satyrdaynight evil – podcast

Join Michael & I as we delve into the murky
satyr-driven world


of comedy
& warn of the perils


wishing upon a satyr.


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November 23, 2014. Uncategorized.


  1. Zero Weaver replied:

    Rambling thoughts while listening:

    Satyr Day Knights.

    The Fool is both (and neither) the first and last card – numbered 0 – and represents complete openness (empty vessel), so any initiate into the class of human channel is represented by the Fool, no matter the person’s rank. The Magician, in older decks the Juggler, is a distractor, a wonder-worker, a hype-man, a con man – I’m thinking talk show hosts and comedians are represented here. High Priestess: Michael you mentioned the east and west coasts of the USA and I had had a similar thought recently of Washington DC and Hollywood as being the two columns seen in Masonic imagery, as well as Kabbalah and in the tarot deck on the card of the High Priestess, where she sits between them. I feel like Madonna and Oprah seem to fit here, with Oprah based in eastern Chicago; is there a third, unseen, Priestess, though (trifold feminine)? Then the Empress; I think we have our pop stars and starlets, our drag queens and tv stars, our major celebrities here – the Empress is sexy, ripe, alluring, abundantly giving, pregnant with new life, overtly feminine. Next the Emperor, which is the Patriarchy, overt masculinity – politics and politicians here, business leaders, architects, educators (who structure minds), etc. Then the Hierophant, or High Priest (in older decks, The Pope) – Religion and religious leaders, all manner of ideological leaders, and I would include scientists here as well. I could go on forever about tarot, but I won’t…

    Funny thing, the pronunciation of maenad is Me-nad (MEANad).

    Sounds like the compassion disappears during a woman’s orgasm.

    About relationship, the fear of being drained reminded me of the movie Hancock – (spoiler alert) Will Smith and Charlize Theron as super-human alien soulmates who, if they unite they lose their superpowers and grow human, grow old and eventually die. Hm… Ok, back to the tarot – After the Hierophant comes The Lovers, which is not about romantic relationship so much as it’s about choice – and specifically, it references the choice to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; it’s about the Fall of humankind from ignorant peace to enlightened chaos.

    For my personal take on things: I think there are forces of what we could call good and evil – there are terrible and terrific entities in this world. Some want to tear us to shreds in an orgiastic ecstasy of hatred; others want to to love us into submission to paradise on earth. I think a part of being human is to be a channel. So, yes, we are initiated in childhood because of the fact that we are born. Every culture has initiation rites; it is unavoidable. And being initiated into the experience of being a conscious battleground for polarized forces sucks. No culture will ever create an initiation that doesn’t suck and that is not traumatic. I aim for the middle ground. I have what would be called vices, which are activities that invoke destructive entities. But I also have virtues, which invoke creative entities. We are, in a way, a battleground for these energies. If we host an entity of a certain polarity, we are tacitly invoking the opposite polarity to strive to become embodied in us. If we come back to emptiness often enough, though, we can perhaps know and remember that our essence is emptiness, and that we have the choice as to which entities we host and when.

    Enough ranting from me. Thank you both for another excellent discussion.


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Howdy Zero Weaver!

      My apologies for taking so long to reply, but I did enjoy your creative thoughts. Not only does Saturday Night Live come to mind, but also Saturday Night Fever…and Alex and I were discussing how that movie was centered around “disco dancing” which the Maenads and Satyrs are all about…

      What we are seeing on the Macrocosm scale with the structured society (i.e. the Tarot correlations as you pointed out in your comment), must be taking place on a Microcosm scale too. Which makes me wonder now, about how much hidden Kabbalistic doctrine there was in movies, music, games like Dungeons & Dragons (which I can state I had seen), video games, etc.etc. that we swallowed down into us…that would have been digested into the Microcosm? Perhaps.

