the true flat earth conspiracy – part i

This article is written by a stupid person for stupid people everywhere.

If you think you are smart,
please vacate these premises & head quick-smart
to the future…

… being prepared for you.

~  ~  ~

Let’s begin today by suggesting that the “Flat Earth Theory” is being manoeuvred into the mainstream consciousness-diet for a very unsavoury reason.

Using Matt Delooze’s ideas of …


… ‘emotional respect energy = spiritually binding acceptance’, we play today with the idea that all is not what it seems…

The ‘Flat Earth Theory’ is an intriguing, entertaining & ideal serious-toy to play with, in terms of stretching our minds out of their inflexible patterns.

The problem is that it may be camouflaging
an even greater deception.

Question: Are ‘Flat Earthers’ are being tricked into calling for & accepting…

around flat

…something quite,
QUITE different to the truth
about the shape of this earth.

Just for today I’m going to suggest that they are being manipulated into symbolically calling for & accepting, on behalf of the human race, the levelling of our 3 dimensional world into a group of 2 dimensional surfaces.

There are a lot of people out there who “want the world to be flat”, & who are emotionally charged & excited about the idea.

I suggest that a flattened earth is vital to achieve the long-planned take-over of this world, by the luciferian-slash-serpent-cult underlords (or whatever name you choose to use) of this world/plane.

This article is serious-play designed to stimulate new ideas – we’re not looking to prove anything. Keep your mind light-weight, fluid, organic.

General over-theme:

This world is organic & 3 dimensional. A fleshed out, sensual …


… curvaceous, living, breathing life form. Its natural inhabitants are of the same kind.

Its unnatural inhabitants are 2 dimensional. They don’t belong here & they lack the organic, rounded, fullness of natural life. They are ‘flat’ & they are drawn to …

wall art

flat or geometric surfaces.

Another way to say this is that Lucifer / Serpent Cult owns the 2D realm – anything that operates from there is under his jurisdiction & ownership.

Today we examine the idea that his/their intent is to ‘flatten out’ this world so that it becomes a viable plane to carry out a grand scheme – we’ll come to that in part ii.

We could look at the last 500 years as the culmination of an eons long plan where the plane/plane was built, the cargo loaded, the crew primed & ready for action & the passengers were aboard & ready for the flight to their New World destination.


Everything was put in place back then.

It just needed time to get it off the ground.

Please understand &
remember the following:

New World
Flat World

The Renaissance primed us for the flattening effect that has now reached dangerous proportions.

It began with geometry & mirrors. It probable always does.

The Renaissance introduced humanity to the ‘magic’ of images on a flat surface, that had the appearance of depth.


Perspective (from Latin: perspicere to see through) in the graphic arts is an approximate representation, on a flat surface (such as paper), of an image as it is seen by the eye. The two most characteristic features of perspective are that objects are smaller as their distance from the observer increases; and that they are subject to foreshortening, meaning that an object’s dimensions along the line of sight are shorter than its dimensions across the line of sight.

One of the most interesting ideas of Matt’s I have read is that rituals require people who carry the ‘relevant symbolism‘. I think this is monumentally important to understand. So let’s look at the symbolism of the ‘godfather’ of our flattened earth – Filippo Brunelleschi:

There is little biographical information about Brunelleschi’s life to explain his transition from goldsmith to architect and, no less importantly, from his training in the gothic or medieval manner to the new classicism in architecture [we] call the Renaissance and of which Brunelleschi is considered the seminal figure.

If you have not read my previous article about the harnessing of male energy you won’t get the full relevance. Gold is the metal of the sun. We are told that Brunelleschi is considered the ‘seminal’ figure. We don’t need to go to conspiracy writers to find truth – any writer will tell you if you open your 3d eyes & listen.

brun elleschi

Filippo Brunelleschi (1377 – April 15, 1446) was an Italian designer and a key figure in architecture, recognised to be the first modern engineer … He was the oldest amongst the founding fathers of the Renaissance … Heavily depending on mirrors and geometry … his formulation of linear perspective governed pictorial depiction of space until the late 19th century. It also had the most profound – and quite unanticipated – influence on the rise of modern science.

In about 1413 … Brunelleschi, demonstrated the geometrical method of perspective, used today by artists, by painting the outlines of various Florentine buildings onto a mirror. When the building’s outline was continued, he noticed that all of the lines converged on the horizon line … he then set up a demonstration of his painting of the Baptistery in the incomplete doorway of the Duomo …

…He had the viewer look through a small hole on the back of the painting … then set up a mirror, facing the viewer, which reflected his painting. To the viewer, the painting of the Baptistery and the building itself were nearly indistinguishable.

