Ready, steady …

Here’s something for your consideration & as a preparation for my forthcoming article.

  • Pic 1 is a hollow mask.
  • Pic 2 is the reverse of this mask – it is hollow but you won’t be able to see it that way.


If you cannot see a simple hollow mask,
how can you be sure of anything
you (think)
you are seeing?

Just how much can your eyes/mind be be-tricked & bewitched?

Get ready for a ride
you cannot see coming …


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the evil in the temple – a mini ‘think about’ it post

I’m working on a bigger article atm, but other ideas keep intruding so I’ve decided to put out a few  mini descernment-activating posts.

Today’s question is:

Have you noticed what has happened to your local library?

If yours is like mine (& I visit several) then the number of books available has reduced dramatically. In some the shelves have actually been replaced by smaller ones.

But what’s really, really noticeable is the content.

It’s vile.

Mostly it seems to centre around endless sex sex sex
& violent death death death-








For the older children graphic novels are working
serious magic
& they too
are filled with …


endless sex & violent death – if you don’t believe me go check out your kid-friendly library.

I remember reading something by Matt Delooze years ago about how libraries are not what we think they are. Ever since then I held 2% doubt but didn’t really want to believe that these places, which had seemed such a sanctuary to me as a child, could really be something nastier.

Now I have no choice but to see.

It’s another one of those ‘hurty’ things that come so thick & fast today to those who wish to keep connecting with ‘reality’.

Once you look from a Three Dimensional perspective (more to come on this)
you can see that libraries are …

library 1

& always


have been,



Think about it!

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