Fight the Matriarchy

Today I joined Sinead on Renegade Broadcasting to deepen the look into Female overlords & the manipulation of the female psyche.

We also went further into the ‘rubbish’ that is modern art & architecture & what it seems to be camouflaging.

I expect there will be more on this topic in the future.

Insightful comments are most welcome.


Link to today’s show

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female overlords & architectural incorrectness – podcast

A thoroughly incorrect
exploratory podcast aimed at


loosening the knots that have
bound & …


confused us
(for way too long)


who controls this reality


& how they achieve it.


Or listen to our podcast below:


 Michael Skaggs, my co-podcaster is working
on a graphic novel …


that presents his ideas
(& ones we have worked on together)
in a wonderfully creative & dramatic way.
Feel free to visit (& support) his work here: here & here

We presented the idea that mutated female overlords constructed & (still) rule this world. Any useful insights you gain from such a search requires you to distinguish this energy from human females. In order to back up this hypothesis here is a link to “The Women’s Show” that I presented with four courageous women at the beginning of 2012. That show was a cry from the heart about the loss of life so many women feel. As stated in the podcast above – the intricate understanding of how the female psyche works & can be manipulated could never have been crafted by men.


Or listen to ‘Re-humanising Women & Re-igniting Conversation’ below:


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