shape-shifting homework

How much do the ‘shapes’ in our lives affect us?

boston rays

shape (n.) Old English sceap, gesceap “form; created being, creature; creation; condition

shape (v.) Old English … “to create, form, destine

A few weeks ago my friend Michael (Hidden Agendas) & I walked the streets of Boston’s financial district with its intense, overpowering buildings. We began a discussion & exploration of the …

up in Boston

… effect of shapes & structures that I will be expanding upon in the weeks to come.

Up till now we have been prisoners of the structures in our lives (& our world) – mostly because so many of them do not possess a three dimensional reality.

Michael & I are about to take a course on structure with Robert Fritz. In the meantime I want to issue a challenge to you, to look & play …

underworld reflection

… with any of the structures/shapes/patterns in your life (or this world). Feel free to use the comments section here to work with others. As always there are no right answers, this space is offered for an exploration of structure, with the intention of angling towards restructuring the course of our future, along more ‘human’ lines.

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