bloodlined herstory (not for the faint hearted)

 Did Isis …

look behind you

kill Osiris?

Did Jackie …


kill JFK?

Was the Virgin Mary …

pie eater

behind the death of her son?

Crying in terror, down from his high perch …
now fully conscious that his end was near.
His mother first began this pious murder,
flinging herself upon her fallen son …
His hand reached out to touch his mother’s cheek;
“See, mother!” he implored, I am your son…
Pity me, mother; do not slay your child
She only rolled deluded bloodshot eyes,
demented, stung by madness from the god.
She caught his left arm, just below the shoulder,
and bracing against his ribs, she ripped it out
from the shoulder socket, with violence not her own…

Euripedes, Bacchae

Today we play seriously with the

twice dead

… (& I mean ‘slash‘)

It’s time to stand back & take a good long look at the brutality, insanity & blood lust of the “divine feminine.”

Back in 2011 I wrote an article called Lamed Feet, included in that post was an unanswered question: “Why did Mary acquiesce to the torture & murder of her son?

Here is the excerpt from that post:

But what of his mother?

Untouchable (except by god), irreproachable, immaculate, chaste, modest, graceful & a damn fine sufferer to boot, she blindly accepted the ‘will’ of God even down to standing by at the murder of her son.

Mary is said to have fainted at the sight of her suffering Son
Nope, sorry, that just won’t wash!

Ain’t nobody gonna crucify my son
Ah now that’s more like it!

I wonder how many women over the years, have faithfully followed Mary’s example, standing silently by as their sons head off to sacrifice? …

In the clan of womanhood, she got top billing – the ultimate role model. For millions of women she is THE Mother, but as a mother figure …

… she really, REALLY lacks the motherly vibe except (apparently) towards the son she watched die.”

If we’re going to look at the ‘divine feminine,’ we’re also going to need to look in a direction that men(y) of you won’t like, but I hope will look at anyway:

What if, despite years of apparent proof
to the patriarchal-contrary,
the male principle is …

easy come easy go

little valued
in this world?

I know … ouch, but bear with me.

Up till now we’ve been stuck in a game that does not appear to be of our choosing.

In this game,
human females
have assumed the role of …


… exquisitely programmable ‘agents’.

I know … ouch, but bear with me.

The unenviable male role has long been hidden in plain sight. The great cosmic joke known as


has always told it
like it is:

 “the arabs says ‘shah mata!” (the king is dead!)  on winning

let us play

The true ruler of our chequered dimension is clearly revealed on the chess board …


The queen is the most powerful piece in the game of chess

… just as she has
long been revealed


… in the insect kingdom.

So my little role-players, you role for today is to decide if what is presented here is:

  • bollocks


  • contains enough information to consider re-playing history


Please remember to remember that, in the rulesroles assigned to human cattle in this old, old game, neither sex matters.

You stupid rustic shepherds, bellies and nothing more,
we are the ones who can tell you lies that look like truth.
We can also, if we please, proclaim what indeed is true.”

The above quote was brought to your ancestors by some not particularly aMUSEing Greek goddesses over 2700 years.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Let’s begin:

Somewhere in human history, long, long ago, there appeared a sovereign female energy/entity with a terrifying combination of characteristics:

  1. supreme intelligence
  2. sexual predation
  3. an unquenchable lust for blood.

The power and centrality of the first divinity, the Great Goddess, is one of the best-kept secrets of History

Her DNA was transferred into human females where it still exists today.

The story of the human race begins with the female: DNA research at the University of Berkeley has now established that one woman was the common ancestor of our entire species. She lived in Africa about 2o,000 years ago and although … not visibly distinguished from the rest of the early humans around her, she was in fact …

eve one

… faster, fiercer, and cleverer than any before her. She killed more swiftly and foraged more efficiently for the food that she needed: she kept her children alive when others died; she established a safe settlement where she took sexual partners at will, strengthening the gene mix of her offspring. And when the time was ripe, she led her daughters and …


… her daughters daughters out of Africa, to overrun the whole globe.

The story of this “gene fount mother”, nicknamed ‘Eve’ by the scientists who discovered her, was repeated world-wide …  where the sole imperative of the tribe is survival, the leadership of women is, to this day, very marked.

