A podcast for us & you

By working in conjunction with a number of books that have almost magically appeared over the last few months Michael & I have both made tremendous …


… leaps in our awareness & ability to shape our own lives.

Shaping our own lives

surely has to be
at the heart of any good
we can do in the world.

Yesterday we joined forces to consolidate these ideas for ourselves & at the same time create …

new ideas

…  possible new points of view for you.

I hope you will join us.


Or listen to our podcast below:

March 23, 2015. Uncategorized.


  1. mgs1129 replied:

    Thanks for having me on your show again Alex. It was a privilege weaving with you again.



    • alex robinson replied:

      One of the greatest pleasures in my life is exploring with kindred spirits – thank you my friend


  2. Brigitte replied:

    Thank you for this exceptional, wonderful podcast!!!


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Hi Brigitte! Thank you, Alex and I had fun. She also wanted me to pass along to you that one of the books was called “Transurfing” by Vadim Zeland (or Zeeland). It appears both spellings come up on Google.



      • Brigitte replied:

        Danke schoen!!!


    • alex robinson replied:

      ein herzliches willkommen Brigitte :)


  3. Zero Weaver replied:

    Pendulums… Sounds like I was aware of them when I wrote the second half of a song by the same name.

    “Split your sight right down the middle
    Don’t pick a side – either too much or too little
    Don’t abide in your acquittal and don’t concede
    to innocence or guilt

    No end in sight
    Can’t remember starting
    Voices unite – can’t imagine them parting
    Against the tide, you don’t want to move shoreward
    Pendulum pushes the seconds forward
    to war…”

    [link to the song if’n anyone is interested: https://brotherdennis.bandcamp.com/track/pendulum%5D


  4. suliwebster replied:

    I agree Alex, though I no longer “listen” or “watch” transmissions as part of the changes I have made, so won’t be listening in ! It is all purely academic just discussing it, or waiting forever for everyone else to agree with you so you can all DO SOMETHING. The only way to change things is to change your own little corner, apply what you have learnt. Rumi has some little poem about it, something like… yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world, today I am wise so I change myself. Gandhi says Be The Change you want to see in the world. We all are on different unique paths, and so we all will be working on different and unique set of changes.



  5. Mick replied:

    Hi, that was a really useful conversation you and Michael had. Much to take away, minus the 2% of course.

    These pendulums, I reckon, are the same as egregore, which is a form of the Greek word for Watcher. I started terming them ThELs – Theocratic Energetic Lifeforms. Theocracy involves worship, and these critters demand worship as it sustains them. The world’s biggest one is Jehovah/Jesus/Allah – all being the same energetic entity, though this may take the form of many separate energetic parcels.

    Fighting them only feeds them as worship does. As you said, any form of emotional energy is food. Everything has an egregore because we create it, think about it and infuse it with our consciousness.

    Reminds me of Castsneda’s The Eagle’s Gift. Even Rudolf Steiner said the angels sustain themselves from excess human emotional energy.

    As you intimated, the whole of life is our ritual, our magick spell, even if we think it isn’t. Hindus call it Lila, the Divine Play while to Tibetan Buddhists it is Dhukka, suffering, dissatisfaction or endurance. To Hermeticists it is Thanateros but, regardless, it is sex and death always.

    Read The Shamanic Way of the Bee. The male bee’s copulatory death, its penis torn from its body as it cannot escape the grip of the Queen’s vulva, is pure ecstasy.


  6. alex robinson replied:

    Glad to hear Mick :)

    Funnily enough Zeland uses the word egregore in his book as a partial description of pendulums. Also funny thath you mention Casteneda – someone I have never been drawn to but came upon a battered copy in a book shop the other week with some underlined phrases that stood out – I bought it for the underlined phrases & now find that it is mixing with the ideas from Zeland’s work plus a few others I have read to make a new kind of sense I doubt I could have arrived at before.

    I will have a look the bee shaman – sounds hideous :)


  7. Mick replied:

    I have come to the conclusion that all these traditions, whether ancient or modern, all use comparable methods to deal with the same phenomena, even though it will be distinct in cultural trappings and terminologies. That is the beauty of variety, I guess.

    The bee thing just seemed appropriate to the topic. I remember watching a BBC nature programme where the mating of the queen with successive males was filmed close up. Like swallows, all conducted during flight. There was an audible ‘pop’ at the point of dismemberment. Gruesome, but fascinating. That is the physical level.

    The book deals with the shamanic level, and relates the inner experience of the practitioner during an etheric initiation. It is a form of Hieros Gamos, the life force of the male being consumed by the ‘devouring’ female to be used in the generation of new ‘tribal’ life.

    Everything is female to begin with anyway, whether a human foetus or prakriti, the ground of all existence.


  8. alex robinson replied:

    Sounds like a rough ride nevertheless. I wonder if creation really has to be quite so bloody


  9. Mick replied:

    I watch a lot of nature programmes, mainly because of the brilliance of David Attenborough. The more I think and intuit the more Gnostic I seem to get. I find this system, especially the so-called natural one, much too cruel and callous. My only conclusion is that it is a programme within which we are trapped. This is not the only way to do 3D I am sure.


  10. residual individual replied:

    Great great show. It hit on exactly the things that I feature in my life: the shutting down of the self to fit in with the herd, the suppression of the self engendered by peer envy or their own programming.

    I don’t want to say I disagree with the notion that you get what you DONT want but that we are so much more focussed and definite about what we don’t want, probably because of the way we are trained; to bring toxin upon us. I have had times when I have consciously desired something and it has manifested in accurate form some time later. I think the ‘secret’ is to be DEFINITE and be prepared to ACCEPT it. Normally we don’t feel we deserve or can have the things we want (too good to be true right!?) Examples: I wanted a specific car at a specific price, I was wiling to accept the limitations of what was available to me and within a scope that was feasible (very important), I was certain I wanted this car, and about a week and a half later one showed up and haunted me for a while before I bought her. But the point being, that I was absolutely definite in what I both wanted and what I could practically acquire. The weird thing was is that I felt like it HAS to be in my life. This is only one example but I have a lot of them that run along the same lines. Patience, is the key, no one knows hoe long it will take, but my guess is that it has to do with how much it is possible within the current context order of your life; the balance aspect.

    I think the important thing is to be DEFINITE and to create like an empty container, for a metaphor, that something with the closest parameters can fit into. On must accept that you wont get EXACTLY what you want but I think the more you narrow it down the better is your result, but you must accept that there will be some things that will not match. I always create an order of ‘importance’ of what I want. That which is essential and the rest will be as they are and I will accept them. I have done this with other minor things and it really does work, its just that most of the time I am so indecisive and not really that ‘wanting’ so of course the best vague option will manifest.


  11. Mick replied:

    In Far Journeys Robert Monroe says indecision and vacillation are manifestation killers. It all reminds me of Jack Sparrow’s magic compass (Pirates of the Caribbean) and how it would only show the right direction if you were sure of what you wanted to attain. Any indecision and it would spin around aimlessly.


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