female overlords & architectural incorrectness – podcast

A thoroughly incorrect
exploratory podcast aimed at


loosening the knots that have
bound & …


confused us
(for way too long)


who controls this reality


& how they achieve it.


Or listen to our podcast below:


 Michael Skaggs, my co-podcaster is working
on a graphic novel …


that presents his ideas
(& ones we have worked on together)
in a wonderfully creative & dramatic way.
Feel free to visit (& support) his work here: here & here

We presented the idea that mutated female overlords constructed & (still) rule this world. Any useful insights you gain from such a search requires you to distinguish this energy from human females. In order to back up this hypothesis here is a link to “The Women’s Show” that I presented with four courageous women at the beginning of 2012. That show was a cry from the heart about the loss of life so many women feel. As stated in the podcast above – the intricate understanding of how the female psyche works & can be manipulated could never have been crafted by men.


Or listen to ‘Re-humanising Women & Re-igniting Conversation’ below:


October 15, 2014. Uncategorized.


  1. sineadmcarthy replied:

    Awesome podcast Alex and Michael. I had fallen off the podcast bandwagon but am back on now, and this was so refreshing to hear. You both hit on so many important points. I agree with the mutant female overlords hypothesis. A while back I looked into female predators/pedophiles and was so shocked at the immense number of female predators there were. I grew up thinking that women could never do those things, but it turns out to be much much different. Just look at radical feminism, that’s a great example of the ‘mutant female’. They hate ALL men, especially heterosexual White men, and they LOATHE traditional gender roles in women such as the mother/home-maker, and label these feminine traits as oppressive. I feel so happy being a mom and staying home cooking and making a nice home, but thanks to feminism and the mutant female energies, I am required to leave the home to “work”. I loved your part about modern art and architecture. It’s pure crap, now modern art has gotten so degenerate that a canvas smeared with human feces is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Art and architecture has a profound impact on the psyche, and what we see around us being passed off as “art” and “architecture” proves just how much things have devolved. Don’t even get me started on the depraved state of modern “music”. Bravo you two! Wonderful conversation that I needed to hear (I’m a bit isolated here, living in my small world) Great work guys!


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Thanks Sinead!

      We barely scratched the surface with that podcast too. I had looked into the Sisterhood of Hollywood and the sports world last year, and had it on the back-burner of my mind for awhile. Alex and I were just talking about the whole distortion of what the societal structure does, and how it promotes unhealthy relationships and keeps the majority swinging back and forth in an oscillating pattern.

      Funnily enough, you mention how mutant female loathes white heterosexual men…we were JUST talking about my experiences with them, and how I used to get under their skin by just being myself. I think it bothered them immensely because I did not end up manipulated by the structure to be the “typical male” and how society defines it.

      The architecture world was a big eye opener. When we traveled to Boston and San Francisco, in both financial districts, the buildings were so lumbering, heavy, and devoid of life. Seeing how these architectural designers were decorating the insides afterwards was even more insidious! Their patterns are quite apparent, and the feel is very uninspiring! Modern art is in fact, as you said, CRAP!

      I am glad you enjoyed it!



    • alex robinson replied:

      Dynamic comment! – thanks Sinead. Maybe we can catch up some time & do a podcast together – this topic could do with a lot more exploration.

      Very best wishes to you


  2. sundaemon replied:

    Thanks. I’ve believed for a number of years that the present system is a million miles from any kind of patriarchy. Rather it is alien and has made life quite unliveable, but in its spiteful pissy gossip-spread savagery resembles a kind of inverted or wholly degenerate matriarchy. This is from a father of an 18-month old child who failed to stop the mother (a medical doctor) from getting him vaccinated. I tried everything short of abduction, but she just got hysterical at the thought of NOT injecting cowshit directly into the blood of our beautiful son. So it goes.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Sorry to hear about that sundaemon. I’m hoping to expand on this topic some more – the strong feedback in this comments section says a lot


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Something “alien” as you said, has indeed put itself between humanity and life…a very unnatural, bizarre, and inhuman energy.


