another satanic poster

Some of you may remember an article I wrote on ‘satanic advertising posters‘ a while back.

That name sprang to mind when I first started noticing them …


… about five years ago.

I’m short-sighted, which means that when I look at things in the distance they appear blurry or unclear to me. I guess it is because of this that my mind shows me the shape it first makes out, rather than the one that clear-sighted people see.

Here is the poster for the hyped new movie …

nothing to see here

… The Butler.

I’m sure you can see the back of a man as he gazes out over a crowd gathered upon a lawn.

That however, was not what my short-sighted eyes saw,
when our paths crossed recently.

Instead they highlighted …

demon butler

… a skull

They weren’t looking to see it you understand, they were just out for a walk with me & we happened to pass by a cinema.

Anyway I think there’s enough evidence in the drapery to allow you a personal experience of 2% doubt.

The curtains & flags are a vital.

They draw the outline & provide the subconscious with, the subtle clues that create this skull in your mind, but not your consciousness.

Look at the position & height of …


… the curtain ‘tie backs’.

Forest Whitaker is approx 6’2″ (1.88m) – this makes the placement of tie backs up around …

tie backs

… the 7′ mark.

As opposed to the …

tied back

… normal placement
(in the movie).

Lets return to what my eyes saw …
remember it can’t be so obvious
or everyone would see it.

demon butler

This is
subtle manipulation

Notice the placement of the …

eye eye

… ‘eye sockets’
– the crowd & buildings creates a ‘sense’ of them.

However by themselves this would not be strong enough – so help is given to the mind’s eye via …

eye socketed

… the circular symbol on the flag placed ‘just so’.
On the opposite side the red & white stripes end abruptly at the same level,
directing the mind’s eye to see, & yet not see.

As ALWAYS with these “satanic posters”, the words form the …

nothing to see here

… “bony” teeth.

Try standing back from your screen & blurring your eyes, I don’t think you’ll find it hard to see.

“I don’t know why they do this, & I’m sure they’d trot out some quickly swallowed answer if they were put on the spot.

I don’t like it, so that’s why this short post exists – to offer 2% doubt.

But for goodness sake
take or leave according to
your own discernment.

additional: sparked by a comment from roobeedoo I spotted two clown-like figures …

clowning around

… in the ‘eye sockets’

December 4, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Michael Skaggs replied:

    Ooooh! Good find! That may be on an extra dimensional level! Beyond symbols.


  2. suliwebster replied:

    I quite frequently see similar things, though I am not short sighted. There is a gruesome plaque in Bath Abbey, something to do with the newspaper editor I think, looks like a skull from a distance. The eye sockets are a recurring theme I think. People wearing dark glasses has similar effect on the subconscious.


  3. Max replied:

    Hence I am short sighted too and thanks to your article, I could also identify such subliminal pictures like this here in 2012:


  4. roobeedoo2 replied:

    I am so short-sighted that I can’t see the top letter on the optician’s testing chart. I looked at the poster, sans specs, before reading on. I didn’t see the skull; however, I see an alien face with elonged head. I can see the skull now though, the triangular shaped hands forming the nasal cavity and the title as teeth.


  5. alex robinson replied:

    Thank you one and all – good to see your optics are firing. I think we could create a massive gallery of images.

    roobeedoo I do see an elongated head – that ‘alien’ feel we keep being assaulted with – human skulls are not really that scary – they smile too much :) – but there’s always a creepy twist added & of course the sharp ‘bony’ word-teeth’


  6. Kitty replied:

    Wow, takes me back to my first “conspiracy” book. Oh, there it is, I saved it, from 1973! The title is “Subliminal Seduction” by Wilson Key (heh). Lots of advertisements with demonic faces in ice cubes and women looking lovely, but if you look closely they have a penis in their mouth.


  7. stephanie replied:

    whats that have to do with Satanism?


    • alex robinson replied:

      I did explain at the opening that it was a name that ‘sprang to mind’ five years ago – there is no claim that it has anything to do with ‘satanism’. – ‘satanic’ is an adjective meaning ‘diabolical, evil, fiendish’ – it’s not a religious concept

      Additional: if readers google ‘satanism’ they may well decide that the images that appear there are markedly similar to those appearing in these posters


      • zen855 replied:

        from a child’s perspective , free of ideology , and meanings connectged to satanism and christianity. these subliminals have in common that they are scary, and are put in there to cause fear. on a deeper level they affect us still like they effect the children. there was a pdf, i’ll try to find it from a group in holland, who analyzed videorecordings of belgian children’s programmes who contained many demonic faces and words like hate , kill , .

        also there was some weird shit goin on at Dancevalley EDM festival, when there were 80.000 people, and the band Orbital started flashin 666’s on a big projector. at the same time the weather suddenly changed into dark clouds and rains, there were not enough busses, and people were stranded in the storm .


      • zen855 replied:

        also when i started sdrawin from emotional subconsious after a crisis, it was almost like automatic drawing. i drawed a lot of demonic faces, real scary ones for a long while , maybe i was throwin the shit i absorbed as a child out of me. also i am shortsighted, and as a child, there was a hangin lamp with a motif , i always saw a demonic face in that, was scared as hell sometimes. our childmind is very impressionable.


      • alex robinson replied:

        Once you begin to notice, you find the images you talk about everywhere – even if it is ‘just in our minds’, the fact remains that it had to have got there somehow. Imagination is always limited to putting togther things we have already seen or experienced – you cannot imagine something any other way


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