shape-shifting homework

How much do the ‘shapes’ in our lives affect us?

boston rays

shape (n.) Old English sceap, gesceap “form; created being, creature; creation; condition

shape (v.) Old English … “to create, form, destine

A few weeks ago my friend Michael (Hidden Agendas) & I walked the streets of Boston’s financial district with its intense, overpowering buildings. We began a discussion & exploration of the …

up in Boston

… effect of shapes & structures that I will be expanding upon in the weeks to come.

Up till now we have been prisoners of the structures in our lives (& our world) – mostly because so many of them do not possess a three dimensional reality.

Michael & I are about to take a course on structure with Robert Fritz. In the meantime I want to issue a challenge to you, to look & play …

underworld reflection

… with any of the structures/shapes/patterns in your life (or this world). Feel free to use the comments section here to work with others. As always there are no right answers, this space is offered for an exploration of structure, with the intention of angling towards restructuring the course of our future, along more ‘human’ lines.

April 10, 2014. Uncategorized.


  1. libyansibyl44 replied:

    “I guess I thought that the dream space would be all about the visual, but it’s more about the feel of it. My question is: what happens when you start messing with the physics of it all?”—Ariadne, from the movie Inception


  2. roobeedoo2 replied:

    I wrote about a shape yesterday!


  3. roobeedoo2 replied:

    Another thought about shape yesterday:


  4. suliwebster replied:

    she-ape ? Creation ? Is the original shape the shape of the she ape? I am going for orang utans myself, especially as Avaaz is currently trying to “save” them.

    Meanwhile the Roman Rulers with their man made he-ape heaps of SQUARE constructions are dictating our minds with lines and cubes and sharp Masonic corners, and they are mining and destroying Mother Earth, our she-ape, in the process.



  5. Zero Weaver replied:

    The shape of my moment is Egg. I have been drawing a lot lately, and my drawings have taken the form of eggs. The funny story is that, just after I honed in on that shape, my mother and I discovered that a mallard hen has made herself a nest in the bush outside our front window. Then, after about a week I noticed that, indeed, she has laid some eggs. So, either I summoned her with my drawing or she influenced my drawing. Maybe (and this is probably most likely) it was more mutual.

    Which came first – the chicken or the egg? It dawned on me that the egg certainly came first. Everything begins as an egg – it’s the common point of all life. Even plants begin as seeds, which are basically eggs.


  6. roobeedoo2 replied:

    Last Friday I gave birth to my first-born th-read:

    Believe me, it’s arrival was a complete surprise.

    I consider you, Alex, as it’s god(dess) mother. Ideas about shape and definition came to me today (page 4).

    I hope you enjoy. Play should involve enjoyment.


  7. Max replied:

    It’s remarkable how architecture structures of your environment can leave traces in your mind. My mother sometimes told me that whenever she passes a spot where the Berlin Wall once stood, she gets this mental snap which tells her: “Okay, I am passing the border to East Berlin, now”.


  8. Max replied:

    There was a time when I felt like walking around in a concrete labyrinth whenever a took a walk outside.

    After the ferroconcrete twin towers got torn down on 9-11-01, the void got filled with light:

    Tribute in Light

    Project Blue Beam, another joke that’s been real for a long time. It’s a prison of light.

    There are plenty of people in our civilization who fill the void with blue beams, day in, day out…

    Media Junkies

    …receiving structures of light and shaping their brains according to a dictated media reality.

    No wonder that facebook is involved in the developement of the Oculus Rift which is the next BIG thing.

    Maybe, another plan to keep people in the treadmill.

    High tech, low life.


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