one small truth – podcast

Join Michael & I on a
deeper exploration


of the usurpation
of male energy.


December 26, 2015. Uncategorized.


  1. Mick replied:

    Excellent podcast, thank you to you both. Chi gung is a practice specifically designed to transmute the sexual energy from the genitals to the brain where it can be safely stored and enhanced for ‘higher’ uses. You probably already know that.


  2. Mick replied:

    This will be useful for your researches regarding the Luciferian use of sex energy, especially the Austin Osman Spare chapter:


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Thanks Mick, having a look at the PDF…validates much of the prior Hidden Agendas research I did on Crowley and Theosophy, for starters!


  3. alex robinson replied:

    Thanks Mick! We’ve had some major breakthroughs just since doing this podcast & look forward to expanding things even further.

    Best to you


    • Mick replied:

      Thanks Alex, you two are doing great work. The only people out there on this trail at the moment.


  4. Cetus replied:

    Great show, and being male I do have to ‘knock one off’ after several days abstinence just to stop the brain thinking about it, my concentration is always improved but I do find a loss of energy also … not sure what to call it …

    It’s actually a much more important subject than I had ever given any thought to, or that anyone had ever cared to think about, thanks.

    This subject is huge (no Freud intended) … boom boom!


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Thank you Cetus,

      Yes, its a rather “elephant in the room” subject, that nobody really wants to acknowledge.

      In the occult world this “structure” (the Satanic/Luciferian system in place) runs on “blood and semen”. Elites, bloodlines (dragon, etc), and “entities” use them for their purposes. There are also many Eastern beliefs on channeling (cough cough) the energy for other purposes, however, my own personal belief is….its to be shared with a partner, and not just for creating a baby.

      Thanks for the comment!


    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks for your honesty Cetus – without the willingness of others to engage this topic it can’t bear fruit


  5. Mick replied:

    A strange confusion of male and female in the natural world.


    • alex robinson replied:

      The manipulation is becoming more blatant – it all comes back to sex one way or another


  6. Chills Myster replied:

    experienced as a male being depleted after havin sex with my partner. not always, but many times i did. but the urge to have sex was strong almost an obsession or outer force takin me over at reguar times….

    after being out of a reationship for years , went into meditationa spaces in anture and doing art, went into very caming peacefu spaces in mind. where i fet a stronger inne rpiece then the feeting temporary feeing after orgasm.

    managed easiy to stay off of havin sex and even masturbation for months up to a point it didnt even crossed my mind.

    and i was abe to turn on and off sexua arousa on will since then.

    now i am sensitive to its ”coming up” and can mentally by will turn it a notch down or go with it and feed it to get stronger.

    when being younger as a male this is prob impossible…

    it reminds me of many acetic practices everywhere with celibacy as a important practise. and even celibacy in the mind.

    read some stories about some sufi saints , and one in mekka was livin for 70 years alone in the wilderness near a river bank in a cave…

    he had cut hiss leg off because 40 yeaar earlier he saw a women and his one foot set a step to go to her and have earthly relations.

    very extreme. the mindstate of these sufi’s was very extreme. and the practises also , all to gain some form of higher solution into the beloved aka god.

    along with these practises they gained supernatural powers of clairvoyance and beyond. but they had to stay on the path and devoid of ego and pride or they would lose the endgoal of merging with the beloved in the eternal garden.

    i am sure these practises are older then Islam. much odler sjamanic type ordeals.

    at the same time some of these sufis had wives and children and descendants but after havin the kids they became celibate prob to not lose precious sexual energy to mundane pursuit of sex.

    if all this has any truth to it. then the current hollywood propaganda in line with thelema about hedonistic unbridled sex and pleasure into oblivion of all sorts would deplete society of this powerful resource and make them weak in the long run and easily controlled.

    the state created by sex is kin to a drug induced high. as both change the neurochemistry.

    thus both can create addiction and junkies. and overstimulation. and depression.

    today’s ”rape culture” imo is a symptom of lack of focus and diclipine and moderation, meditation and higher pursuits. its unbalanced and takin people down into nihilistic hedonistic hell.

    not sure what the sufis were doin had any merit or truth. it seems very extreme,. like the ritual when they hang upside down above a well from a tree for forty days almost all day… reminds me of ODIN.

    and they had long fasts and ate very little even if they became weak and got sick or died.

    have experienced myself that when fasting or eating very little the mind seems to work stronger and a psychedelic mindstate activates and it flows into reality changing the reality around one inducing more synchronicity and sensitiviy and clairvoyance and meaningful dreams.

    it can become addictive adn lead to weakness… had to come back and take care of health…

    now i venture inn there a little and make sure i eat enough quality food inbetween to maintain bodily strength and longterm health…


  7. Mick replied:

    This may be useful:


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