one small lie for man …

Today I bring tidings of (apparently) good news to all men. Women will have to wait just a little longer

I can now reveal that what men have always secretly known to be true,
is true.

With all the sincerity I have I concur that, on this planet men are
by far the most important sex.

We women pale in comparison
to your significance.

I offer this article as an exploration on the diabolical WHY that lies behind the greatness of MAN-kind & its shocking cost.

Why has sunny penis symbolism been so important
to the long running …


… glow-ball phenomenon of the
One World Dominion Plan?

Because it depicts & maintains the slavery & imprisonment
of every man
on the face of the earth.

If you are a man, what would you be willing to give up to have the kind of life that lights you up instead of keeping you as a cell in a battery?

If you are a woman to what lengths would you be willing to go to help this world & the men you love?

~ ~ ~

Let’s begin…

Some 400 years ago the bard formerly known as ‘Shakespeare’ penned these lines …

Sigh no more, ladies, sigh nor more;
Men were deceivers ever;
One foot in sea and one on shore,
To one thing constant never;

… The fraud of men was ever so,
Since summer first was leavy…

Now the spear shaker was not belittling men when he wrote of his own kind. Instead he was …


… crowing a great secret.

That for eons man has been used
to charge …


the battery that powers this duality.

You see the nature of the male has been kept so openly hidden, so visibly invisible as to stun the senses into incredulity. Even Babel has nothing on this for the confusion it has generated. Let’s get through some of the nuts and bolts of this theory first.

To use the battery metaphor we see what Shakespeare was proclaiming was that:

The male is like a quick discharge battery. He dispenses energy in short bursts then goes flat. Over & over again the male has to recharge because he burns out.

Or to put it another way:

A man is a series of arousal peaks & withdrawl troughs –

ove foot

“one foot in sea and one on shore”

His rhythm looks like this:

energy wave

And so because a man’s energy is either in the midst of rising or falling, he simply cannot be ‘constant’.

To continue, men found a number of ways to deal with their fast battery drain without ever having to see it. The quickest & easiest way for a man to recharge was through sex.

Being in a constant state of …


… flux, means men are not keen on lots of change, they often like the same thing over & over. Because they are already stimulated by the rise & fall of their inner worlds and just don’t need the extra arousal.

Now the male rhythm is not bad or sad.

But the secrecy surrounding it is & it has allowed the most awful of things to take place in this world. Blame does belong at the foot of man. Or even at his other foot. The judgement of evil lies squarely with an elect few who have stage managed this whole show.

I have been following the works of some very learned men whose ideas on the bible as an historical document / old times news report …

jenny 6

… as opposed to allegory, have really made sense of how this world has gotten into the state it is in. I have NOT become religious, but I will take and use info from anywhere I can & mix in my own 23 chromosomes as well as leaving space for 2 percent doubt if it helps achieve new ways of seeing.

So in this article let me briefly explain where I am working from. It doesn’t really matter so much whether this background story is true. Think of it as acting like …


… seasoning to make the effect tastier. In no way is this a finished work…

Anyway the bible story tell us that fallen angels mated with human women & created a giant race that ruled this world. Lucifer was the grand architect /overlord / schemer of all that happened. He ran / runs this show. THIS is his world.

Now to my theories…

This architect wanted or needed to run a world based on an energy that was congruous with his. Now a big thing about the angels is that they are all male. This architect was very much …


at home / at one with, male energy.

An important further point for consideration is that it appears he despises women.

I believe he is quite probably homosexual & has come up with a way to maintain control over this world via male sexual energy. Once you start looking back through art with a clearer eye it becomes evident that so many of the ‘great’ artists were actually depicting homo-eroticism. This is not a judgement on that, simply an observation of the extent & dedication to portraying the male as a sexual force – which I think is at the heart of how this world is powered.

I suggest that the tales of damnation through eternal fire so prevalent in the bible have nothing to do with hell. But rather they tell of a curse that drove men’s sex energy up too high – they were subjected to ‘eternal fire’ – a fire never goes out, one that consumes them on a daily basis. I understand this feeling can be far from pleasant & although men can have earth shattering orgasms they are also subjected to a great deal of hot, unreceived sexual energy, often at inconvenient times or places.

You know I wonder now ….


what kind of fire it was that Prometheus supposedly ‘gifted’ to MAN-kind.

I believe the masonic black & white of the chequerboard is all about male on male energy.

The two pillars are male symbols.

I suggest that they represent the two male lines that humanity is said to derive from. The Bible says that Bad boy Cain & Good boy Seth, the two remaining sons of Adam & Eve were the progenitors of all the races that followed.

