pulling you pushing me

Over two centuries ago, the effect of color depth perception was first noted by Goethe … in which he recognized blue as a receding color and yellow/red as a protruding color. He argued that, “like we see the high sky, the far away mountains, as blue, in the same way a blue field seems to recede … One can stare at a perfectly yellow/red field, then the color seems to pierce into the organ”.” Wiki


Please note:

This article has nothing to do with red or blue pills.

My intention, is to broach
the topic of …


… smouldering eyes
& foreheads.

How crazy is that?

If you’re a man please bear with me, I’m hoping you can follow this train of thought & add to our gallery of smoulderers with some simmering females.

What does smouldering mean here, today?

communicating suppressed or half-suppressed feelings, esp of anger, desire, etc” – Collins Dictionaries

A person who smoulders has strong sexual or romantic feelings but does not express them” – Cambridge Dictionaries.

So we’re talking about something intangible – you can feel it, but not see it – unless perhaps someone asks a silly question.

So …
I’d like to know if you see what I see
when I say that I sense ‘something’
coming out of
the foreheads
of famous actors.

Romantic fiction would have it that …


it’s eyes that smoulder,
but dammit I swear I sense something


… from their brows.

Just for fun:

browse (v.)  mid-15c., “feed on buds”.

bud (n.) … perhaps from Old French boter “push forward, thrust“.

This brow that I’m seeing, seems to get switched on in rising stars.

Descriptions of the sensation include
seeking you out
pulling you in

It seems this brow can also get switched off. Perhaps the loss of charisma in a star is not caused by ageing but rather the de-activation of the brow magnet.

Humour me please by having a look at some images of stars I once found very ‘attractive’. Relax your eyes & have a gander at the lineup below.  See if you can see / feel a pushing out from the brow in the younger images while there is a flatness in the same area in the latter ones.


 James Darren


Randolph Mantooth


 Keanu Reeves

Here’s one further image NOT on my once-fancied list
but displaying an excellent set of
brow-pushout formations


 Notice the characteristic
flatness …


in later years.

Fire creates smouldering.

Fire is red & yellow

One can stare at a perfectly yellow/red field, then the color seems to pierce into the organ”.”

There seems (to me) to be something penetrating / piercing …


in the brows of stars.

We can look into the brow chakra another time, for now just try taking a look at the ‘stars’ you once hungered after (or still do) & see if you sense a little something extra in their brow area.

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  1. stephanie replied:

    i’m all smiles at this article. thrilling :)


  2. blwray replied:


    This is great dear Alex!


    My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair… But Now They’re Content to Wear Stars on Their Brows


    The man remains a shiny, but…
    “…It was thought Bolan was killed when his car hit the now much-beribboned sycamore tree. He was, in fact, killed when his Mini hit a steel-reinforced fence post. Where previously he had been thought to have been crushed to death in the car, a new book reveals he suffered a horrific head injury from an eye bolt in the fence. The book also reveals that the tree so despised by fans actually prevented the car from sliding down an embankment and causing an even worse tragedy.”

    his head struck by an eye bolt… joking? wtf?

    “At the height of his fame in the early to mid-1970s, Bolan – born Mark Feld – outsold Jimi Hendrix and The Who with his band T Rex. But his good looks, catchy songs, air of mystique and untimely death at the age of 29 meant interest in the star has never waned.”

    “A lot of people don’t realise there was a fence between the tree and the road, because the fence was removed. When we came to build some steps, we found that when they had taken the fences away, they had taken away the ones that were undamaged, but the damaged ones had become buried on the site. That explains something which I have never been able to understand: why the damage to the tree is far higher than anything a Mini could have done.”

    A star collision maybe…?


    May we be able to stay long in this place, cuz you have lots to share with everyone!!!!

    ((((LOVE ON!!!!))))


  3. mgs1129 replied:

    I really appreciate the insights this has generated!

    Gratitude for your efforts. :-)


  4. alex robinson replied:

    Cheers all.

    blwray – thanks for the info. Reminded me of the curious incident of the British actor Gordon Kaye:

    “Kaye suffered serious head injuries in a car accident during the Burns’ Day storm on 25 January 1990. Although he cannot remember any details of the incident, he still has a scar on his forehead from a piece of wooden advertising boarding that smashed through the car windscreen”


  5. Anonymous replied:

    I think you have hit the nail on the head Alex, or is it on the brow ? “smouldering” makes me think of fire embers. A smouldering fire. The stars are HOT and glowing aren’t they ?
    I think you are right about turning it on and off, What a turn on they are ! When you want to magnetically attract, you turn it on. When you want to hide, you turn it off. People are drawn to fire embers too.
    Interesting about Marc Bolan, and how his smouldering is preserved, he never got to the turn off stage. Or even turn off the stage, go off stage.
    Are the stars in the sky smouldering embers too ?


  6. Mick replied:

    Female smoulderers? Rihanna, I guess, and Beyoncé (or rather Sasha Fierce). Ones of past days – Tina Turna and Shirley Bassey? The demonic ones seem to use mainly the sacral chakra in combination with the 3rd eye chakra – sex powered by an over-active imagination, or the imaginative faculty infected with uncontrollable fires of raw lust. Nothing wrong with sex when balanced and all chakras are in play, but this modern media stuff boils the magma of the kundalini until it explodes through the skull like Krakatoa. Not healthy at all, but certainly juicy for those that feed from it.


  7. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks for adding to the female gallery Mick. Perhaps the kundalini ‘charge’ is being short circuited out of their brow chakra & straight into the eyes /brow chakra of drooling audiences


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