  3. Zero Weaver replied:

    Love this podcast. Nicely played, Michael and Alex. Beyonce’s no puppet – “Who run the world? Girls.” … As for the gays in positions of authority – I think what you are picking up on is that these guys are bitches. There are gay bitches and straight bitches, male and female. Basically, what I’m saying is that they are eager to be enslaved by their masters. A slave would rather be free, is forced to do the bidding of their masters; a bitch would rather be enslaved. Oh, and one of my first thoughts regarding that not-so-feminine feminine energy: the Amazons. Interesting and convoluted etymology to the word “Amazon” if you look it up. And I didn’t think of amazon.com until just now! Also, I think of Athena – Zeus’s brainchild – and isn’t it a common theme that the old god is killed, and subsequently replaced by, its offspring? Is Athena preparing this world for her throne in the coming age? She is a goddess of “was the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill” … Oh and it turns out her namesake city, Athens, is one of the world’s oldest cities. Oh, and it also turns out that some research indicates that Athena predates Zeus in some locations. So, which came first, daughter or the father?

    I do think you’re onto something with this thread of concept. Michael, I’m glad you brought up that saying about “behind every great man…” – that was one of my first thoughts.

    Peace to you both and thank you for sharing your concepts and conversations.


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Zero Weaver & agreed there does seem to be a divide between those who are enslaved & want to be free & those who choose to serve & protect the structure, prostituting themselves for fame, fortune or status. Meanwhile this subject has been getting bigger by the day …


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Thank you Zero Weaver! The topic or idea Alex and I were playing with, touches so much, you can barely scratch the surface in a 1 or 2 hour podcast…thankfully for us, the comments everyone brings here allows the expansion onto those we couldn’t cover. :-)

      The Amazons, another point of the corrupt or perhaps “mutant” feminine energy that we touched upon. From the “Giant/Nephilim” research I did, the Amazons would be part of that mutant energy. Since history is not “clear cut” and concise, we can posit and theorize and play with the ideas here. It could be that the Amazons were a faction that broke off from the “Giants” bloodline. Cold, powerful, and non-human, and their DNA is still in circulation.


  4. bquadri replied:

    Excellent topic that needs further parsing. Thank the both of you for taking on the false, distorted “sacred cows” of feminism and homosexuality.
    I think the Celtic Rebel alluded to how power feminism has helped manufacture LGBT alliance blah blah blah (whatever) as this ubiquitous powerful political entity. And oh do they know how organize and do put on a parade. And woe be to you if you have any issue with it.
    Alex, you did mention “Kali-like” metaphor in application to this hard edge of these “females.” But I think Kali would have them for breakfast because part of her role, I believe, is to destroy such falseness and lies. She is of Nature and these beings are not. What do you think?


    • alex robinson replied:

      Hi Barb
      I must admit it was the ‘Kali entity’ from Indiana Jones I was thinking of :) but further examination suggests that she’s not someone I would like to meet on a dark street
      “In her most famous pose as Daksinakali, popular legends say that Kali, becoming drunk on the blood of her victims on the battlefield, dances with destructive frenzy. She is about to destroy the whole universe …”. Real change never requires blood sacrfice.


      • Mick replied:

        This is a convoluted topic with no simple answer. Kali, Durga, Sekhmet, Medusa, Srinmo, Tiamat, Lilith – female demons all, drinkers of blood and eaters of babies. At least that’s their incarnation now. Medusa, ravishingly beautiful to begin with (though a daughter of chthonic energies) was turned into a Gorgon by Athene for the crime of being raped by Poseidon in her temple. There’s an ironic lesson there. The fact that Zeus had to swallow Metis to give birth to Athene is another irony. She was the only one allowed to wield his thunderbolt and wear his aegis. It was her who got Perseus to slay Medusa and bring her the head which she wears over her heart. One thinks the rape may have been a set up in the first place. This is about the corruption and manipulation of prakriti, the underlying female energy of creation. Something happened a while back, say 12,000 years ago, that turned everything upside down…and let something in.

        Great podcast!


      • mgs1129 replied:

        It is a convoluted topic Mick, that probably will never have a definitive answer. Today, I get the “feeling” that the “male” brick wall, known as the Illuminati and Freemasons, are just that—the brick wall to protect the mutated female energy from the human masses, and also, to deflect/mislead the human masses as to seeing who is hiding behind the wall. The social engineers have been devilishly clever to protect the status quo.

