The Unity Religion v 23 chromosome freedom (+ podcast)

Plans are afoot in Auckland to turn it into the world’s ‘most liveable city’.


This is a prime example…


of the Unity Religion at work.


What is Unity Religion?

A mindset that says one way of thinking is enough.

A mindset that says one way of being is enough

It has the look of togetherness & shiny health.

So what exactly does a liveable city ‘look’ like? Apparently you see lots of people riding round on bikes (despite the fact that it rains a lot, is extremely hilly & very spread out).

In the Unity Religion, the media priesthood get behind an idea (no matter how nuts) & send out wave after wave of imagery until the new vision looks familiar & ‘normal’.


At the moment there is a very vocal push for cycling friendly policies from Auckland Council and for some astonishing new projects that will pour millions into cycleways and the bizarre proposal to clip a cycleway onto the Harbour bridge.

As you will see, the bike spotting freaks as Cycle Action Auckland and Transportblog are talking out of their arsewhen they try and say cycling is an important commuter mode in Auckland

The push of cycling is one small part of an agenda I call the ‘Fitness Cult’. This cult ‘fits’ extremely well into the new Unity Religion:

fit (n.1) … “the fitting of one thing to another;” c. 1400 …


... “to marshal or deploy (troops);” … From 1580s as “be the right shape.”.

A fit is also a paroxysm which is not considered healthy in any way.

At the heart of the Unity Religion we see an IMAGE of togetherness …

created by people wearing

closed ears

… similar ‘uniforms’,

business look

… acting in similar ways &

cyclist vu

performing similar activities.

The Unity Religion
revolves around
this look.

It’s camera reliant.

It is an illusion of togetherness that actually prevents togetherness because it is based on looking and acting a certain way instead of building bridges to each other.

Touch and feel – the realm of the heart,
do not belong
in the Unity Religion.

Let’s look at the sacred relics of the Unity Religion and how worship is performed.

Members must choose
to look …



easter isle




the lads


Members must choose

blood suckers

to open


themselves up

The Jeckyll of Hyde Park & the Lady of the Lake (Part I but also Parts IV of 'Fair Phantom' & 'like sky blue air')


cauldron fodder

‘modified & re-worked’

pill oh


Members must choose


to attend

dropping pennies




peas in a pod


And they must choose to adopt








no matter how



The Unity Religion demands that its members choose to sacrifice aliveness & its accompanying spontaneity for the …


… ‘look’
of uniformity.

The unity Religions creates smaller unified clusters or lumps …

lump (v.1) … “to put together in one mass or group”.

… sticky masses of …


… market-modified behaviour.

Recognisable signs that a lump is active include immaturity and lack of discernment.


Chump Lump: The new …


… babytalk – the words & intonation suggesting a young child is being included in a conversation.

Comedy Lump: The super-silly ..


… cringe-making, sarcasm-cruel, sexually-confusing & degrading comedy genre (directly related to the Chump Lump).

Green Lump: The eco-green …


… organic super-health cult – a marketing dream quite possibly driven by food giants like Monsanto corp.

Info Lump: The daily information overload of …Earing the news

… same-themed trauma.

New Age Lump: The belief of a dream existence created by wish-filled, …

new wage

… self-improved thinking.

Architect Lump: The adoption of super-sterile, sharp angled, human-unfriendly architectural norms to …


… homes & public buildings .

These lumps are everywhere. To locate them look for high visibility displays, listen for critical or sensational promotion & notice that sticky, gloopy feel which tells you that ‘unity’ is being created. Then stay well clear of it. It is dangerously yielding …

quick sand

& very unforgiving.

So where does that leave us?

I think there’s another way. A very practical, viable alternative.

Introducing …


… 23 Chromosome Freedom.

We will be taking a serious-playful look at how things may actually work. And how we can harness this for a different kind of life, even amidst the destruction & decay going on around us..

23 Chromosome Freedom
says that by ourselves we are
not enough.

23 chromosomes are half of what it takes to make something …

baby love

… new & fresh & vital & alive.

We ARE creators,
but only when we join
with another/others, an idea or a project.

To realise that we can only ever be/bring half is extremely humbling.

AND freeing.

To realise that any greatness we achieve in this world comes only by meeting another (person, idea) in the middle removes any chance we ever have of reaching pedestalised fame or recognition by ourselves. And thank sanity for that.

Real freedom comes by understanding that
our power lies in our choices.


And that it is up to us now to choose who & what
we will join with,
as well as what we would like
to create with them.

This small article is an intro into to the following podcast which is too big to tackle alone or through. So my partner Michael & I invite you to join us on a fascinating, sometimes blasphemous & totally unedited road that has been oh so cleverly disguised.

Click here to listen:

List of researchers/authors mentioned in our podcast that may be of interest:


Douglas Hamp – Biblical researcher connecting New and Old Testaments to prove the Bible is an accurate historical document.

Rob Skiba – Biblical researcher with a hint of “conspiracy theory style” research that provides information on the existence of Giants in the Old Testament.


Dr. Steve Peters “The Chimp Paradox” – A new way of looking at our emotions and learning why we need to manage them effectively

Paul Pearsall “Partners In Pleasure” – Looking at the relationship of “We” rather than “I”.

Carl Alasko “Beyond Blame” – Understanding the destruction caused by blame and learning another way to communicate.

William Glasser “Choice Theory” – Learning about the power of choice and how the only person we can control is our self.

John & Stasi Eldredge “Captivating” – A Christian couple with some novel theories on the role of women and why they have been under attack for centuries.

Nicholas Boothman “Convince Them In 90 Seconds” – Understanding how we affect others & learning how to improve our interaction.

October 3, 2015. Uncategorized.


  1. dennis replied:

    Leave the organic sign alone. Respectfully, Dennis

  2. Hildy replied:

    Love this. Thank you.

  3. suliwebster replied:

    Great post Alex.

    Universities are leading the way in educating children in the Unity club.

    There are two types of organic I think, Dennis. One is big profitable misleading label capitalised ORGANIC which exploits Mother Earth and employs slaves. And everyone blindly follows it because they are told it is good for them. The other is the genuine humble quiet organic which is small scale and local and doesnt include supermarkets, and the people involved build it into their daily lives having worked it out for themselves.

  4. alex robinson replied:

    Well said Suli. The world now now is very strange – we are separating the wheat from the chaff and then realising that both are toxic

  5. Rodgeir replied:

    I really like the podcasts. All of them.

    The studying of humans. Absolutely. Its what this is all about I think. First create criminals, who you can study to solve the problems, I mean help/manipulate. One prime example is AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).

    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Rodgeir & yes indeed the study of an opponent is very important in a chess match

  6. Brigitte replied:

    Enjoyed reading your post and listening to your podcast.
    Thank you very much!

  7. Mick replied:

    We ARE creators,
    but only when we join
    with another/others, an idea or a project.

    It is not entirely true, there are different ways of creating for different creations. I prefer solitude to paint or write, and my friend prefers it to carve.

    On the converse, for other creations a partner is, if not essential, a joy.

    Great article again!

  8. humanizenz replied:

    Oh sorry Mick perhaps I was it not clear enough. What I’m suggesting is that when you are painting or writing etc you are ‘partnering’ or being in relationship with ‘something’ else to create the project you are working on. There is something more than just you involved & it won’t be forced, but it will be partnered

    • Mick replied:

      I guess I took it a bit too prosaically. We are certainly never alone on that level :-)

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