art homework exploration

As a warm up to a soon-to-be-released article, I challenge you to contemplate (play with) the following suggestion:

Art & literature …

the death of us

… will be
the death of us”

Feel free to post thoughts in the comments section – there is no right or wrong here – just playful, insightful exploration.

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  1. roobeedoo2 replied:

    The word ‘art’ evolved from the word ‘arm’ meaning ‘join together’.

    So like grain, it can be considered a glue.

    It is interesting that the word ‘craft’ contains the letters ART because ‘literature’ evolves back to ‘letter’.

    The root of ‘letter’ could be, ‘perhaps via Etruscan from Greek diphthera “tablet,” with change of d- to l-‘.

    The Weetabix tablet describing the dimensions of the ark (comments on ‘Wheat Heart’) perhaps suggests that the purposes of words ‘art’, ‘literature’ and ‘grain’ are to be consumed; do they exist to be swallowed?

  2. alex robinson replied:

    nice points to ‘spark’ off a new discussion – your comment was made on the fire festival of Imbolc at a mirrored 9.11

  3. Max replied:

    Alex, as I can correctly remember, you made the claim during our video game show that intelectually aligned people are the main target audience for alternative media.

    I guess that H.P. Lovecraft gave the Necronomicon its name as a warning against the dangers of unrestrained intelectual craving. The mere act of studying this book is described as dangerous.

    Referring to Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, I consider that by reading the Book, Winston unknowingly prepares himself for his final education for loving Big Brother.

    The philosopher Schopenhauer pointed out that it is possible to read oneself stupid. He also criticised that many young people fill their minds with wrong expectations about life by reading fiction or the philosophical thoughts of others. According to him, it is important to think for yourself and learn from your experience.

    • suliwebster replied:

      I read recently that there is some new amazing way of downloading a film very quickly. Presumably so that we can all increase our intake of films. My eldest child watches sometimes as many as two or three films a day, nothing I can do as she is adult now, but it bothers me immensely.

    • suliwebster replied:

      I have just terminated my landline at home so that I have no internet connection at home. It’s great ! Life is much improved.

  4. Zero Weaver replied:

    I’m curious to see where this concept is headed. It got me to thinking about “culture” – which has etymological roots in the tilling of the land, bringing us again to the concept of the human race being a crop of some sort… Culture is spread via art of all media (media being the plural of medium, i.e., “intermediate agency, channel of communication”). So I think we have to be very discerning in what cultural messages we ingest. Something I got to wondering about at some point was cave drawings – were they created by humans, or were they created to influence humans? Likewise with other ancient cultural artistic expressions. My mind has jumped now to the animalistic gods of the Egyptian pantheon and the idea, again, of humanizing animals. I wonder often if humankind wasn’t created from a sort of mash-up of native life, using the ape as the chosen vessel in which to “civilize” them. In other words, perhaps we were created in tribes – one tribe using, say, crocodile DNA inserted in the ape vessel; another tribe using lion DNA; etc. Perhaps our known rulers – kings, presidents, and the like – are the purest-bred members of these tribes, and the rest of us are confused mutts.

    Well, I’m glad to have let my thoughts roam for once! I so often spend ages editing, trying to create a clear-cut statement and end up being rather disappointed with my final contribution. I think I’m getting the hang of “play”…


    • suliwebster replied:

      Really interesting zeroweaver. I have been thinking along very similar lines as to how humans have been created, and that there may be some animals that were originally used. I feel that every single animal is maybe an experiment to test some new engineering idea. And if it works, it gets incorporated into the next human upgrade. The lions mane for example. This is a very clever way to distinguish male and female without looking at genitals. So even if you have clothes on, you cant disguise your sex. Swans, another Royal linked animal, pair for life.

  5. alex robinson replied:

    wonderful exploratory play Max & Zero Weaver

  6. suliwebster replied:

    Here are some random things for your witchy melting pot… Firstly, our father, witch art in heaven…. Secondly, the Brotherhood of Ruralists is a group of very dodgy artists in my opinion, including Peter Blake. The elite art world is a very strange place. Thirdly, art, literature, and films, and plays seem to lure us into another world, step by step, so that eventually we become that other world, because we act out what we see. I very much look forward to your post.


    • roobeedoo2 replied:

      Perfect example, Sully, from our Prime Minister no less:

      Art and literature necessary ingredients in order to belief?

      Do they create fake love because real love needs no such devices?

      • roobeedoo2 replied:

        I was thinking about Master of Arts, a degree for which the German equivalent is Magister Artium and it got me thinking about the word ‘atrium’:

        “central court or main room of an ancient Roman house, room which contains the hearth,”

        And this syncs with a famous piece of modern, accessible and artwork, which promises all kinds of hidden meaning:

        If the album cover is shaped like a box, or a room, then Lonely Hearts is central within it.