For at least 20, 000 years, then, from the early carvings and statuettes, to the overthrow of the last shrines with the fall of the Roman Empire, …


…  God was a woman. The power and centrality of the first divinity, the Great Goddess, is one of the best-kept secrets of History. Modern textbooks recall a number of Goddesses, all with different names–Isis, Juno, Demeter…contemporary accounts consistently refer to “the one being”, “the Universal Mother,” and “the Mistress of All Elements”, “Queen of All Things, Living and Dead”.

But the Goddess was never Wife–in the midst of every land, she chose and discarded young and potent lovers. Her High Priestesses selected annually, the handsomest young man of the tribe to share the sacred couch for one year. After this he was put to death, and his body was ploughed into the fields to regenerate the crops in the ritual which anthropologists call …

let us play

the King must Die“.

The Great Mother’s blood-thirst could be appeased by sacrifice…bloodiest of all, was the Indian Dark Mother, …

twice dead

Kali Ma, with skulls around neck and waist, her huge tongue lolling for the last drop to be rung from her millions of victims.

Where the Great Goddess held the power of Life and Death, the status of all women was commensurately higher…in Greece, women hunted, rode as jockeys in championship races, and practiced the Ancient Cretan of bull-leaping. And throughout the World …women fought as soldiers from Britain to Peru–Celtic women, for instance, proving so formidable, that the Roman historian, Tacitus, doubted whether even the famed Roman legions …


… would be a match for them.” ~ Chronicle of the World

A spur of the moment visit to a second hand shop & randomly opening a 1200 page book on the history of the world led to the above info.

Another randomly opened page gave up the tale of a 16th century Nigerian Queen:.

Amina was 16 when she began the expansion of her ancestral lands, … [she] took a lover in every city she captured, but had each one beheaded next morning.

Today we consider the possibility that within all females lies a latent gene for violence & sexual predation. I know … ouch.

However we will combine that with what we know of much of female behavior throughout history – many of them value life.

This leads us to a special toolonginthisplace breaking NEWS report [edit]:

makes my day

Nov 7, 2014 7:17pm

Centuries of dissatisfied male sexuality came to a screeching halt today when it was revealed for the first time that the real reason women are so often sexually unresponsive is because they shut down their sexual essence eons ago when they realised that they had inherited the sexual predator gene from their blood-lusting alien GOD-mother. In order to protect the male of the species, a unanimous decision was taken to shut down their sexual cores until some kind of safety switch could be found. The insect kingdom however opted ...

dine in

.. to retain these traits“.

All of my life I have felt that there exists a great fear & dislike of women. It is universal to both sexes AND universally denied.

But if something denied exists, then it exists no matter how much the denial, & it will make itself known …


in mutated forms.

What if there is a very good reason for this feeling of fear & loathing?

The black Dooms gnashing their white teeth, grim-eyed, fierce, bloody, terrifying fought over the men who were dying for they were all longing to drink dark blood. As soon as they caught a man who had fallen or one newly wounded, one of them clasped her great claws around him and his soul went down to Hades, to chilly Tartarus. And when they had satisfied their hearts with human blood, they would throw that one behind them and rush back again into the battle and the tumult.

What if there is a ferocious female history that lurks in our genetic memory ?

Athens 534BC … in some parts the festival of Dionysus is still an old-fashioned orgy of terrifying violence. Groups of women go to the forests or mountains outside the town, They become totally ecstatic on a diet of wine, dance to frantic rhythms … They throw away all normal restraints. Sometimes they capture rabbits, hinds and fawns, & in their delirium tear them to pieces with their bare hands. They eat them raw & bloody in a ritual which perhaps harks back to an ancient cannabalism. In ancient myth Dionysus has particular power over women, causing them to reverse their protective behaviour towards their children, In myth it is not animals, but their own children, whom they tear to pieces in their frenzy.

blood stained

I am currently of the opinion that patriarchy may be an elaborate camouflage …


behind every great man (patriarchy)
there has to be a great women (matriarchy)…

What if a female overlord,
a “Kali’ energy/entity is,


& always has been,
running …

the show

… the show
here on earth?

Her realm is wide indeed, but the hub of her empire appears to be located in Kalifornia

In her immediate service are her very high priestesses …

at work

… human females who
religiously serve her agenda.

Below them are hoards & hoards of ‘male priestesses’.

