Thummmming our nose at Kalynsus – podcast

Join Michael & I for an updated exploration into the
Dynamic Kali/Dionysus Duo…


… & their followers.

In particular we look at the potentially devastating effects on the human female.

At the end of the podcast Michael & I continued our discussion a little longer.

Michael had mentioned reading about the Saturnian Cult within Hollywood – in particular in Sci-fi shows. Lurking within the word Saturn we have satyr.

In Greek mythology, a satyr  … is one of a troop of ithyphallic male companions of Dionysus with horse-like (equine) features, including a horse-tail, horse-like ears, and …


… sometimes a horse-like phallus

When I asked Michael for three words to describe his understanding of this cult he came up with:

  • hierarchical
  • militaristic
  • invasive

From there we can branch out into a famous militaristic sci-fi series & see satyrs


… where no satyrs were seen before.


Or listen to our podcast below:


November 16, 2014. Uncategorized.


  1. Mick replied:

    Men & women sexual exchange (within one to one relationship) – energy exchange, if realised and done consciously is true tantra (weaving of energies) – changes brainwave patterns, improves awareness and immune system, allows one to attain ‘shamanistic’ abilities, once the birthright of every human being (a long, long time ago – before ‘the way was shut’).


    • mgs1129 replied:

      I can speak from my own male point of view, and say there is plenty of validation in that statement Mick.


  2. Schro replied:

    @Mick Any two or more of the same species can create resonance between or entrain others brainwave frequencies by sharing a new space and routine for a couple days, it’s just how the cellular signaling in mutual nonlinear states works, that’s why animals develop packs. People and their same sex friends do it all the time though possibly unconsciously, there’s nothing inherently sexual about it; you can witness the same ‘ability’ between a musical dj and the crowd they’re playing for. I recognize the importance it may have but making it into a romantic fantasy of lovers recovering their ‘birthright’ is a bit shortsighted, while it may serve as the simplest ‘explanation’ for introduction it mostly only distracts from its true potential and possible meaning.


    • Mick replied:

      Very true. I was commenting on a point made in the podcast. Neither would I fluffy bunny a genuine energetic sharing into a romantic fantasy. It is only my opinion but our modern concept of sex is very much debased. The levels of experience and perception that it involves is what new agers would call multi-dimensional, and they do seem to fluffy bunny most things. And no, it is not often the best way to begin a long lasting partnership. As for the birthright, that exists on more levels than the physical. A Biblical example, in parable form, would be the Old Testament tale of Esau and Jacob, and the blessing given by Isaac. But please don’t consider that I am promoting Judaism, it just sprang to mind. Thanks for thinking about what I wrote :-)


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Hi Schro,

      If memory serves, during the podcast, I was not referencing any romantic notions of lost birthrights. However, what I was alluding too was energetic fields, exchanges, and tetra-polarity.

      Big groups of men get together, there is too much “testosterone” in the room, sometimes a big pissing match starts.

      Big groups of women get together, and a large dose of Oxytocin is released.

      There isn’t anything sexual about that either. Not quite sure where you were going with your statement, but in a gay/lesbian relationship, you cannot get the same energy exchange that you do with a male/female relationship. I think that was the original statement we were attempting to point out.



  3. Mick replied:

    I think with the point about the frenzied Maenads and the effects of orgasm, we have to consider that such a physiological/psychological state would have been kick-started with psychotropic drugs. Writers, such as John Allegro, David Lewis-Williams and Graham Hancock have researched their use stretching back into Palaeolithic times. In the Eleusinian Mysteries a brew concocted from a derivative of the ergot fungus seems to have been used. So it stands to reason that the followers of Dionysus would partake of something similar. Nowadays, our drug use is pandemic and that’s without indulging in the recreational varieties. Our psychological state can be influenced just by drinking tap water. There’s certainly a scientific concern about pharmaceutical trace elements leeching into the water supplies, as well as increased levels of oestrogen. Schro mentioned djs and crowds. A big part of the rave scene was and is the consumption of ecstasy or ketamine to experience ecstasy. And this brings us back into the realm of techno-kaos magick. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.


  4. Zero Weaver replied:

    “She’s a Killer Queen
    Gunpowder, gelatine
    Dynamite with a laser beam
    Guaranteed to blow your mind

    Recommended at the price
    Insatiable an appetite
    Wanna try?” – song Killer Queen by band Queen

    Are we being traumatized or guided through something traumatic? Before listening to this podcast, I got to thinking of America’s “First Lady”. What of First Man, i.e. Adam?

    Primal Woman = First Lady, gives birth to First Man; from First Man comes Second Woman. First Man and Second Woman give birth to Next Human.

    What would a fetus think of the birth event if it possessed conscious awareness during? Old Man grows feeble and fades into nothing. Primal Woman awakens, tears creation apart giving birth to First Man. Second Woman created from First Man. From Next Human, Next Man impregnates Primal Woman. Primal Woman awakens Old man grows feeble and fades into nothing. yada yada yada Wash, rinse, repeat.


  5. Mick replied:

    Here is a recent article on male addiction to internet porn, related to what is termed the Coolidge Effect:


  6. Mick replied:

    This article by VC makes your point:

    You may well interpret differently than VC does.