        The ancient myths, if looked at as literal historical fact, really start to take on new meaning. When Alex and I were discussing the “Hollywood programming” we started to look at the violent/murder mystery genre…many people were disturbed (as much if not more) with films that depicted “realistic rape” scenes. Looking into the Sisterhood, Jody Foster, spoke about her rape scene in the movie “The Accused”. She said it was on a “closed set” and that she doesn’t remember because “she blacked out”. From what I know of Hollywood, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually took place on the set. Hollywood is about ritual, magicks, and sacrifice (one up/one down). Is history repeating itself (the myths?) through humanity now? Possibly.


  5. Veritopian replied:

    Hi, I’ve come to a similar conclusion – i.e. that ‘Satan’ is a corrupt female spirit. I’ve been studying Yin, Yang & the 4 Elements, and it’s basically right there… Gender is the key… All evil in the world is forms of gender-bending.

    Matter is female Yin, Spirit is male Yang. (Mater = mother)

    Yin should be passive (and Yang is active), but she wanted to create something herself. So she became not-Yin – the corrupt female spirit. The archetypal willful, obstinate, hard-headed, hell-hath-no-fury-like sort of woman.

    She was called ‘Sophia’ by the Gnostics, and ‘Lucifer’ by others. She created a ‘shadow’ Yang, called the ‘Demiurge’ by the Gnostics. A half-formed androgynous pseudo-male.

    It’s right there is the story of the Garden of Eden too. Eve is Yin, but instead of being passive, she actively chose the apple. Adam, Yang instead of being a real man, just followed her. These archetypes are clearly manifest in humans. As above so below.

    You’re absolutely right she hates human women even more than men, and no way could men have devised womens’ mind-set for them, we’re far too simple.

    This is all about Kabbalah, and the Queen of Heaven’s Holy Box too… The Satanists worship the Goddess.

    You know those stories about gods who eat their children (Chronos), but those kids were later rescued. It’s a metaphor for enslaving his/her children in a false matrix of senses – so he could feed of their energy… This is where we are (most likely) – in a false matrix of senses, where our senses are actually external ‘gods’, feeding off our attention…


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Veritopian.

      While these ideas are an ‘explorative’ foray there seems to be a lot pointing to working with them as proto-truths”

      matrix (n.) … in Late Latin “womb,” also “source, origin,” from mater (genitive matris) “mother”.


  6. Mick replied:

    Thanks for the comment, Michael. I believe you are right. There are 4 main areas where myths are applied (at least imo) – cosmological, psychological, historical and magickal. In some ways it is like we are caught in a time loop, we haven’t moved, and so myths are as alive now as in the seeming ancient past. Freemasons/Templars are still Sumerians/Beaker People(?). They still worship a distorted goddess (female creative principle), Kybele/Isis. I agree that much of what goes on in film sets is ‘real’. After working with a community acting company for 6 months I realised acting is possession by any other name.

    How do we escape? I don’t know if we can. At least at present. “The Way is Shut” to quote an oathbreaker. I think the best we can do is to recognise which myths we embody and play them to an outcome we are satisfied with.

    I believe rituals through film will soon be outmoded. The new arena is computer games. Astral hijinks are much easier to accomplish with the participants being non the wiser and incredibly willing. Many computer geeks seem to be Kaos magicians. To be expected, I guess.


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Funny Mick that you said “The Way Is Shut”, because I had mentioned that quote to Alex a few months ago, and I could not remember where the heck I had heard it! I think it has been used a few times in different venues.

      If you haven’t seen “Oculus Rift” I would highly suggest checking it out (http://www.oculus.com/) I read an article in Wired magazine about how this is going to finally cement “Virtual Reality” into the home. You mentioned how computer games is a new arena. I think it’s quiet older than we think. When I go back and look at the Commodore 64 games that were out there when I was a teen, there are many titles that are symbolic and the video game was a ritual. The games now are very deep into bloodshed, magicks, and extremes. I ponder that Oculus Rift will the beginning of something deep…Facebook invested 2 Billion into the project, that’s saying something right there! :-) Kaos magick indeed.