While some of these ‘priestesses’ might be gay, many more are not, at least not openly, nevertheless …

line up1

they have all
at some point in their career
prostrated themselves …


before the goddess …


& proved their allegiance


& devotion by…


in her honour.

Let’s dig deeper.



a priest or priestess who uses magic for the purpose of curing the sick, divining the hidden, and controlling events

“Cross-dressing has been practiced …

once apron a time

… throughout much of recorded history and in many societies…


… There are many examples in Greek, Norse, and Hindu mythology.”


“To become a shaman, one had to be both man and woman …


… because a person should be the sum total of all human experiences. This idea was taken very seriously in many Siberian – and some Native American – tribes…Homosexuality and traditional – Siberian – shamanism have always been connected…Many traditional shamanic cultures offered their homosexual members the possibility of living with a partner: a gay or lesbian could become a shaman …


… and change sex, afterwards being able to marry a person of the same biological sex. Usually such transformed shamans would be looked upon with …


… awe, fear or suspicion. They were considered to have very strong and special magical powers.

While there are innumerable roads this path can, & does take we are going to focus on ‘The Kali’ in conjunction with her templemen in Hollywood.

All my research points to Dionysus/Bacchus as The Kali’s over-seeing male priestess.

I use the phrase ‘male priestess’ deliberately because we seem to be seeing a cult with definite gender issues. It seems The Kali seeks to (re)create a ‘Norman Bates relationship’ with the men who worship her. Again & again I seem to see the (stereotyped?) relationship of ‘folding’ man in the company of ‘powering over’ mother/wife:

His [Dionysus] struggle with women & femininity continues endlessley … he neither escapes from his infant dependence of woman, nor becomes manly, nor wards off maternal malignance, nor relinquishes his absorption with it.”  The Glory of Hera ~ Philip Elliot Slater

in charge

 Btw The Kali goes by other names – Demeter works just as well:


Now most of the Greeks assigned to Dionysos, … and above all to Demeter, everything of an orgiastic … nature, as well as the mystic element in initiations; and they give the name Iakchos to Dionysos as the leader-in-chief of the mysteries and the daimon attendant of Demeter.”

I suggest that this ‘daimon attendant‘ is the energy that directs…


… every show
that comes from Hollywood/entertainment industry.

This energy is of psycopathic-lood-thirsting proportions. Of extra concern to us today is its effect on activating …

torn apart

The Kali gene

in the human female:

A herd of cattle was browsing in the wood
the women seize them with unweaponed hands.
And then – you could have seen one woman brandish
in either hand limbs of a bellowing calf.
Others would rip apart a heifer as a trophy;
then you would see its ribs, its legs, its hoofs
tossed through the air, and, dangling from a fir tree,
dripping its life-blood to the gore-smeared earth.
Arrogant bulls, that charged with slashing horns,
were tripped to the ground by countless women’s hands
and stripped, O king, of skin and flesh before
you could blink the eyelids on your royal eyes.

Let’s get familiar with the Greek god Dionysus:

[He] is the god of the grape harvest …


… and wine, of ritual madness, fertility, theatre and religious ecstasy …


 … His festivals were the driving force behind the development of Greek theatre.” (Think Hollywood today).

A little background:

Dionysus’ … mother was a mortal woman, Semele, …and his father was Zeus, the king of the gods. Zeus’ wife, Hera, discovered the affair while Semele was pregnant. Appearing as an old crone … Hera befriended Semele, who confided in her that Zeus was the actual father of the baby in her womb. Hera pretended not to believe her, and planted seeds of doubt in Semele’s mind. Curious, Semele demanded of Zeus that he reveal himself in all his glory as proof of his godhood.

Though Zeus begged her not to ask this, she persisted and he agreed. Therefore he came to her wreathed in bolts of lightning …


and she perished in the ensuing blaze. Zeus rescued the unborn Dionysus by sewing him into his thigh. A few months later, Dionysus was born … fully-grown baby from his thigh.

Then begins the initiation of Dionysus’ into the Kali’s high male priestess:

Hermes then carried the child to Ino … Semele’s sister … On Hermes’ instruction, Ino disguised the divine child in girl’s clothing hoping to protect him from Hera.”