Fooling or freezing the eye …


has come a long way since then of course.

But the Renaissance was the first serious introduction to flattening our vision.

I believe we need to see 3 Dimensionally in order to live 3 Dimensionally. The visual system is hugely important to how we live.

We live as we see

 From a previous aticle:

What say you to the idea that sight
is but the secondary purpose
of our visual system?

This is the claim of a German man, Peter Grunwald who currently lives in NZ. His sight was once so bad that he wore glasses in the shower. Now he travels the world (& his shower) without specs & teaches his ‘views’ to those with ears to hear.

He sees our eyes & all they are attached to i.e. us, in a radically different way. And as far as he is concerned the PRIMARY function of our visual system is the coordination of our mental, emotional & physical states.

x marks the spot

x marks the spot

Think of what is happening in vision-flattening as a reverse version of those …


… magic eye 3d pics – we went from seeing things fully ’rounded’ to flattening out our vision & getting stuck on surface illusion by the use of geometry, angles, mirrors & visual cues etc.

Introducing your retina:

“The retina is the third and inner coat of the eye which is a light-sensitive layer of tissue. The optics of the eye create an image of the visual world on the retina (through the cornea and lens), which serves much the same function as the film in a camera

The word retina is … interesting

retina (n.) late 14c., … probably from Vulgar Latin (tunica) *retina, literally “net-like tunic,” on resemblance to the network of blood vessels at the back of the eye, and ultimately from Latin rete “net

Welcome to the place where your inner-net meets the internet:

rods cones
The retina is a layered structure with several layers … photoreceptor cells. These are mainly of two types: the rods and cones. Rods function mainly in dim light and provide black-and-white vision, while cones support daytime vision and the perception of colour.

I believe this flattening effect is being used to create a gigantic …


… FLAT surface of connected-everybody-&-everything.

Actually I think it will probably be more of a…

… faceted type surface, one that catches & reflects maximum “light” – so important for your everyday solar worship cult. I believe this surface will have an enormous transmitting & charging capacity.

We go where our eyes lead, but it’s not just our eyes that have been flattened or turned 2D.

All our senses are under attack. Not surprising really because it is sensory combinations that make our world & our experiences organic/3D.

Important combinations are now being divorced & made single (& very sad).

A few examples:

There are roses without smell.
There is furniture without comfort.
There is food without flavour.
There is leisure without rest.
There is touch without care.

These results are not about cheapness, economy or fashion. They are a pre-mediated flattening agenda on a global scale. Let me show you what sensory combination is to your sight:

“The brain’s task is not to see retinal images, but to relate signals from the eyes to objects of the external world, as essentially known by touch. Exploratory touch is very important for vision. It matters that touch-vision relations remain unchanged

What this means is that we see BECAUSE we have touched.

“The retina is the interface between the optical projection from objects to the neural-coded signals to the brain … which are related to touch experience of objects. The inversion of the image does not matter: what matters is the relation of the brain’s visual signals to those from touch. Indeed without touch retinal images would have little or no meaning“.

In the book Eye & Brain by Richard Gregory is the story of a blind man who after an operation had his sight restored. Restored sight for those born blind is an arduous event – they have to learn to see. The most fascinating thing about this story is that this man could ‘see/understand’ things he learned by touch as a child.


He had ‘learned’ the capital letters of the alphabet by touch & so was able to name them yet he could not recognise or name lower case letters. The following paragraph is so telling:

“We showed him a simple lathe [in] a glass case at the Science Museum in London … With the case closed, he was quite unable to say anything about it, except that the nearest part of it might be a handle … but when he was allowed to touch it …he immediately said with assurance that it was a handle. He ran his hands eagerly over the rest of the lathe, with his eyes tight shut for a minute or so; then he stood back a little, opening his eyes and staring at it, he said: ‘Now that I’ve felt it I can see’.”

The most awful thing about this story is that this man given sight fell into a deeper & deeper depression:

“He gradually gave up active living, & three years later he died. Depression in people recovering sight after many years of blindness is a common feature…”

My new (&basic) understanding of how sight this works goes like this:

At birth everything looks kind of glooped together – it’s all one. Over time as the baby ‘feels’ its way in the world, it learns where people and objects end & begin – it feels their shape & so it can then ‘see’ them.

softest touch

First we make tangible maps …

 & then our visual system takes over, based on this touch information & creates visual maps/shortcuts.

Therefore to truly know something
you have to have felt/touched it.

Question: Why do you think the entertainment industry put so MUCH effort into getting US to ‘feel’ while watching THEIR movies?

“Therefore to truly know something you have to have felt/touched it.”