This good guy, bad guy scenario plays out again & again whenever male energy is present. There’s always one ‘up’ & one ‘down’. It seems as if there constantly needs to be two opposing male forces – creating perhaps faux yin/yang effect – however it works it seems to be powerful – its as if one good male & one bad male can cancel out the female.

Solar worship …

blaze of glory

is pretty much all about the male too.

This is why we have so much sun symbolism. Even in the words used to describe the sun / son we are constantly being told what’s going on. The Sun RISES in the morning & sets / goes down in the evening. The sun/son & the phallus are ONE. The male phallus depicts this story of rising & setting again & again.

Christmas is about the triumphant return of the ‘cock’ after its disappearance. Its is welcomed back with open arms. Renewed again. Declared invincible. Nothing can ‘keep it down’.

Yet every night the sun still go down again. All kinds of myth abound about it. All kinds of songs are sung about it. All kinds of sacrifices have been set up to make sure the cock & its accompanying male sexual energy is back up again day after day to keep this world going.

Solar worship is the back up & renewer of the ever-waning male energy.

Every day the sun disappears. A cock cannot crow forever. It is during this time that the architect-overlord of this system is in greatest peril. He is at the mercy of the female during this time.

For this is the other side to today’s story. A simple truth that has made the female hated & despised for eons.

For every time the male energy drops below the midline of his flux he is, to all intents & purposes, weaker than her. For him this translates to being at her mercy.


Forget aliens or CERN for a minute & contemplate this earth flipping on its axis (or a flat earth equivalent) moment. You see what I’m talking about today is actually a total reversal of our entire world so we can set the sexes into their correct positions – or at least ask if we feel happy & strong playing the roles that have been given to us.

Much that men have accused women of really belongs at their own feet. How unnerving is that?

Let me show you how it works. I’ve seen it my whole life, but only recently did I finally get clear. No one is at fault here. I’m just looking at reality as clearly as I can.

Let’s start with the nature of man.

From those I’ve talked to I hear that what they want most is …

… fun & enjoyment. They can’t stand heaviness or deep discussions. They will disappear into a tv, video game, sport or sex faster than you can say, “Have you got a minute?” Meanwhile women say that men are obsessed with sex & act like boys. Meanwhile there’s a universal female head-nodding movement whenever the fragility of the male ego is mentioned.

I’d like to suggest that everything in the above paragraph is correct. And completely natural.

What is not natural is having men rule when their nature is not designed for that. Like the peacock they are designed for …

Playing with Batman - don't try this at home!

… great displays & creations, like the male lion they are designed …

How did you get here?

for shows of power, like a puppy they are designed for …

apple & evil

… pleasure & play. They are not made to run the world simply because of the amount of peaks & troughs they experience on a physical & energetic level. Every women behind every ‘great’ man knows about these & deals with them. But there has been a maniacal silence about the nature of man that is truly dangerous. It sucks the life out of men by denying them important clarity about themselves.

There has also been a maniacal silence, by both sexes, about the strength & endurance of women too.

You see women are actually very level-headed. The popularising of the myth of hysterical, crazy female is perhaps the most BLATANT lie in existence.

In our battery analogy we find that females are like a long lasting battery. We are steady & generally far less stimulated than a man. We are not particularly aroused & we are not particularly flat. Men would probably find it very boring to spend a day in a female body. This is one of the reasons we like change – it stimulates us & we enjoy the sensation of novelty. A healthy woman is quite full on the inside.

Female energy compared to the male looks like this wave …


it rises and falls gently & slowly. Never reaching the height or depth of the male.

All of this makes great sense. The rising of the phallus for sex is a very important part of the sex-quation. But lets not run the world on this basis.

One thing that really needs to be made clear is the crazy feeling that women get round men. This cruelty of epic proportions has got to stop. And it can do if we look with honesty & respect.

Here’s what I have seen.

Female ‘irrationality’ psycho, hysterical etc… is actually a REACTION to the males constant advances and withdrawals, it pulls her into his peaks and troughs and disturbs her calmness.

Daddy issues are a result of a young girl’s trauma of having father who is there one minute and gone the next.

A man attracts a woman by being …

man of the west

… VERY there for her for a while, then he exhausts himself and has to pull away and so starts the swing of female irrationality as she REACTS to his emotional & ‘love’ disappearance even while his body is on the stage. He has disappeared into his underworld. At the same time he distrusts her because she is now …


… ‘stronger’ than him and he fears things stronger than him especially as his tendency is to be vying for top place or up the ladder. He thinks she will take his place but he does not realise that she has no desire to beat him or climb any ladder – water (the feminine) doesn’t climb ladders.