And then later …

… the young Dionysus discovered the vine and the art of making wine. Hera now struck the god with the same madness he was later to bring to others. In a delirium, Dionysus wandered to Egypt, Syria, then Phrygia … Here he met the Phrygian goddess Cybele, the Great Mother, who the Greeks identified with Rhea. Cybele whose own followers danced to the wild music of tambourines and fluted and abandoned themselves to orgiastic rites, cured Dionysus of hid madness, and she revealed to him her secret rites. From Cybele Dionysus acquired his long robes, an effeminate style of dress


Later images show him as a beardless, sensuous, naked or half-naked androgynous youth: the literature describes him as womanly or “man-womanish”.

A little more about Cybele:


Uniquely in Greek religion, she had a transgender or eunuch mendicant priesthood“.

Anyone who is actually willing to see reality as it is, as opposed to how they are politically-correctly allowed to see it, will nod their heads in understanding as this point. This is what we are seeing more & more openly now, not only through Hollywood but everywhere. A transgender priesthood designing & directing in all areas of ‘the arts’, architecture & entertainment. The Dionysian cult is in no way restricted to Hollywood.

Let’s continue:

Dionysus cult went ‘viral’ – fervently, unrepentantly, deadly.

He & his band … swept east … overcoming all who opposed them.

Many of the myths about Dionysus tell of the resistance he met when he returned from his travels in the East, bringing his new religion.

Opposing Dionysus was quite deadly:

Dionysus crosses …

on the road

… into Thrace & is opposed by Lycurgus


Lycurgus went mad & attempted to rape his mother. With a double-bitted ax he pruned off the legs of his son, whom he took for an ivy plant … An oracle announced that the king must die. The Edonians carried Lycurgus to nearby Mt Pangaeum (“bloody”) & staked him to the ground, to be eaten alive by wild horses.

Then there was the tale of the three daughters of King Minyans (the Minyads) who refused to join “the new, ecstatic religion:

Enraged, Dionysus took on the form of a lion, a bull, a panther. The room filled with the sound of drums … The threads of the loom turned into vines. Nectar & milk dripped form the furniture as darkness filled the room.
Suddenly hungering for human flesh the Minyads cast lots for their own children. They tore one child to bits and ate him. Joyful, they danced from the palace into the mountains …  Dionysus later turned them into bats

The daughters of Proetus also refused the offer of Dionysian ecstacy:

They were afflicted with a gruesome itching on their heads, a leprosy that soon covered their flesh. They went insane, thought they were cows … & began to eat their suckling infants. The disease spread to other women, who left their houses, killed their children, & wandered in the wild

For those who see themselves above such repulsive & psycopathic antics let me topple you off your high horse.

You have taken part in copious Dionysian rituals all your life.

What do you think the entertainment industry is?

And what on earth
is it doing to women?

cult worship

The black Dooms gnashing their white teeth, grim-eyed, fierce, bloody, terrifying fought over the men who were dying for they were all longing to drink dark blood. As soon as they caught a man who had fallen or one newly wounded, one of them clasped her great claws around him and his soul went down to Hades, to chilly Tartarus. And when they had satisfied their hearts with human blood, they would throw that one behind them and rush back again into the battle and the tumult.

Maybe women aren’t going around tearing their children or men to pieces (yet), but they have changed so much.

The sexualisation of young girls is but one example of how effective the Dionysian priestesses are in in-toxicating women…


…  Another is the approbation for of bloodthirsty females.

The media is also systematically devouring the male – weakening & discouraging them.

I watched the awful Indiana Jones’ Temple of Doom movie the other night, you know the one where the male priestess Steven Spielberg …


… pays his homage to Kali Ma. Afterwards I got to wondering about what was actually happening in the scene where Indian Jones/Harrison Ford swallows the ritual blood & goes into a trance. Harrison Ford was one of the most revered male heroes of the time & yet there he was weakened, powerless, evil. I think there has been a ton of male trauma put into movies & we missed it.

Back to the power of the Dionysian cult:

His followers experienced ekstasis, “standing outside oneself” … When Dionysus was present, his devotees lost their sense of personal identity & became …


one with the god … With the loss of identity came a willingness to transcend ordinary standards of decent and rational conduct … Through their enthusiastic and ecstatic communion with the god, his devotees were temporarily released from everyday life … The cult of Dionysus appealed especially to women.