    Right, I’ve been on here much too much. Time to go back to the woods (thank fuck for that I hear you say). Thanks for the great info, Alex x


  7. sineadmcarthy replied:

    Awesome podcast guys! Isn’t it interesting how this movie “Frozen’ just came out. I see every single little girl walking around w a “Frozen” shirt on, or a “Frozen” doll, or a “Frozen” themed Birthday party. They are obsessed! The movie involves a young lady who has the power to freeze everything around her when she gets upset. Michael Tsarion did a series on the women of the Illuminati. I agree that the Illuminati is just a cover, but I digress. He states a hypothesis he has, that a long time ago women was responsible for nearly decimating the earth,and we remember this somewhere way back in our psyche. He states that this may be the reason for some of the actual, and not made up, oppression of women that we see around the world. That somewhere in the back of our minds we remember what women did, I see this hatred of men, tricking women into thinking they are “gay”. My cousin all of a sudden became a lesbian a few months ago, and it’s really weird. I know she’s really not a lesbian but she has this Lady GaGa programming running her life. Well I hope at least some of that made sense hahaha great job guys!


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Thanks Sinead!

      Yeah I’ve seen a lot of the Frozen items by “Disney” which Alex and I are researching right now as the Dionysus indoctrination starting point for it all.

      I’m not sure on Tsarion’s viewpoint on almost wiping out the world, but there could be a trauma in our species that does remember a large event involving women.

      I agree with you on the engineered “hatred of men” via Hollywood and the MUSE-IC (music) Industry. You can see it in every music video just about now and hear it in the lyrics. When I do catch the odd music video at the gym, the videos with the female singers are either making fun of men in a humorous way, or they are putting them down and destroying them.

      One theory to play with is that something could have inserted itself into Humanity via the Feminine, something unnatural, and had to be subdued for that time being. However, it still remained, and decided that “gay priestesses” (men) were closer to their energy and made great servants…a non threat to their dominance. Thus, a false Patriarchy was put into place, to put down the Human feminine that was the only real threat to them. Now with all the build up and pointing fingers that men have kept women suppressed and down thanks to controlled history, media, movies, etc.etc. they can engineer the Kali-like rage towards men. It feels like from the 1960s to the 1990s, the social engineers brought in the female anger, and started to really push it thru, along with the “gay agenda” I will call it. With all the technology speeding up and things happening quickly, that 30 years was not a lot of time to stage this. When we turned the 2000 corner, suddenly thru music and movies/t.v. you can see the kick ass angry females…after 2012 (the huge Human HEART sacrifice ritual), now it feels like a huge “push” to separate men and women all together now. I know its impossible to do that, but maybe they only need 51% of the “Western World” to capitulate to that?

      Perhaps :-) Thanks for listening!


      • Mick replied:

        It’s amazing how you can come across a laptop when not expecting it. 2012 – the Huge Human HEART sacrifice ritual. I always found it curious that whenever the British media wrote about the Mayan calendar they would show the Aztec sun stone. Human hearts were needed by that Norse inspired people to feed the sun. Might as well wave the Atl-Tlachinolli about and claim you’re here for peace. Doesn’t wash, at least not in my bath.
        None of it will work in the end. You can’t overlay something deep and powerful with virtual crap and expect it to hold. A bit like a tiny shoot of grass forcing its way thru concrete – the concrete cracks and the grass grows strong.
        ‘They’ tried it with twatting the Earth good style. Minor concussion for a bit – then we wake up :-)


  8. Mick replied:

    I just wanted to add before I hit the foliage Karla Turner’s book ‘Taken’ where she interviews 10 female ufo abductees. Many of them had experiences where orgasm was induced at some point in their abductions. A couple of the experiencers thought that this was done for the emotional energy quality that was given off while they were in an orgasmic state. There is the suspicion that this was being consumed.

    This is a huge subject that opens a veritable can of worms, especially when children are brought into the equation. Most people are unwilling to face it, preferring to hide in societal programming or become titillated voyeurs.

    We forget that in many ancient societies recreational sex was performed in temples as offerings to the gods, often with the use of psychedelics.

    We exist in a temporal duality of which the 2 pillars are sex and death – Thanateros.


  9. Mark replied:

    Dear Alex,

    I was listening and i felt like i wanted to add something. You said that as a woman you’re either good or bad, in or out. When you enjoy sex you are out.

    For men you assume that it’s all just enjoyment. And although true for most, it is entirely erroneous. For men if you enjoy sex you are in, if you don’t you are out! This places a lot of doubt on young men or the less promiscuous. It will directly lower his social status.

    Now what did God say to Lot? Get OUT of Sodom! and to us he said Get OUT of Babylon!

    Read my earlier replies again. If monogomy(Noach’s Rainbow) is to be realized man must turn celibate once their wifes turn promiscuous which she will most certainly do! (Flood) He must face up to his friends and say no i dont enjoy another woman i’d rather die, im out! He must wait out till Kali collapses on herself, which will happen for she is like a fever and cannot sustain herself(receding Waters). And he himself will be crucified for betraying his own nature, he must face death by building an Arc(or a coffin).

    2% doubt is what kills a man, man must be a 100% certain about who his wife is and that he can endure “death”!

    Going West all men sail off to Troy never to return, unless there is NO room for Doubt.

    Truth movement is bunk (or ambition for that matter). We the 99.9% only need to come to terms with the 0.1% for they are just running a program to provide us clues on how to really live. The question is how can you return from this addiction to inadequacy and turn to your spouse.


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