good & bad mind control – podcast

We can be so busy looking for ‘great conspiracy stories’ that we miss what should be so effing obvious.

This podcast is for all
the “good” people
of the world
and …

good god

 for all

good bad

… the bad.

is still


… no matter which side
you take.

Join Michael Skaggs & I as we explore
a malicious path



Or listen to our podcast below:

September 12, 2014. Uncategorized.


  1. suliwebster replied:

    good and bad seems to map to girl and boy. g and b.
    I have noticed a lot of gb pairs around. Great Britain included.
    Green and Blue is the colour of my council logo.
    gReen points Right. bLue points Left.
    Good God Green Girls Right Great.
    Bad Ba Blue Boys Left Britain.
    Good is God.
    Ba is the Egyptian word for spirit.
    I think we have lost touch with our (male) spirit Ba, our wildness, our timelessness, and it has been overlaid with the priest controlled GOD, which is good. Our bodies are matter (female mater), spirit is male, and this is the true union of male and female.
    This is making me think that God is female disguised as male.

    If you are bad, you get ostracised by others, and that keeps everyone well policed. You are so right when you say we all police each other with good and bad judgements. The judgement of good ultimately comes from GOD, the evil ruler of the planet. We dont fear bad. What we fear most is being bad,or being seen to be bad.

    Maybe we could replace GOD and good with Go, meaning movement, never stagnating. The Stag Nation is probably overlaid on Scotland, where Royals and the elite often retreat to.

    I think entities like square corners. So do spiders and freemasons. The world rulers are on a mission to have us all in square homes, even Africans. Round ones are much better.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Suliwebster :)

      We do indeed fear as being seen to be bad. Michael & I will probably do another podcast on this good/bad topic as our understanding & exploration has progressed far & wide just within the last week


    • Mick replied:

      Whoa Suli, those are such spot on observations! Interestingly, hyenas are a matriarchy yet the females wear false male genitals. The Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trismegistus speak of the dangers of corners, and how the Hounds of hell can be escaped by following the spiral. Certain angles can be real toxic, such as the trapezoid. There’s a wonderful book by Australian Alanna Moore called Stone Age Farming. Well worth having as an inestimable reference for the effects of Earth energies and how to direct them in a balanced and healthy way. There’s a brilliant chapter on Irish round towers. I like the reference of spiders and freemasons, but I think it’s a bit of an insult to the spiders.

      Much Gratitude, Mick.

      And thanks for the podcast, Alex x


      • suliwebster replied:

        I agree Mick the spiders are being used as much as we are !


  2. Brigitte replied:

    Thank you for the informative podcast Alex and Michael.
    Great wordplay.
    So, in Germany bad is a noun and Capitalized and it means bath. Also, there are many places, towns with Bad in front of the name.
    In German bad=healthy!!! So it’s good?
    I put crystals in my water, its a healthy thing for me:


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