      As many of us have seen of Hollywood, they like to “flip things” on it’s head or upside down, so the Hancock example to me would be opposite if Hollywood is presenting it…I think it would be a greater strength, with the two joining up and creating a “3rd” (relationship). I could be stretching things a bit, but it feels “more powerful” that way. Of course, the way its presented in Hancock, is another brilliant subliminal to separate the sexes…I also stated in a prior podcast, that I feel right now, it is the “big push” to separate males and females now in society.

      I will have to play devils advocate on the channel statement…because of the research and life experiences I have encountered…granted, I have dug into my own research and did an experiment that bared “fruit” recently…back when I did my own blog The Hidden Agendas, I did quite a bit of research, and reading, of Blavatsky, Crowley, and Bailey, just to name a few. I also researched John Dee, and did do quite a bit of reading on Alchemy, etc. Finally, I came to a conclusion that Astrology has one the biggest impacts on our world here (it’s a gigantic structure, clock, time lock, whatever one would like to call it). What I did was run a very detailed chart using my own and Alex’s birthdates/times/locations, and then I had run across Franz Bardon’s works. I compared the information given in the astrological chart to information Bardon had on Genii, Intelligences, etc. and their degrees/angles (angels). What I came up with was pretty astonishing…however, I did digress :-) back to the channel thought…nowhere, in Bardon’s work so far have I seen any relinquishing yourself to being a channel. I do really think that’s how Hollywood, and the Music Industry works…or how lots of the systems that are setup in this Structure work…I believe, if memory serves, Bardon did state that ” a true magician never relinquishes their individuality”, which in my humble interpretation, is not “opening up” to entities/angles/angels/etc. That is a personal choice however :-)

      Brilliant insights, and thank you for posting them!


      • Mick replied:

        I played the original D & D when I was a kid. The whole game is a magickal mystery play incarnated, just through the acting of role play. The technical workings of the spell is through the use of the dice, which are based on the platonic solids. I loved playing it as I instinctively knew it was making magick. As Zero Weaver said, it can be good or bad – your choice.


  2. shatteredbutterfly replied:

    I would actually say Jim Carrey is now “King of Hollywood.” He was recently on SNL, and dressed up as… Elvis! You really can’t make this stuff up. But he was no ordinary elvis, he was Hellvis, lol. Adam Sandler is a business man, and I don’t sense him channelling any entities accept the muse of stupidity ;)


    • Zero Weaver replied:

      You reminded me of this recent Jim Carrey moment:


      • shatteredbutterfly replied:

        Whoa, that was pretty weird actually.
        So who’s winning when Jim Carrey talks about the Illuminati? He mentioned he was a senior member in an snl skit too, so it’s an on going theme he’s got lately.


      • mgs1129 replied:

        The Illuminutti eh? The brick wall everyone hits in their search it seems to stop the questioning and diversion? In Kaballistic magic the Magical Triangle is very powerful–not only because it represents the Trinity (God, the Alpha and the Omega), but because the Triangle is a diagram of the 3-dimensional world, by which we understand the mental, astral, and physical…and the power of the number 3 is behind it as well…so seeing this “Illuminnutti” triangle thrown up by everyone, is actually more than just them being goofy or subservient or a distraction.


  3. Max replied:

    Alex, when you mentioned this thing about Mickey Mouse, it came to my mind that Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket is a movie about the initiation (or indoctrination) into the Dionysian cult. At the end of the movie, the soldiers sing a song about Mickey Mouse. Further more, the name of the movie’s protagonist is Joker.

    Consider, on how many instances soldiers/warriors are depicted as jokers/fools. The Comedian from Alan Moore’s Watchmen is a good example, here.


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Thanks Max! The symbolism in many of the movies, aren’t always concrete and visual..many of them are audible and wordplay :-) Do you find Alan Moore a bit creepy looking? LOL


      • Max replied:

        There are pictures on which he looks a bit intimidating but sometimes he appears to me just like a weird hippy uncle. ;-)


  4. Mick replied:

    Whatever one thinks of Makow this article seems pertinent:


  5. mgs1129 replied:

    Hey Mick,

    I did read the Satanist mind article pointed out, and it does have some pertinence to it.