The feeling of being ‘made crazy’ for a woman within a relationship comes from being with her man while he is in his

Engdustrial Strength Languish - (re-threaded, re-woven, re-stitched)

sun up phase – alive, interested, connecting — then finding perhaps a short while later that he seems like a different man – now he is in his sun down phase. The woman feels abandoned / exposed / unfulfilled – somehow he is a different person. She will feel even more crazy when he’s back in his sun up phase again as if nothing has ever happened. She is still trying to figure out what was wrong when he was in his sun down phase.

What happens is that the woman has sensed a significant change but the man has no idea that anything is/was different. As long as men are unable to see that they go through these peaks & troughs they have to deny them. As long as they distrust women & refuse to see the support that is so often offered by women they have to struggle through their troughs alone.

I believe it is quite possible that the reason boys are removed or hurried away from their mothers at such an early age is not because they will be made weak, but because they would be made strong by learning from the strength of the females long enduring energy.


If we look at the above diagram then we see that for half the time a woman is actually ‘stronger’ than the man.

This is the great threat she poses to the system that’s in place.

Everything is done to suggest that male power is constantly peaking & everyone has been too afraid, both male & female to point to a man & say I see you. I see that you are not infinitely strong & unflappable. You have periods of what you think are weakness. And you are so afraid of them that you deny them.

Men instinctively help out another man and make huge allowances for them because this is a giant brotherhood secret. Secret boy networks and societies are run on this secret knowledge. The image of the erect phallus is an attempt to keep the male battery charged and to to keep both sexes alseep. It says that there is a constant supply of male energy but this is a lie. Sun worship is male energy worship but the truth about the sun is that for 12 hours it is discharged. Here is the male cycle on full display. He is only powerful for a …


… set period of time, the rest of the time his light is out.

I now understand why so many workmen appear to stand around dong very little on the roadside. I have seen men band together when a common enemy is present – a woman. I have seen & heard how a man who wishes to attack another man must first demonise him by calling him some kind of derogatory female name.

I believe the

marmaiden feet

wispy, weak, …

Engdustrial Strength Languish - (re-threaded, re-woven, re-stitched)

… fragile female image / ideal was created  / had to be created to allow the male energy rhythm to remain unseen & unchallenged. A fragile female is not a threat to a fluctuating male energy. So many times in my life I have felt extreme frustration as though spinning my wheels waiting for a man to make up his mind. The frustration of pretending to be weaker, less intelligent, less mentally fast, less alive because it felt as though the man would be overwhelmed. It’s like driving behind a car that going just that bit slower than you & all you want to do is get past so that you can drive at the pace that feels natural for you.

Is either driver wrong. No of course not. But the situation is nevertheless very frustrating because things would be so much smoother the other way round.

In talking with my partner Michael we have come up with two key words for the sexes as their most central theme. I’m not saying they are right, but they are a starter.

For men – it is Enjoyment

For women – it is Aliveness.

What would we have have to fear & mistrust about either gender with these at our core?

Men it is time to get serious about knowing your personal truth & to become aware of the affects your blindess & unwillingness has had on your own sense of aliveness & the women in your life.

Women it is time to stop being wimps or harpys & step into your role as …

Let her

… grounded leaders in whatever field you care about – that’s not leadership according to the architect’s standards – this is about setting an example of strength, letting it be seen, no more holding back.

Here’s a quote by a man whose works have so far been deeply inspiring –

“The truth will make men free as well as woman, for until women are freed from the myths which at present impede their progress no man can be free or mentally completely healthy. The liberation of woman means the liberation of man.”


Ashely Montagu

And a different biblical translation of Eve:


“When God creates Eve, he calls her an ezer kenegdo. “It is not good for the man to be alone, I shall make him a [ezer kenegdo]” (Gen. 2:18 Alter). This phrase is notoriously difficult to translate. The various attempts we have in English tend to be “helper” or “companion” or the notorious “help meet.” Why are these translations so incredibly wimpy, boring, flat …disappointing? What is a help meet, anyway? … The word ezer is used only 20 other places in the entire Old Testament. And in every other instance the person being described is God himself, when you need him to come through for you desperately … better translation therefore of ezer would be “life-saver.” Kenegdo means alongside, or opposite to, a counterpart.”

I hope some of you have been able to use what I have tried to say here. I hope to do a podcast in the not too distant future to add to this. It’s the most delicate of topics & yet I feel we have a chance to start getting really clear on a topic that’s so slippery & invisible & self-protected that it nearly always gets away from us. This is simply an introduction into something I think is behind so many of the difficulties we face.

Best to you all

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