preparation for article in progress

I’m working on what I feel is
the most astounding topic I’ve ever grappled with


 – it’s been under all of our noses for so long
and I personally feel like such an idiot for not having seen it.

As a precursor and simply for information that may help in your own life, here is a video that is well worth watching.



November 11, 2015. Uncategorized.


  1. empoweredbyknowledge replied:

    Can’t wait!

  2. mgs1129 replied:

    Anxious to hear and see what it is you’ve found! :-)

  3. Max replied:

    I’m looking forward, too, Alex!

  4. alex robinson replied:


  5. Rodgeir replied:

    I assume you will expose the subversive aspects of it. This is where the real mind control is. The other usual things like symbols etc is to keep the lower strata occupied while the other hand is doing the real magic. Other aspects of this are Rosenberg and his nonviolent communication. This is mind control at its core. Now we are getting somewhere.

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