The Hidden Agendas meets toolonginthisplace

Many of you may remember Michael Skaggs’ blog …


… ‘The Hidden Agendas”.

Michael pulled out of the blogging scene some years ago but we have remained firm friends.

Today we got together for an especially good conversation that should stimulate a variety of new thoughts ..


… & directions.

A word of warning: Due to undiscovered technical difficulties, Michael & I were recorded at different volume levels – you will have to adjust to what suits you best while practicing your ability to sit with ‘discomfort’.


Or listen to our podcast below:

November 29, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Thank you for hosting me on your blog Alex! I had a wonderful time. I hope we can do it again sometime.


    • alex robinson replied:

      was a real pleasure my friend – the quality of sound may not be so great, but the quality of conversation was superb – THANK YOU!

  2. recoveringmetalhead replied:

    A great conversation, thanks to Alex and Michael.
    You spoke of grain, early farming, the change to staying put year round, and the small intestine. I am almost done reading a book that speaks of all these subjects and I highly recommend it. The title is “Wheat Belly” and the author is William Davis, MD. It is touted as another weight loss book but is much more.

    Alex, you spoke of the rather cold relationships that can sometimes develop over the internet. When we find common interests among our internet contacts we feel a “high” which which I think has much to do with the “enlightened witness” which is so powerful. I think one of the reasons that we sometimes feel so good about it is because it is in such stark contrast to the rather empty feeling of so many conversations that we have in everyday life.
    I have frequently descibed my own childhood as an “emotional desert”. I was also very shy and quiet. For me, the very act of leaving a thoughtful comment or any form of interaction was like climbing a mountain. It is so damned easy to forget that the person on the other end is an entirely different person who may place an entirely different level of importance on the content of the conversation. One sip of water makes you want to guzzle a coulple gallons.
    For instance my internet presence is almost zero from April to November because of work. I have freqently been the guy who leaves the conversation without considering what it may mean on the other end and have had it done to me many times.

    I have been without a television for around six years now. Because, as a child, the television was my best freind by far, I still to this day find myself sometimes wanting to sit down and push one button and let someone else do all the thinking and talking. Interestingly if I watch a movie or if I watch many hours of same or similar videos on youtube my dreams that night will have many similarities to the point where there is no doubt where they came from. I think that if television filled traumatically caused gaps for us as children it greatly strengthens the addiction because we experienced so many positive emotions while watching.

    Take care Alex!

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hello Dave & welcome back :)
      Your comments often hold great insights & honesty, & I’m very grateful for that – I’m sure they are of use to those who stop by here.

      The book you suggested sounds interesting – I think there may be a lot more to the topic I touched on & thinking about it some more because of your comment has led to new insights.

      I would suggest your term ’emotional desert’ also speaks of neglect – until this topic was brought to my attention, I didn’t give ‘neglect’ any thought – it seemed so insubstantial, so ‘no thing’ – but it is a huge “something” – perhaps we might equate it to a parental or societal ‘NO’ to the child’s existence – multiple acts of negating the life force of the child. Huge jail sentences are meted out to those who steal money, but those who steal the life force of a child have diplomatic immunity.

      Agreed about tv – I was a kind of addict – it was consolation, companionship, the dream of being loved of having a life of being made real. Somewhere along the way I saw how, as a (cough) ‘family’ we were required to ‘gather together’ each evening & watch the same ‘programmes’ – little zombies gathered in a smoke-choked room. As an act of defiance & proof that you can live without tv, I spent my 4 1/2 months of incarceration as an anorexic, in a tiny glass cubicle without one. But still I return to watching something before bed, as you say there are strong ties to this thing that was sometimes your only ‘friend’.

      very best to you

  3. Upsaciman replied:

    Thanks for another great podcast Alex! I hope you’ll have Michael on again some time, and ask him about his old blog postings that were mysteriously removed, I’m incredibly curious to know what they were.

    • alex robinson replied:

      A pleasure :)
      Michael & I will certainly be doing more podcasts & we can vertainly address your question then

  4. Michael Skaggs replied:


    I meant to answer this sooner!

    When I was blogging, I went down many deep dark rabbit holes, when I started digging up dirt of Ray Kurzweil, and his Transhumanist Agenda, backed by Presidential funds, stories started to vanish.

    I had also stumbled across a rather strange phenomenon with NASA Hubble Telescope photos with certain Nebulae. I had been revealing hidden occult symbols in Fantasy Artwork specifically Dungeons & Dragons hard cover books when I decided to try my method on NASA telescope photos. (Back around that time UFO spottings were high and in the news). I wasn’t specifically looking for anything in particular but what was revealed was freakish. Those vanished as well.

    I was never sure if someone had hacked my blogger account or it was simply them thinking it was copyrighted material (what YouTube tends to do a lot) or something more, but it was never discovered. It was about that time I decided too many dark endless rabbit holes and immolated The Hidden Agendas.

    Hope that made sense!


  5. Max replied:

    It’s intriguing to see how Bill Gates mentioned health care as a means for reducing population growth in one of his TED speeches.

    Ran Prieur posted some excerpts from a rant against TED:

    “[…] TED’s version has too much faith in technology, and not nearly enough commitment to technology. It is placebo technoradicalism, toying with risk so as to re-affirm the comfortable. “Innovation” defined as moving the pieces around and adding more processing power is not some Big Idea that will disrupt a broken status quo: that precisely is the broken status quo.”

    Ran Prieur’s, in my view nice fitting, conclusion is:

    “Basically it’s a wealthy techno-optimist circle jerk.”

  6. Sophia G replied:

    Anyone knows if the blog is still up?

    • AMComix NZ replied:

      Unfortunately, the Hidden Agendas was immolated…however, I believe I still have the Hidden Agendas 2 rights on WordPress ( I haven’t checked in awhile…). I had thought of doing some posts recently, but Alex and I have been moving pretty fast since this post! Thanks Sophia!

      • Sophia G replied:

        If you could send a link to the ’hidden agendas 2’ that would be great!

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