land of the giants (podcast)

Prompted by synchronicity, Michael Skaggs joined me for a conversation about the distortion of our innate rhythms & the hidden history of the world.

Was earth …


‘land …

big mama

 of the giants’ …

big boned

importantly …

big bad

 is it still?


Or listen to our podcast below:


~  ~  ~

Thanks to Michael’s editing skills sound quality has been  improved – you may just need to adjust the volume during the first segment.

February 17, 2014. Uncategorized.


  1. mgs1129 replied:

    Thank you for hosting the conversation Alex. I had a great time!



    • alex robinson replied:

      Thank you for a most insightful conversation Michael – it’s always a pleasure


  2. Zero Weaver replied:

    Excellent discussion, Michael and Alex – many many threads to play with. The most persistent idea in my mind stems from Michael’s comment about the Native American greeting as being a way to distinguish 5- or 6-fingeredness. While at first I had the same reaction as Alex – that makes so much sense! – my mind is fond of going off into uncharted territory. A quick connection was first made to Alex’s mention of “red” giants. I seem to recall from my research that the Atlanteans were supposedly red-skinned (if not them, then some other advanced race). But the red-skinned giants immediately connected to the “red”-skinned Native Americans. I was further egged-on by a comment a friend once made in a discussion of conspiracies: he said that, to his mind, the best place to start discerning who was at the root of the trouble was to look for who is the most taboo to be accused (his conclusion was the Jewish race). So, when this red-mania took over my mind, that comment came back and I began to wonder why the Native Americans are cast in such a blameless light (much like the Jewish race, come to think of it). Here in America, the reigning myth is that the Natives were basically living in utter harmony with the earth until their culture was ravaged. Of course, another aspect of the myth of the Native Americans is that they introduced to the Europeans maize – *ahem* a grain. So, perhaps, they are more intricately woven into the spread of our spiritual illness than we are wont to believe…

    Also, regarding the idea that our world is one of a succession of worlds (5th, I believe, in Alex’s example; though different cultures attest to different numbers) – I got to wondering if, when the destruction of this world occurs and we move into the next world could it be that all during our living in this world, the next is being prepared for us? As was touched upon in the podcast, it seems we never get a fair shot at living free of these whatever-they-are antagonists; but maybe we keep following them into the trap they’ve laid out for us? If they are, in fact, the Architects of worlds…

    Then there was the idea that perhaps we and they are more necessarily connected. I guess I feel most sympathetic with that view, because at my core I believe in Unity. In a way, I am solipsistic in that I believe nothing can occur in the external reality that is not also intrinsic to the internal reality. Disease, I feel, arises from within. So if we are being antagonized by some external entity, we must have within us some self-negating instinct that we are grappling with. And who knows what is going on in their reality? Who knows what their perspective is? It may sound a bit like Stockholm Syndrome here, but I do agree with the old cliche that hurt people hurt people. What wounds must they be carrying to terrorize us so? If we focus less on them and more on our own healing, will we in turn help them to heal?


    • alex robinson replied:

      More insightful thoughts.

      Speaking of red giants (and angels):

      If we do move from world to world then I suspect that it is in some kind of ‘herded’ motion – I do wonder if our creative energy may be necessary to trigger the next world into existence – so that we create our own trap (via the architect’s blueprints),

      The interconnections do seem phenomenal – I think they hold the key we need to change these architect plans into an ‘advancing’, rather than an oscillating/repetitive structure.


      • Zero Weaver replied:

        Exactly – a herded motion. I think that we are the actual creators of our world(s), via our thoughts, and so the architects have learned to manipulate our thoughts in order to create through us the world they wish to inhabit. Perhaps that is why they need us? Aha – perhaps they are many different types of creatures (some giant, some not-giant, some enfleshed, some intangible), but what they all lack is the power of creation – oh, and perhaps that is why there are 13 bloodlines because there are 13 “species” of non-creative entities manipulating us.

        That picture touches upon another thought I’ve been having: Humans seem to have this innate desire for flight and nearly all of our spiritual aspirations use the language of flight, so I’ve been wondering if we perhaps had the ability to fly but were then “bound” to the ground via agriculture.


  3. Danielle replied:

    Alex you are the “host” of “my entity,” you give me a voice. You summed up the “entities” beautifully in this podcast, just as I needed so badly for myself or someone to do so, thank you so much! I’m along time follower of yours from Australia, love your podcasts and the blog!


  4. Brigitte replied:

    Thank you Alex and Michael for the beautiful, eye-opening, gigantic podcast. I truly enjoyed it!


  5. Max replied:

    The art movement Futurism promoted gigantomania and death. In the Futurist Manifesto, war and violence was glorified but also the destruction of the old was claimed. Maybe, back then, in the beginning of the 20th century in Italy it appealed to people who felt a void and were tired of tradition. Futurism also influenced Italian fascism which has corporationtism as its essential element.

    Hell, it really has to be about time to change us, hence, this year, it is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. ;-)


  6. alex robinson replied:

    I think there is often an appearance of destruction of the old, but doesn’t it just always reappear with slightly different marketing?

    100 years of war re-runs & trauma – how scary would it be for us to contemplate creating something that doesn’t require suffering?


  7. alex robinson replied:

    Hi zero Weaver – I’m inclined to think we are the creators of our worlds via our emotions, actions & the yes’s we make – I think there is a ‘combo action’ required – the emotional charge seems very important – I think somehow they lack that, or their ability to fire up their emotions is very weak.

    Wonderful thought s on flight – touches lightly on some new research & thinking I’ve been working on.


    • Zero Weaver replied:

      The magic formula: affirmative thought + emotional passion + compliant action = creation … I think you’re right that the emotional spark is quite important, hence the mighty rituals and ceremonies. I’m also reminded of biblical(?) reference to angels being envious of humans’ free will.

      I look forward to seeing what flights of fancy your new research is taking you on!


  8. matshanley replied:

    Interestingly I came across this article after listening to your podcast, which contains the following quote:

    “These fallen archangels also want to make up their ego evolution through us.

    “Here we are not just the petty, selfish, I am that I am, living through my daily life, crushing individual competitors on my way to bliss, which are the normal gifts of intervening luciferic angels. Here comes something totally different. Here you find those great individuals who are leaders of nations, corporations, and soccer teams. For these great ones, they have a fallen archangel working through them. Their selfishness of party, nation, corporation, not merely an individual one. In these groups you find the fire spirits working, trying to go through their human stage, in which they failed on Old Sun. To allow fallen archangels to express their ego through us, it must be done through a group, through group egotism. Through this group egotism, the fallen archangel can gain, for the first time, a strong enough sense of self. The individual sense of self, that we experience, is nothing to these beings. These fire spirits need a corporation, an institute, a state.””

    Hmm, so perhaps these corporations, governments, and teams really are the embodiments of demonic entities!


  9. alex robinson replied:

    fascinating! Thanks


  10. Dennis replied:

    Fire needs a spark. Dennis


  11. Ben Emlyn-Jones replied:

    Glad to see you’re still on the case, Alex. Well done! Hope you’re doing well.


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