Question: Why are they called move-ies?

Move … to arouse or excite the feelings or passions of; affect with emotion

If touch comes first – then is the ‘entertainment’ industry is getting us to ‘feel’ first so that we will SEE what they choose for you to see?

Let’s get back to today’s play theory.


A luciferian agenda is set full sail ahead into creating a flat earth.

This Luciferian cult always uses geometry to mimic the organic because it lacks the life force necessary to give birth to living beings. Therefore it constantly creates look-alikes – always getting as close as possible to the real thing …


… in a linear kind of way.
Even their penises have sharp corners!

At the same time this agenda seeks to flatten out human-organic life by seducing the eye & body of humanity into its 2d reality.

This is a two pronged attack.

The very method of attack is two dimensional – it always is.

two choices

It has to be that way.

There always has to be two sides – because their dimension is 2d.

They cannot achieve ‘depth’.

So they create the illusion of depth by having, controlling & running
two sides.



Geometry, mirrors, illusion, hard surfaces, lines, cubes, technology – all work to flatten out, straighten out our soft, succulent existence into something hard, modular & mechanical.

Loss of depth = death.

They don’t call it …


… flat-lining for nothing.

If your senses are flattened how will you feel/see a lie? And even if you do how will you know how to act?

The coin is the icon of this world because it has two sides. This is the altar upon which they always work. All you have to do is TAKE ONE SIDE.

The altar could be two political parties vying with each other, two religions at war, a super-hero fighting his nemesis, good verusing evil etc etc etc etc etc etc etc – wherever two are gathered in the name of that ‘c’ word – competition – there you will find Lucifer/the Satanic Cult feasting & flattening.

Organic beings are NOT the other side of any coin. No coins or sides are involved. Organic beings are soft, supple & expanded. They have depth – infinite depth.

As always what I can write here in the time available to me is limited.

If I could I’d bring you a world of information I would, – but that would do you no good. I can only ever bring 50% – it’s up to you what you bring with your 50% – each person will interpret this information differently & to be honest I’m only scratching the surface of something so huge, but also

something that is …


… NOT deep.

We are dealing with something like a cloak or a coating over this world.

It does NOT have depth –
it just looks like it
& we have been told as much.

shallow hell

Shallow Hell

…Take heart, we are up against a flat illusion.

Let me finish for now, with a promise to return & add more depth to this topic.

I want to leave you with a look at one way the modern flattening agenda was slipped/ or should I say marketed into, mainstream consciousness.

Once again it was done through ‘art’.

When I read the following I experienced a moment of mind-blowing clarity – again if you haven’t read my article on ‘cock-worship’ (or if you were frightened by it) you won’t get this:

art for art’s sake  = “arrs gratia artis”  appeared in the oval around the roaring head of the lion in the Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie.

Perhaps, maybe, just maybe did you get it?

The words quoted were innocently written. Innocently written words are often the best source of clarity. I think a natural trait of humans is to tell the truth even when we don’t realise we are saying it. That’s why you can listen to anyone & hear truth.

How many times have you watched the lion ‘roar’?

The lion is a ‘claimed’ symbol of the solar cult. The solar cult is a complete & utter cock worshipping cult – the cock is at its centre, it is its very foundation.

 the “roaring head” of the lion …

sun lion

… can mean only one thing & I’m not supplying an image, but it is seminal to the solar cult.

I no longer believe in art for art’s sake. I have been wondering if artists have always been the spies of the Luciferian cult.

I wonder now how many were ‘channels’ rather than geniuses.

The power of art has not been made clear to us.

Right now I’m playing with the idea that artists have been used over the centuries to try to flush out “the creator’ – so that Lucifer can take him down.


Buts that’s another article (& no I haven’t gone ‘religious’).

So for today I will end with the most famous artistic entity of the 20th century …


… whose work lies behind the fast-track to flattening the eye in the 20th century.

His idolised work has Johnthebaptisted the way for the Luciferain agenda to take a powerful hold over the visual systems of 20th century humans – paving the way for the really ‘cool’…


… 2d crystalizing effect that has taken this world by storm.

As Matt Delooze might say, Pablo Picasso came into this world bearing the relevant symbolism that made him an ideal puppet for the ‘serpent cult’.

“Picasso came out stillborn. He did not breathe: neither did he cry. The midwife gave up … if it hadn’t been for the presence of his uncle, Dr Salvador Ruiz, the infant might never have come to life … he leaned over the stillbirth & exhaled cigar smoke into its nostrils. Picasso stirred. Picasso screamed”

Salvador = saviour. Ruiz = famous ruler.

