, Heimdallr, and Loki) …  Afterward, the world will resurface anew and fertile, the surviving and returning gods will meet, and the world will be repopulated by two human survivors

Funny how the story …


… never changes.

Funny how a god is ‘no thing’ without …


… “his children“.

So we’ll play with the idea that every civilisation has been based upon the parental model & that humanity has been detained at the level of ‘domesticated children’ for eons.

I suggest that continuing down this road will prove lethal to humanity.

I further suggest that this time of Ragnarok is brought about precisely because humanity has reached this deadly overload point & can no longer sustain the “parent model“.

Today’s theory proposes that all history (as far back as it seems traceable) has seen human adults held in a state of perpetual infancy via the parent model, through:

  • all religions
  • all leadership / political practices
  • all ‘work ethos
  • all science / expert knowledge
  • all family structures
  • all ‘entertainment’
  • all love / romantic ideals / modern sexual ‘freedom’

etc, etc, etc …

Has there ever been a time when humans have not lived in a position of …

looking up

 looking up
(to beings who were ‘bigger’ than them)?

We have looked up to:

religious figures
“great” writers, artists, thinkers
mythological heroes or heroines
romantic heroes or heroines
etc …

Why have we done so much …


looking up?

You might be tempted to say that these beings/people provided ‘inspiration’ to humanity, to become like them – yet how many ‘ordinary’ folk have been able to use these super-beings as the springboard for their own phenomenal growth?

Bugger all.

Most people stay where we are dazzled by the glare of these ‘great ones’ & simply watch in awe (or horror) as their future is designed for them.

This is exactly what life is like for a child under the ages-old ‘parent programme regime’.

If you are raised in such a tradition, is it really likely that you would ever be able to throw off such ‘training’ when you ‘become an adult’?

Of course not.

We are the species of …


… ‘human look-upers‘.

We are suffering from terminal IPS – Impacted Parent Syndrome.

During childhood when we should have been creating clear maps of ourselves, we overlaid large portions of our parents & their unhealed trauma onto ‘our landscape’.

We have been prevented from separating from our parents & this has left us travelling down wrong roads & going round in circles.

Separation is the foundation of a effective life.

Relationship to anything or anyone is only possible, if you have achieved …



If your dinner was fused to your plate how could you experience eating it?

The foundation for a relationship of any kind is separation … If separation is required to establish relationships, then how is it ever possible to have a relationship with yourself? This is a superb question in an age in which you are encouraged to become one with yourself, integrate yourself & …

one yes

… attain transcendental wholeness … It can seem like heresy to talk of separation with these people who are working diligently to end any form of separation …

seeing clearly

…  Yet it is necessary to master the principle of separation if we are to create the lives we want to create.

You are separate from the raw material of your life, which includes your circumstances, your experiences, your feelings, your opinions, your desires, your past, and your present … but it will be hard to move with the same ease … that painters have as they move toward & away from their canvases … if you can only stand close to yourself. Most people stand so close to themselves

too close

that they often confuse who they are with what they have done, are doing, or might do in the future.~ Robert Fritz

One way to separate from something is by saying NO to it i.e: 

No, you are not me & I am not you“.

Let’s clarify the use of the phrase (perpetual) infancy as used earlier in this post:

infant (n.) late 14c., “child during earliest period of life” … use of adjective meaning “not able to speak“.

Language is at the heart of our human experience. It’s a magnificently intricate subject, yet I think if we took it back to it’s most primal purpose, we might end up with the …

yes and no

verbal binary code
‘YES’ & ‘NO’

What if every course we are on, every decision we make & rolls runs along the…

yes track

… tracks of a YES. 

YES = no impediment
YES = ‘go ahead’
YES ‘allows’
YES becomes our reality

In the beginning, ‘the word’ must have been …



Our lives roll along this YES track & even though we may not like something, as long as we do not establish ,or construct, a NO, then by default, we say YES.

Objection and opposition …

not no

… never
= NO

We change direction when we give birth to a NO.


NO allows us to interrupt our default course
and ‘re-route’.

Let’s play with the idea that almost every road we have travelled has been a default road because we have lived on a diet of …


highly-processed ‘YES’s.

From the word go we have been directed into becoming
“YES men & women”.

Annuit cœptis …


… is one of two mottos on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States … it is literally translated, “He approves of the undertakings” or “He has approved of the undertakings

does that
NEED to be there?

Start paying attention (it won’t be hard to find) – to everywhere your ‘agreement’ is sought, your signature (your YES) is required, your vote is necessary, your presence is called for – look for all the ways your YES is constantly pulled out of you.

Ask yourself, “Why is that?”

I think it may have to do with keeping you away from developing the power of your NO.

It’s important to understand that a conscious NO is actually a form of YES – but a supremely conscious YES:

Saying No means, first of all, saying Yes! to yourself and protecting what is important to you … “I did it because I thought If you don’t speak up now, you’ll have no self-respect!” … The key to a Positive NO is respect. What distinguishes a positive No from accommodation is that you give respect to yourself and what is important for you”  – The Power of a Positive No ~ William Ury

Let’s suggest that without the NO we are unable to create the necessary separation & space & between ourselves & our default course – i.e. the repeat pattern of our parents/ancestors programme.

