holiday homework

In preparation for a new article (codename: Wheat Heart) …


I’d like you to begin paying attention
to all things connected
to ‘grain‘.

As I don’t watch tv so I’d be interested in how grain (bread, cereal, cake etc) is projected out into the world via advertisement.

Also notice
its use in …

corn fight

… movies & tv programs.

Please keep a wide focus, rather than getting bogged down in detail or diet concerns – we need to begin by exploring all that is out there.

Feel free to leave comments here
about anything that strikes you as interesting.

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another satanic poster

Some of you may remember an article I wrote on ‘satanic advertising posters‘ a while back.

That name sprang to mind when I first started noticing them …


… about five years ago.

I’m short-sighted, which means that when I look at things in the distance they appear blurry or unclear to me. I guess it is because of this that my mind shows me the shape it first makes out, rather than the one that clear-sighted people see.

Here is the poster for the hyped new movie …

nothing to see here

… The Butler.

I’m sure you can see the back of a man as he gazes out over a crowd gathered upon a lawn.

That however, was not what my short-sighted eyes saw,
when our paths crossed recently.

Instead they highlighted …

demon butler

… a skull

They weren’t looking to see it you understand, they were just out for a walk with me & we happened to pass by a cinema.

Anyway I think there’s enough evidence in the drapery to allow you a personal experience of 2% doubt.

The curtains & flags are a vital.

They draw the outline & provide the subconscious with, the subtle clues that create this skull in your mind, but not your consciousness.

Look at the position & height of …


… the curtain ‘tie backs’.

Forest Whitaker is approx 6’2″ (1.88m) – this makes the placement of tie backs up around …

tie backs

… the 7′ mark.

As opposed to the …

tied back

… normal placement
(in the movie).

Lets return to what my eyes saw …
remember it can’t be so obvious
or everyone would see it.

demon butler

This is
subtle manipulation

Notice the placement of the …

eye eye

… ‘eye sockets’
– the crowd & buildings creates a ‘sense’ of them.

However by themselves this would not be strong enough – so help is given to the mind’s eye via …

eye socketed

… the circular symbol on the flag placed ‘just so’.
On the opposite side the red & white stripes end abruptly at the same level,
directing the mind’s eye to see, & yet not see.

As ALWAYS with these “satanic posters”, the words form the …

nothing to see here

… “bony” teeth.

Try standing back from your screen & blurring your eyes, I don’t think you’ll find it hard to see.

“I don’t know why they do this, & I’m sure they’d trot out some quickly swallowed answer if they were put on the spot.

I don’t like it, so that’s why this short post exists – to offer 2% doubt.

But for goodness sake
take or leave according to
your own discernment.

additional: sparked by a comment from roobeedoo I spotted two clown-like figures …

clowning around

… in the ‘eye sockets’

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