Dinoysus is not someone you turn your back on:

When Dionysus comes, disaster follows. He can bring death & madness to those who favour him as well as to those who resist.”

Please note that I am in no way standing up for traditional female gender roles or the need to return to some good old days of femininity – as far as I’m concerned we have been played since day one & there are no roles worth repeating. My interest is in developing new ways of living that work with reality & are based on the deepest values of life & respect.

I hope to do a further podcast with Michael who has been working with me on these ideas – this topic is so huge that only a fraction appears here. In the meantime if you will play lightly with these ideas, I think a lot of things may begin to make sense. I’m not saying that any of this is ‘right’, but I think it is well worth deeper exploration.

~  ~  ~

Text in this colour from Chronicle of the World – Jerome Burne

Text in this colour from Classical Myth – Barry B Powell

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  1. mgs1129 replied:

    Thank you for putting all of these “eyebrow raising facts” together Alex, this has been a wild ride of research for you!

    It makes sense to consider that behind any sort of patriarchy in the world, there must be a matriarchy.

    I like how we played with the idea that if you insert the word “magic(k)” into the world, how Myths could really be considered factual.

    So much to consider, play with and explore, and I look forward to the podcast!

    Cheers my friend!

  2. Anonymous replied:

    You are on the right trackl.
    Look into the festel banquet(bacchus) of Solomon the wise for his queen Sheba. Like everything else women are fleeting, with this fore knowledge man can prepare himself. For the devil knows his time is short!

    Celibacy is the only means of salvaging ones wife, it is the beginning and salvation of marital problems. By bacchus men must go to Troy and women need to wait for their Odysseus. Foregiveness of sin is paramount, resurrection is key; 12 Labours to get home, 1 life to fulfil, we are hercules!

  3. Anonymous replied:

    When leaving for troy Odysseus played to be mad and Achilles was dressed as a girl(celibacy), this is very important. Compulsion is only derived through causality and the necessity to respond, so why did they act like this? Your answer “female overlords”, my response to you; correct!

    By setting a certain amount of time apart for women to act promiscuous man can resolve inner conflicts. There is a catch however for the wages of sin is death. Is man strong enough to overcome negativity like grief, jealousy, hatred. Is man grounded enough to not be clouded by worldly ambitions so that he might return to his beloved, or does he fall for another? Can he deal with the uncertainty of her ever turnung back(lilith, mary magdalene), however much he is battered with lies?

    In the end it’s just a mathematical equation. If so, can we resolve it at any time? No it’s a formula with time as its variable. And it’s all a matter of time for the right ritual takes place, this births causality and the necessity to respond. One could see life itself as a ritual but now I’m digressing. Mythology lays it all out for those willing to see, iphigenia.

    Hollywood directs us to promiscuity & the church has taken a monopoly on celibacy. They claim no wife for their own but the church(female), a madness that can only result in pederasty for every soul seeks to be loved. Divide and conquer by sin so that the populace can be/needs to be managed to a fault.

    The world is poison and only by finding truth as a base and then to proceed by inner judgement can we return to our natural dualistic state. Where man(center, sol) and woman(periphery, shadow) might live redeemed.

  4. Mick replied:

    Great introduction. I think you are hitting a bullseye. Problem is we are not living a reality but many at once. All aspects of society are ritual magick, we just don’t allow ourselves to see it. And it is sex and death ritual with the currency being blood. All sun deities (they were either female originally or born from the Earth) crave blood. The red ichor must be shed for Life to continue – or so we are subconsciously told. Sex and Death – the Green and the Gold.

    A big part of this crux is that we refuse to accept fully that this particular physical kabuki play we are in is just one act of a much greater performance. And another issue we run from is that we are not what or who we believe ourselves to be. We are not whole beings, we are conglomerates, and echoes at that. The Dionysian madness is now virtually universal, and soon to become universally virtual.

    I have been following the same trail as you, and your insight and articulation is inspiring.

    Many thanks :-)

  5. Mark replied:

    I can see where you are coming from, in my life i would always like to keep things as small as possible so that they are in my locus of control. If my decissions don’t impact then im not really concerned.

    This on one hand confines, but on the other gives perceived power of control. Every great idea how outragious it might be, must be condensed to something workable like a tool. This is not something i consciously do, but it always is the result of my line of reasoning.

