Apologies for extended leave of absence –


was calling.

New article …

getting the point



plus upcoming podcast /exploration on structures
with Michael Skaggs.


May 14, 2014. Uncategorized.


  1. j replied:

    Alex your brilliant, I’m having a bit of a hard time, n chin bird on humanizenz, has just really cheered me up, made me laugh instantly, for some reason, know it might not be relevant, to comments here,but Thanks. And, I will Look n Think about those Structures , all around me, cos I think it’s a big part of why I’m having bit of hard time, so …I get moving , :) n keep reading when I can, n er do some creating maybe, :) Thanks, J

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hello j, thanks for dropping by.

      Chin bird is Max’s work – we don’t sign our names any more, just put our creations out there – Max does really great colouring in & has a wicked sense of humour. I highly recommend creating for getting things moving.

      best to you

    • Max replied:

      I’m glad to read that my art makes you happy, j. :-)

  2. roobeedoo2 replied:

    Hi Alex, can you help me? I can’t find the post where you put up the aikido demonstration video(s). Can you give me the link? Too Long in This Place is awfully diverting (when pressed for time) and I promised to post the link on Merovee (plus I really want to see it again). Cheers, Roobee

    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Roobee
      I’m having trouble finding it too – so here’s the youtube link

      • roobeedoo2 replied:

        Brilliant! Many thanks Alex (if you do find the post, I’d like that too … xx). The way you comminicate ideas – it feels like unfolding origami shapes in my mind …

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