a little big thought

 What if all
those huge statues
round the world


are not

easter isle

giant statues


boo simbel

sneaky depictions of giants


that still hold humans



big jc

& worshipful?

February 23, 2014. Uncategorized.


  1. Pete Wagner replied:

    Statues cannot move and are thus powerless.


    • alex robinson replied:

      life is in the eye of the beholder


      • Max replied:

        Tanks can move & shoot and are thus able to fuck shit up severely.

        Maybe the giants rised again in 1916, during the Battle of the Somme on September 15.


  2. recoveringmetalhead replied:

    Big or small all actors need to master the arts of striking a pose and the stare.


  3. alex robinson replied:

    a moment / look captured in stone or film can be the equivalent of cement shoes:
    monument (n.) late 13c., “a sepulchre,” from Old French monument “grave, tomb, monument,”
    perhaps the pose or stare might be considered the equivalent of a death mask


  4. Brigitte replied:

    When I read your post this comes to my mind right away, I have been there many years ago sightseeing.
    The Kyffhaeuser monument and the Barbarossa cave in the state of Thuringia in central Germany.
    According to legend, Barbarossa is not in fact dead but sleeps in a hidden chamber underneath the Kyffhaeuser hills,sitting at a stone table. His beard has supposedly grown so long over the centuries that it grew through the table. Barbarossa supposedly awaits his country’s hour of greatest need, when he will emerge once again from under the hill. The presence of ravens circling the Kyffhaeuser summit is said to be a sign of Barbarossa’s continuing presence.


  5. Zero Weaver replied:

    And now I’m brought to thinking of how these beings may be able to inhabit inanimate objects and wondering if statues are repositories for them between their possession of suitable human hosts. Perhaps when the old statues no longer draw the attention of the masses, or when they deteriorate, new statues must be erected to replace them…


  6. Nancy replied:

    Hi Alex,

    in 2009 I had a flood of information come rushing into my brain. One of the things I was shown was an image of a landmass in the shape of a man stand up. It was revealed to me that indeed they were or are in some realm mobile living beings.
    I can’t destroy the guidestones, Washington monument, statue of liberty, mt rushmore, liberty or Denver airport “artwork” but I will destroy the symbols I do have access to. This spring the plan is to take down the obelisk that serves as headstone for my Great Grandmother and the babies she lost. It stands in a Catholic cemetery. I’m not sure where my grandfather on the “other side” is buried but I will search. He was a mason.

    Economy tanked a few years back yet EVERY city, town, village or tiny burg in my state found enough donated dollars to erect quite elaborate memorials to veterans. More like altars for offering the souls of the dead.



    • suliwebster replied:

      Nancy, I like the way you are putting things into action! I often imagine and wish for the hideous dominating war memorial in my village to be covered in ivy which then pulls it down to the ground over time to be transmuted back to Mother Earth. It is not quite “action”, but I am sure thoughts have effects too. Maybe I should go plant some ivy round the base to help things along!


  7. suliwebster replied:

    Good one Alex. I have been noticing another sort of manmade giant a lot recently. In the form of giant buildings going up everywhere. They are usually very SQUARE, almost CUBIC at times, and they have sheer cliff face sides, that tower above us tiny little ant like dwarf humans. Making us feel small and insignificant. These buildings are grand, awesome, overpowering, impressive, impressing on our minds. And very very UGLY.
    Churches and Stately Homes and Palaces are the same, very ugly, but we are led to worship them.
    It is all a bit Wizard of Oz like. Behind the big awesome towering screen is a little old pathetic man with a large megaphone.


  8. theendlessnow replied:

    I love the sentiment of this post, it resonates very deeply.
    The idea that we are lorded over by ideological giants, spiritual giants, even physical giants, or mind viruses that become giants in our collective psyche…tyrants of the spirit. Our life force energy is indeed very precious and valuable, and we must be aware of where we are directing it, in terms of worship and adoration.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Many thanks everyone for great ideas & threads – this comments section is taking on a life of its own & providing lots of food for thought.

      I’d like to add another thought that came to mind yesterday. Was there more to the following phrase than we have supposed?

      “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”


      • theendlessnow replied:

        Another thought today…
        The cult of celebrities, especially movie stars, could be thought of as giants of the modern age. They even appearing as such on gigantic screens.
        We’re drawn in almost hypnotically, while they dazzle us with amazing sights and sounds…perhaps continuing their rule from behind the curtain.
        Pay no attention to that…
        Pay all attention to the show!


      • alex robinson replied:



  9. Max replied:

    Further meaning can be be seen in this video if you interpret tanks as giants:


  10. alex robinson replied:

    I see what you mean. It also made me think of the ‘giants’ of War of the Worlds


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