      I also have a theory that chemtrails/geoengineering has “smart dust” in them to blanket the Earth and create a planet wide “wireless system”…maybe when the Firmament fell, the Akashic Records came down with them :-) Google wants to create new ones.

      Thanks for the response!


      • Max replied:

        Michael, it’s intriguing that you are mentioning Kaos Magick in context with virtual reality. This member of Cyberpunkforums.com, his name is Daemon, claims that Kaos Magick is “conducive to a technological environment” (Link to comment). The whole thread revolves around the question wether cyberpunk has occult influences or not.

        In another thread, about the Oculus Rift, this longer post by the VR-enthusiastic “kaos magician” Corey P. Smith, aka transceiverfreq, who “made deals with worse devils than Facebook”, is interesting, too: Future of Virtual Reality.

        For his blog, transceiverfreq also wrote a post about the effect of being exposed to VR for many hours:

        According to him, smooth-to-use Virtual Reality isn’t science fiction anymore and in his view it will influence our society in a way which we can’t predict or at least have difficulties with predicting to. He also scratches on the topic of imagining and creating a future. The influence of science fiction is also mentioned.

        (Kind of funny, that he mentions Ghostbusters toy Ecto-goggles with which he alledgedly played as a child. Seems like the Oculus will be, in a metaphorical sense, a device for making visual contact with a spirit dimension like the Ecto-goggles in Ghostbusters are.)

        This quote is kind of nice:
        “It[The future] needs people willing to adapt to a finer granularity.
        [The future] needs people who don’t care about the look or style but the underlying meaning. The metaphors and analogs within what our subculture creates and inspires.”


      • mgs1129 replied:

        Heya Max,

        Thanks for the tid bits! I did have an inside scoop back in the 1990s about V.R. from a friend that worked for Lockheed Martin, it’s been used by large companies on the inside and very smooth for a very long time. He had mentioned that the reason it was not in the home yet was due to making an affordable, working version.

        Back in the 1980s, we used to joke around and talk about having a computer game where you would could have a sword rather than a joystick, and have a full immersive experience.

        I took a look at the comments and links you provided. Interesting stuff! He seems very “sure” of himself and that V.R. will arrive right on schedule. I personally didn’t get into any of the Cyberpunk genre of the 80s/90s, though I did get into science fiction/fantasy. It does sound like a crossroads is coming up. Smart Cities are also a major plan for the future, which is a very scary prospect.

        Thanks for the input!


      • Mick replied:

        Thinking on the age of computer games, Graham Hancock in his book Supernatural makes an interesting observation that the Ancient Egyptian drawings that display the Journey through the Duat are very reminiscent of early computer platform games, both in design and content. Now one could very well imagine that the game designers took their inspiration from these Egyptian paintings, or that it is a concept which is held deep within our subconscious. Or the design was intentional for another purpose. Depends how paranoid one wishes to be.


  7. Dave replied:

    Chinese President calls for less odd architecture:


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Dave
      I’ll keep 2% doubt about this – presidents (aka puppets are useful tools). Maybe his comment is to dilute the attention of people who are starting to notice all this crap so they will think that because someone ‘powerful’ has called for change it will happen, thus they can rest easy & go back to limbo-land


  8. Mick replied:

    Max, thanks for the links. Will read them later today. As far as I feel the time of choosing has passed – we’ve all made our decisions whether we realise it or not. Some of the ‘alien’ kids reported by Mary Rodwell say we have until 2017, though. In the Transhumanist world the astral dimensions are what we consider the gaming virtual reality. Since it is all about consciousness portals can be opened anywhere and anyhow, as long as you have the keys to the locks. Ironically, joining Facebook is akin to making a deal with the devil.


  9. Mick replied:

    Having read the links and comments I tend to think that the techno-cyber-mancy attempted by the computer ‘whizzkids’ is not much different from the ultra-dimensional explorations of Kenneth Grant and his Typhonian Order. Saying that, the masons do the same with their jabulon babble, and so does the BBC. You only have to notice the blood soaked background of the national news programme.

    Makes more sense of the LLL-777 connection. We can’t escape it since we are mired (or is that wired) on so many levels, but a way through can be found.


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