start from home

Humans wish other humans happiness –
its what we do.

happy wishes

If we’re not doing that –
something is fucked up.

fucked up

I guess something is fucked up.

However today
Sinead, Michael & I …


… wish you all happiness.

We had a nourishing conversation earlier &
all are welcome to listen.
see below

Meanwhile Max has been busy on Humanizenz
he made a fun pic …

no salt

… for the enjoyment of all –
it’s what humans do
if things aren’t fucked up.

Even if things are fucked up
we can still do many things –
but we do need to start
from home.

Hugs & best wishes to all


Or listen to our podcast below:


December 21, 2014. Uncategorized.


  1. mgs1129 replied:

    We had a little difficulty with internet connection, as Sinead was reporting live from the ISS Space Station, she was our “Chemtrail Eye In The Sky”. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do to clear up the transmission :-)

  2. Max replied:

    I enjoyed the podcast! It’s a cool thing that you used art from HZ for your article, Alex!

    Your comment about shopping malls and time ties in well with this blog commentary by transceiverfreq about virtual reality:

    “Depending on the experience you are having in VR scale and time can change. Like a casino or grocery store most VR doesn’t have a clock or work on a kind of regular time and so you can get lost in it for a very long time. Circadian is thrown off and you lizard brain gets confused about sounds and tactile sense.”
    Source: NET LAG IS REAL!

    Probably, I will drop some more comments, for which I have to distill my thoughts, first. ;-)

  3. Max replied:

    I wish you all a happy new year!

    • mgs1129 replied:

      Ditto Max!

  4. humanizenz replied:

    Best wishes returned from every angle :)

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