    Example: the other day I was thinking about moses and his burning bush, nonbelievers shout out impossible you cannot talk to a bush. But thinking about it, it occured to me that the burning bush could mean the children of Israel. Burning could mean overheating or exploding, much like the babyboomers exploded unto the scene. So what have we?

    We have a promiscuous population procreating(burning bush) in a confined geographical area known as egypt. Now look at the 10 plagues with a bit of imagination you can relate them all to overpopulation.

    Not every acorn will grow into a strong oak, meaning; a multiplicity of people will never be able to control their own emotions and perish. Now you can see how a strong wave or sea of people come in and out of existence, all through “(un)natural” desires. What to do about it? This to me is the pragmatism behind religion. End of example.

    Now if the mythology of resurrection is true, which i believe it is, then we might have a chance in our personal lives. Accept that there are powers at work from the shadows that control/guide human exsistence throughout the ages; yet we can still choose to live out our lives in “freedom”.

    Don’t forget those that are in power have no real understanding of it, they are just hired servants in service of the dark. Even if they perform satanic death rituals; do they have the power to mourn loss? Or do they weep because they can’t, for stone hearts is all they have.

    Freedom is defined by being bonded to your purpose. What is your purpose? This again leads back to theology/mythology, and ultimately to your spouse, thus procreation, adding more fual to the fire for another cycle of death and destruction.

    We can only end up with this infinite regression pattern thus let “them” buffer/manage this population i say, it is our job to create strong branches that do NOT perish. For they have no real power over us if we are forewarned and guided by the good shepherd a.k.a. understanding.

    “They Live (1988)” they say, but who were they really talking about? us? maybe we are not so unlucky after all!

  6. Dennis replied:

    Great horned toads, me thinks much wisdom is enjoyed in this post/essay. It must be required reading for the ones with ears to listen. My name is Dennis, this reality was discovered by me many years ago. What profound syntax, to shine forth is key! Dennis

  7. stephanie replied:

    You know I have to say I don’t agree with you on this one. But I’m so moved by the scope of the idea that I must congratulate you on the article at any rate. I totally agreed with your last two paragraphs though. I think the important thing is to dismantle the illusion piece by piece, which you’ve helped me to do a lot throughout the years. Thanks for the article!

  8. suliwebster replied:

    I always think of california kalifornia as Cali Fornication. It takes the leading role in sexualising us. (or US).

    Bees require sexed gender plants to get their pollen to feed their Queen. Most plants do not need bees to survive. Sex is essential for the Queen to survive and also the hive mentality of serving males.

    The whole post reminds me of the Black Widow spider who eats her mate. Consume Ate… or Consummate, consume mate. To me, the spiders nest equates to the Vatican, which is the centre of the web. The Vatican is run by men in flowing robes that declare themselves celibate. Maybe to avoid being eaten. Could Cali Kali be Ca(tho)li ? Could the Vatican cardinals (another cali like word, cali’s dinner maybe) be the male priestesses of Kali ?

    Princess Kate/Catherine is Ka/Ca. Is she a Kali ? She looks witchy to me, especially dressed in black for Poppy Pope Day, or in green in her portarit.


    • Mick replied:

      Celibate men who consummate children, especially young boys. Much as the Tibetan monks did with young girls. A form of Tantra, dedicated to Kali.

    • Mark replied:

      To me Kali is in every single woman, she is a force of nature. Man must return to the earth(like a sexual rehab) while she satisfies her thirst. Its like a little death but luckiliy we can resurrect, the only solution to the equation.

      But first we need to recognize the darkside in each and everyone of us. And understand what resurretion really means. To resurrect/reincarnate, to quicken the body and the spirit. We need to understand the manual without corrupting ourselves by evil.

      Always try to focus inward and suffer the consequences of reason. The outside world is a mere manifestation of the cumulative sum of whats inside everybody, a sign on the wall. But let it be for signs only, a tool to find greater understanding instead of a trap wating to ensnare you by means of wrath. The fight is at home!

  9. Iain replied:

    Kudos to you, it’s hard for women to criticise the “sisterhood.” I finally got to finish a post on this very subject: It’s rambling and offensive to all the right people, and might give you some ideas for your next post.