    I am just starting to see some relevant connection between the Sex/Death structure in place, and the semen/blood correlation, but even greater than that is the semen/blood connection with the Ether or Akasha principle…which is our connection to “God” or the 5th element…it explains quite a bit why humans have been used for sex/death so overtly.


    • Mick replied:

      Here’s a thought:
      Take the orthodox view (Theosophical style) of Creation as a 7 descending level system. Take this as a Grand Game. My general knowledge is very sparse, but the material used to form this game is Prakriti, known to us as the Great Goddess, La Pacha Mama. The fundamental energy of creation is female, whichever level you are on. In my personal cosmology (the one I choose to play with at the moment) the immanent aspect of God is female and She is called Susan. The Devil is called Bob, as represented by various ‘Bobby’ celebrities (Dylan, Hoskins and De Niro). The same principle of duality applies on each level, synthesised by a Third which is activated by conscious consciousness. Doesn’t really matter what you call it, it is the experiencing that counts (and what you do with it) – which is the Magickal Working. We are consciousness. We are Deciders, Doers and Creators. We can be Disrupters and Destructors if we want, but that’s a bit pooey, desu ne? Computer games are a wonderful simulacra, a mirror image, of the Grand Game. It is very interesting that another level is being created with Digital Virtual Reality. The same rules will apply. Though it may well descend into the Qlipoth.


  6. Mark replied:

    [it has been a few weeks that i took note of this podcast. I must confess that I did not listen to all of the podcast but I like the direction with the satyrs. It gives a clearer view of the seperation between man and woman.

    I hope you dont mind if i evangelize one more time because it gives credence to all that is.

    Everything has its proper place, demons serve their purpose, Who we have fellowship with is our choice alone.]

    There is a perfect dichotomy between man and woman in a typological sense. To accept this means that we must live by it, less you be a hypocrite.

    On the one hand we have the asexual male [Matthew 19:12],
    on the other the hyper sexual female [Revelation 17:5].

    One walks alone pondering the riddle of steel like a true king [ Movie: Conan the Barbarian],
    the other walks the walk of shame, being service by Satyrs. [Holywood: Male promiscuity].

    Satyrs in a sense can be seen as Mogwai turned into Gremlins by being fed after midnight [Bacchus ritual of what we consider “normal” but what is in fact unnatural sex, nothing more than a carnal game of musical chairs]


    The symbol of the virgin Mary is an adult woman, one could say an experienced woman.
    Christ is depicted as an infant, inexperienced in the art of copulation – how fitting!

    Now you might wonder how can this be? An experienced woman, a virgin? The answer lies in [b]CHOICE[b].
    At the moment a woman recognises her husband (spouse, flame, fling, crush), at that instant, a star is born.
    And when all the flames of the satyrs are extinguished the [b]HOUSE OF BREAD[b] is revealed to her, this is the star of Bethlehem or Christ appearing at the stoning of Mary Magdalene [John 8:7].

    Choice is the immaculate conception because it is in enmity with insemenation. Hence the man on the cross, unable to choose for himself provides an oppertunity for choice and delegates it to love. He is a Hero in the truest sense of the word – a pure & living sacrifice!

    Knowing what will come to pass will give man the grit needed to shine and rise again, he will be able to attain freedom from all forms of bondage and salvage that which was lost in the process of [b]CHOICE[b]. The addition of character will turn men into Kings in the name of Love of the Lord.


  7. Jaxx replied:

    The word comedy…come-dy… It reminded me for some reason of the Pixar Monsters movie…laughter has so much more energy than scream…and there’s always the various “monsters” that we’re conditioned to fear when younger but alas..look they’re only there to make and collect your laughter..which empowers the monster world. I’m only about 5 minutes into the podcast n thus first impressions…Thank you for your tireless work to open our eyes to see the Real-its around us!!


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