        ‘Heart’ and ‘hearth’ have the same PIE root *ker-, “heat, fire”. As does ‘carbon’ and it makes me wonder about the insane idea propagated that we should make ourselves and environment ‘carbon-zero’ or ‘carbon-neutral’. This is lazy short-hand for carbon dioxide, Carbon Oxygen 2, which are the two most abundant elements in the make-up of the human body.

        Of course, atrium is also the name given to the upper cavities of the heart, being first recorded 1870 (funnily enough about the same time period that ‘Germ theory’ was gaining traction.

      • suliwebster replied:

        Heart Hearth Earth. Heart combined with Earth gives Hearth.
        Witch art gives witc hart. Almost white hart, the name of lots of pubs.
        Yes think you are right about fake love. Real love needs no money or profit or control. So we are lured to fake red bleeding heart death style love of the Roman tic (clock) kind and Romanticity Romantic cities. I live in a Roman Romantic city of bath, where lies the heart. The heart is the pulse, the Hot Springs, an active volcano in my opinion.
        The Beatles sang Cant buy me love. The best things in life are free. Before Sergent Pepper took them over. Sgt Pepper, Peter Blake is the Brotherhood of Ruralists. Based near Bath, the Heart.
        The heart should be green. The chakra for the heart is green. Valentines signifies death.
        They are also very keen to get us all copulating, from a very young age, it is in our faces all the time in the media, the red root chakra of lust. Real love is not red lust and desire to possess and own.

      • suliwebster replied:

        Yes I think they are trying to neutralise us! carbon neutral, brilliant spot. The New Neu Agenda, the neuter gender. Germ theory and germ warfare reminds me of WW2, Germans. It is also like germinating. Sorry Alex getting a bit off topic here!

    • Max replied:

      The only movie which I can remember in which Phillip Seymour Hoffman played a heroin addict is Before the Devil knows you are dead. It’s basically a crime drama in which two brothers decide to rob their parents. The older brother is played by Hoffman.

  7. alex robinson replied:

    thanks all – this comments section is becoming a fascinating place.

  8. roobeedoo2 replied:

    Life imitating art seems to be a quote from Oscar Wilde (writer and poet, so considered a literary Great)

    One of my favourite films is ‘You’ve Got Mail’ (I fell in love with Jimmy StewART when I was 16 after watching ‘The Shop Around the Corner’ whilst off sick from school – YGM is an update of the story, revolving around the fate of 2 bookshops), one of the quotes from the film is:

    ‘Kathleen Kelly: [writing to “NY152”] Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life – well, valuable, but small – and sometimes I wonder, do I do it because I like it, or because I haven’t been brave? So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn’t it be the other way around? I don’t really want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. So good night, dear void.’

    Films are the perfect marriage of art and literature – they are considered an artform but are based on a ‘script’.

  9. Max replied:

    Prometheus (Lucifer) stole the fire from the gods (mind patterns) and brought it to mankind

    Fire not only has more ‘practical’ advantages of making fire like cooking, warmth, light and so on. Light (Fire) is necessary for art consumption during night.

    Some civilisation critics argue that mankind did the significant wrong turn when the usage of fire was discovered and not later on when agriculture was invented.

    According to a myth of the Nootkan Indians, fire was given to Man by a deer which stole it from a cuttlefish. In this myth, the cuttlefish (representing the unconscious?) was also living on the land (state of consciousness) and in the sea (state of unconsciousness).

    Cthulhu, living in the deep sea, communicates to his followers through their dreams.

    Maybe the invention of fire making sparked something we know as ‘ritual’ or the way of performing rituals got taken to a new level. Perhaps this was the beginning of effective mind conditioning by influencing the unconscious by watching moving light in the dark.

    Prometheus was chained to a rock so that an eagle can eat his ever regrowing liver in all eternity. In a bar, an old guy once told me that he quit drinking alcohol and instead gets his stimulation from reading books.

    • roobeedoo2 replied:

      Imagine how much power was generated when the flickering light of the fire made that early rock art ‘dance’. Power for the storyteller but also power for the art.

      • roobeedoo2 replied:

        I was pondering further if the dancing rock images and storytelling put the stone age audience into a trance. It’s funny how ‘trance’ means, “state of extreme dread or suspense,” but entrance (en- “put into”) means, “to delight”.

      • Max replied:

        … plus playing some heavy drum music. I bet it would sound much more ‘intense’ in a cave.

        I entertain the possibility that club venues are today’s ritual caves with their music, their lights, their occasionally sprayed walls and also the drugs some visitors consume.

        In comparison to visiual art forms, music seems to have a special postition here because you don’t need to fixate yourself to consume it.

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