    • freeagent replied:

      um this blog entry is incredible! i wish i could find synchronicities like this. i have to rethink toolonginthisplaces article now. i had a kneejerk reaction to it initially but i think you guys may be onto something. i always felt like the goddess religion was reemerging in plain sight. who run the world? girls (c)bey

  10. Mick replied:

    Iain, read your excellent article. For consideration:
    For the entire post-Vedic Indian culture (i.e., for both Hinduism and Buddhism), the goddess Kali represents the horror mother of our decadent last days, which bear her name as the Kali yuga. Therefore, she is the “mistress of history”. More comprehensively — she is considered to be the personification of manifest time (kala) itself. In translation, the word kali means both the feminine form of ‘time’ and also the color ‘black’. As such, for Hinduism the goddess symbolized the apocalyptic “black hole” into which the entire material universe vanishes at the end of time. The closer we draw to the end of a cosmic cycle, the thicker the “darkness” becomes.
    Her male counterpole and Buddhist challenger, Kalachakra, attempts — one could conclude from Waddell’s interpretation — to wrench the “Wheel of Time” from her, in order to himself become “Lord of History” and establish a worldwide androcentric Buddhocracy. In the current and the coming eon he wants that he and he alone has control over time. It is thus a matter of which of the two sexes controls the evolution of the complete polar universe — she as goddess or he as god? When the tantric master as the representative of the time god on earth succeeds in conquering the goddess Kali, then he has — according to tantric logic — cleared the way on his path to exclusive patriarchal world domination.
    Aggression toward one another is thus the basis of the relation between the two gender-pretenders to the “time throne”. But the Buddhist Kalachakra god appears to proceed more cleverly than his Hindu opponent, Kali Vishvamata. Using magic techniques he understands how to goad the aggressive sexuality of the goddess and nonetheless bring it under his control.
    We shall later see that it is also his intention to destroy the existing universe, which bears the name Kali yuga. For this reason he is extremely interested in the destructive aspects of time (kali) or, respectively, in the destructive power of the goddess, who can crush all forms of existence beneath her. “What is Kalachakrayana?”, a contemporary tantra commentator asks, and answers revealingly, “The word kala means time, death and destruction. Kalachakra is the wheel of destruction” (Dasgupta, 1974, p. 65).


    Does evil as we perceive it need a sex? Surely it uses both as the act in the play demands.

    It is interesting that Thor is to be recast as female in the next movie, and that the Master in Doctor Who is now female (and in control of the Cybermen, lol). The wonderful world of Mother Machine, eh?

    Respect to both you and Alex.

  11. Mick replied:

    Apologies for adding more, I will make this the last. Re the energy of a true goddess being syphoned to create a reality:
    In a further myth, non-Buddhist Tibet itself appears as the embodiment of Srinmo (Janet Gyatso, 1989, p. 44). The local demoness is said to have resisted the introduction of the true teaching by the Buddhist missionaries from India with all means at her disposal, with weaponry and with magic, until she was ultimately defeated by the great king of law, Songtsen Gampo (617-650), an incarnation of Avalokiteshvara (and thus of the current Dalai Lama). “The lake in the Milk plane,” writes the Tibet researcher Rolf A. Stein, “where the first Buddhist king built his temple (the Jokhang), represented the heart of the demoness, who lay upon her back. The demoness is Tibet itself, which must first be tamed before she can be inhabited and civilized. Her body still covers the full extent of Tibet in the period of its greatest military expansion (eighth to ninth century C.E.). Her spread-eagled limbs reached to the limits of Tibetan settlement … In order to keep the limbs of the defeated demoness under control, twelve nails of immobility were hammered into her” (Stein, 1993, p.34). A Buddhist temple was raised at the location of each of these twelve nailings.
    Mysterious stories circulate among the Tibetans which tell of a lake of blood under the Jokhang, which is supposed to consist of Srinmo’s heart blood. Anyone who lays his ear to the ground in the cathedral, the sacred center of the Land of Snows, can still — many claim — hear her faint heartbeat. A comparison of this unfortunate female fate with the subjugation of the Greek dragon, Python, at Delphi immediately suggests itself. Apollo, the god of light (Avalokiteshvara), let the earth-monster, Python (Srinmo), live once he had defeated it so that it would prophesy for him, and built over the mistreated body at Delphi the most famous oracle temple in Greece.
    The earth demoness is nailed down with phurbas. These are ritual daggers with a three-sided blade and a vajra handle. We know these already from the Kalachakra ritual, where they are likewise employed to fixate the earth spirits and the earth mother. The authors who have examined the symbolic significance of the magic weapon are unanimous in their assessment of the aggressive phallic symbolism of the phurba.
    In their view, Srinmo represents an archetypal variant of the Mother Earth figure known from all cultures, whom the Greeks called Gaia (Gaea). As nature and as woman she stands in stark contrast to the purely spiritual world of Tantric Buddhism. The forces of wilderness, which rebel against androcentric civilization, are bundled within her. She forms the feminine shadow world in opposition to the masculine paradise of light of the shining Amitabha and his radiant emanation son, Avalokiteshvara. Srinmo symbolizes the (historical) prima materia, the matrix, the primordial earthly substance which is needed in order to construct a tantric monastic empire, then she provides the gynergy, the feminine élan vitale, with which the Land of Snows pulsates. As the vanquisher of the earth goddess, Avalokiteshvara triumphs in the form of King Songtsen Gampo, that is, the same Bodhisattva who, as a monkey, earlier engendered with Srinmo the Tibetans in myth, and who shall later exercise absolute dominion from the “Roof of the World” as Dalai Lama.


