fook sorry!

I accidentally published my unfinished article without realising – will be back with ‘crumbs or crucifixion’ …


(with pictures)
& making a lot more sense, soon

November 11, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Max replied:

    It was a nice read, though. :-)

    I’m curious which pictures you are going to use, Alex.

    • alex robinson replied:

      haha – you know how that “publish” button is so near to “save to draft” …

      there’s much more to go in & lots to come out – I just chuck everything that interests me in there over a period of time & then carve it out while always getting new ideas as I go – so it will probably be significantly different & pics of course change everything

  2. Clare replied:

    Aw Alex thank god for that! i had the feeling it was a draft and wanted to ask but i was too sheepish to step out and say it in case it wasn’t.

    i was so close to feeling you were losing you’re mind a little and were having a breakdown. “She’s gone over the edge into insanity, she’s lost her coherence”… silly :)

    nice to get a window into your process though

    • alex robinson replied:

      hahahaha I must admit when I saw what had happened I did think it must look like either of those two options. I had often thought it would be so easy to hit the “publish” button by mistake & yet perhaps all is exactly as it is meant to be. I can understand also with the topics I am working with & the fear we have of expressing them that it would be easy to think ‘I’m losing it’ rather than the reality which is that I’m getting stronger & clearer by the day.

      When I had access to a printer I used to print all my notes out & carry them round with me to mull over in cafes but for a long time now I have just thrown everything relevant or thought provoking into the blog directly & that is my canvas

      best to you

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