F M Alexander, the creator of the Alexander Technique, understood the use of the NO in changing direction, he called it “inhibition

all those who wish to change something in themselves must learn… to inhibit their immediate reaction to any stimulus to gain a desired end’ and in order to …


… stop falling back ‘upon the familiar sensory experiences of their old habitual use  … they must continue this inhibition whilst they employ the new direction of their use‘.

Like a good fellow, stop the things that are wrong first‘.

Animals use this NO/’inhibition’ to superb advantage:

inhibition is the action an animal hunter might do to strategically choose ...

powerful inhibition

… the exact moment to spring for prey. It involved stopping the urge to instantly and instinctually satisfy its natural hunger by ..


… prematurely jumping too soon ineffectively

It is creating a small fraction of time that gives you the opportunity not to be in constant ‘excitation-mode’ all the time

We could see perpetual YESsing as being in this 


constant excitation-mode’.

And we could see our Western Culture as the biggest YES Civilistion to have ever existed.

Everything is engineered or provided –

aye aisle

… all we need to do is

In particular I would like to suggest that we are saying YES to remaining infants.

“YES PLEASE can someone else:


… make decisions for us,

protect and serve

… protect us,

aye aisle

… feed us …

dress us

… dress us
(or tell us what to wear),


… entertain us,

how to live

… tell us how to live,

pre corpsulator

… make us well,

dying time

tell us how to die,

next life

… look after us in the next life.

This all leads me to wonder if Jehovah’s secret name/energy might be ‘YES‘.

Let us play.

Jehovah, being a male-only creator did not have access to the feminine secret name/energy of the NO & so he tricked Eve into using it. This collision of male-female word power sparked the birth of this place that we have been trapped in ever since.

If my play-theory was true, that would make Eve’s NO energy

no tree

… the “fruit” of the Tree of Good and Evil.

If we stood far enough back from today’s …

rag na rock

… Ragnarok theme, I think we would notice a circular path.

Surely we must be at the …

you are here

…Ouroboros mouth-to-tail connection stage.

It is time for the cycle to be restarted again. The snake must be made to clamp on to his tail once more – to ensure another ‘x thousand years’ of humanity trapped in a crushing regime.

This suggests that the YES & NO /-  King/Queen – mother/father – are very powerful now. And that they are being powerfully stage-managed.

Did you do your homework, did you notice how often parents are mentioned? Did you notice how the parental message is used?  

A vast amount of tv programmes & movies are drowning in parental themes or sub-stories – I never used to notice, now I’m left speechless. It’s like a massive advertising campaign for the sanctity of parents.


I suggest that the new royal baby & the constant attention focused on his parents is part of this process – we are being steered into calling for a continuation of rule/’minding’ by parents

We are being asked to agree to stay as their symbolic children. Anyone with even a little common sense can see that all Kings & Queens are simply symbolic parents.

Odin, the ALL-FATHER, may die, but he will simply
be replaced.

keeplooking up


I’ll leave you with another example of the hidden YES within our civilisation.

There may be another reason why sex has been pushed so hard
down the throats of recent generations,
you see
sex …


a …

yes reversed

secret name too.

I think we are at a great cross roads. & we have the chance of becoming ‘wild’.

But that requires us to give up our parents & go forward into a future that has no history – we have lived so long as perpetual infants that there is no guidance for this.

Do we need a God Father (F+EARth) or a God Mother?  

Only children need parents / guardians.

I don’t know what created the Parental Control Programme, yet it seems to be a structure that fatally weakens the spine or “No” principle.

At each important turn in the growth of a child, or civilisation great efforts are made to get the victim, subject, individual to “acquiesce


acquiesce (v.)  1610s, from Middle French acquiescer (16c.), from Latin acquiescere “to become quiet

I am left in a very strange place as I finish this post & I can not, & will not, give you any answers.

You see if the NO/feminine energy is necessary to reconfigure the ouroboros – then here am I, a female (an Eve), tempting you. This takes us back to discernment & why I wrote my last article.

You don’t need anyone to give you your answers or ‘lead’ you.

All I can suggest is that you practice using your own mind on a daily basis – practice saying NO so you can create a future of conscious YESs.


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fook sorry!

I accidentally published my unfinished article without realising – will be back with ‘crumbs or crucifixion’ …


(with pictures)
& making a lot more sense, soon

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a one week, pre-article challenge

You are cordially invited to make the work for my
upcoming staggering article

by undertaking …


… a one-week challenge.

I’m guessing you do at least some of the following:


  • watch tv
  • follow the ‘news’
  • read books and / or magazines
  • go to the movies
  • use social networking
  • chat / pass the time with friends / colleagues / neighbours

What I’d like you to do, is pay attention to how often ‘parents’ are mentioned & in what context. Take note of your feelings at these times.

If you think you ‘know’ what this is about don’t even bother trying, you will have already closed your mind.

If you can maintain a state of curiosity for one week, we may soon …

this way

… take a journey you will never forget.

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