    One can widen this myth into an analogy of the control of ‘reality’ itself. Puts a whole new light on those wonderful ‘neolithic’ geomantic monuments.

  12. Iain replied:

    Thanks for the extra info, Mick. Far as I can see the only way this machine-world is “androcentric” is that men outside the gay Circus are raised as cattle – goyim – to build the very prisons and bombs that enslave and blow them up. It takes a lot of male blood to keep this thing running. And women are programmed to kick men in the nuts too, into the bargain. I find Riddley Scott’s (Taxing Riddle) Alien to be telling – an androgynous weaver-woman protects a soulless technocracy miles from earth, by setting fire to the powerful primal darkness, which incidentally resembles a big hungry penis. And the spaceship is run by a computer called “mother”, whose decisions cannot be questioned.

    • Mick replied:

      Yep, you may well have something with the copy of a copy bit, since this is definitely a simulacra. Incidentally, tantra means to weave, which is what Sigourney does with herself at the end of the uncut version.

      As a personal aside, when I was a youngster of about 7, me and my best friend had a game we’d play called God. We’d run around the local allotments and waste ground pretending we had escaped from heaven, fleeing the elite angels he’d send after us. We’d imagine them as Barbarella style warriors in mini-skirts and thigh length platforms of white leather. If (or rather when) they caught us they’d take us back for re-programming. I blame it on being a sixties kid.

  13. Max replied:

    I just drop this because I think this some sort of fits here, since it is about female leadership (I haven’t fully come to a conclusion about this).

    Next year, on March 26th & 27th there is going to be a conference in Switzerland, in the Victoria-Jungfrau (Victorious Virgin/Young Woman?) Grand Hotel & Spa Interlaken:

    The League of Leading Ladies (
    ( LLL = 777 ;-) )

    March 26th is the the Synaxis of the Holy Archangel Gabriel, the day on which Gabriel allegedly anounced to Virgin Mary that the Son of God will incarnate from her. It’s the day on which the All-Pure Virgin is glorified.

    Dr. Auma Obama, sister of American President Barack Obama, is one of the lined-up speakers.
    (She studied German) ;-)

    The other speakers and the workshop hosts might be of interest, too. I personally hold the viewpoint that there are well meaning people amongst them until I am clearly proven otherwise.

    From the LLL website:

    “The time is right for strong female leaders”

    “It’s[The League of Leading Ladies] a mindset

    (Mindset = Mindpattern = God = Spirit?)

    “And all of our LLL members want to be One Voice for Women with a Vision.”

    Men are invited to this conference, too, and there is at least one guy who will host a workshop.

    Further Play with Mary:

    Virgin Mary = Bloody Mary = American Mary = Romerican Mary = Kali

  14. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks to everyone for their insightful comments which I know have proved valuable & interesting to readers here.

    Forgive me for not replying individually, I have many things I am working on at present – however there is a new podcast about to be posted which I hope will add to your play :)

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