Of Adam:


“He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person.”

Golems are also created this way.

Pablo was devoted to his younger sister, whose death at the age of seven apparently traumatized him … after the death of Conchita, [his] painted portraits show a sudden leap in skill.

A life granted & a death-fee paid may have been the foundation of this ‘genius’ that the world has been instructed to honour.

It is very VERY rare for an artist to be deified & made extremely wealthy during their lifetime. However service to the serpent cult always pays richly – whether or not the puppet is aware of their contribution or hand they are dealt:

Cubism is an early-20th-century avant-garde art movement that revolutionized European painting and sculpture, and inspired related movements in music, literature and architecture. Cubism has been considered the most influential art movement of the 20th century


… around 1910 Picasso and his friend Georges Braque, stirred by Cezanne’s late destructions of solid form into crystallographically faceted structures that were somehow both broken and coherent at the same time, went for the kill…Although he spoke of his cubist experiments as beginning in pure compositional painting, he also insisted that they were of something other than themselves … By blowing up the apparent look of things – and people – the cubists were saying that they were offering an alternative reality, the reality of memory or shifting perspective.

“Any form that conveys to us the sense of reality,” Picasso said many years later, “is the one furthest removed from the reality of the retina; the eyes of the artist are open to a superior reality; his works are evocations.”


Evocation is the act of calling upon or summoning a spirit, demon, god or other supernatural agent, in the Western mystery tradition.

On dissecting the world:

In 1910 Braque & I started taking everything apart in painting: shadows, lines, spaces.

Of cubism:

“Even Braque & I did not understand it”

“Amazing pictures that made space solid in a way I found exhilarating.”

“Shaded things were light, light things were shaded, spaces were solid, and solid things became space.”

“I don’t think I have a choice. Painting is stronger than I am – it makes me do what it wants”

Some snippets about the man who broke apart reality to re-form 3d into 2 dimensionality on a flat surface – the look that has become so prized:

“When Picasso wanted to turn on the charm, he trapped his victim in an intense black gaze. Lovers, friends, family & even museum curators all hankered after that feeling of intimacy, & would tolerate endless abuse in order to retain it”

“He was a bit of a vampire. You’d have a great time with him … but at the end of the day you’d wonder why you felt utterly, utterly exhausted! What Picasso did was to take each person’s energy and love for him and fascination with him, and then he’d go off and work all night on the energy of his guests and his second wife, Jacqueline.”

“Speaking of Picasso’s vampiric quality, several of his women came to unfortunate ends—his first wife, Olga, would sometimes need to be institutionalized, and both Marie-Thérèse and Jacqueline, his second wife, committed suicide. Was it due in part to the draining emotional toll of their relationships with Picasso?”

Of painting:

“Painting is not made to decorate apartments. It’s an offensive & defensive weapon against the enemy”

Which enemy?

To be continued …


March 6, 2016. Uncategorized.


  1. mgs1129 replied:

    What can I say but very vehement “Wow, wow, wow!!!” Exhilarating thoughts, ideas, and evidence presented here. Very revealing! As a brilliant woman quoted “it’s always the fu**ing artists!” Picasso sounds like he could have been, dare I say, possessed by an Incubus type spirit or something malevolent to have caused such drain and destruction in the name of Cubism.

    I like the reminder of relevant symbolism, and how you ‘tied and wove’ all of this information together to show us a tapestry of meaning!! I have to read this thoroughly again before making my final comment!

    Cheers my friend!


    • Dennis replied:

      Shizzle,,,Never thought of it that way. Always breaking new ground here! Respectfully, Dennis


    • Paul replied:

      You have done exactly what the “Creator” wanted you to do: You have gone round in circles and you have entertained him. The two sides, or two faces of the same coin that you mention in your post are the two faces of God. There is no Lucifer, there is no Satan, there is no “enemy”, there is no free will, there are no choices. There is only the one and same God: “I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I the Lord do all these things”, Isaiah 45:7. Picasso said it himself very well: “Shaded things were light; light things were shaded”. Lewis da Costa wrote in his book “The Thirteenth Stone” that we are going through a period of absolute darkness because God is using the Dark to sharpen the Light. But, the fact is really that God is using the Light to sharpen the Dark. In order to justify evil, God created good, and the world is going through dark days because God prefers evil and is still hanging on to this favourite addiction of his instead of giving us the peace and justice that were promised with the arrival of the Age of Aquarius. For, God or the Lord is a liar: “He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth for there is no truth in him. When he lies he speaks his native language for he is a liar and the father of lies”, John 8:44. This is God himself speaking in his typical contradictory fashion, and telling us who he really is.

      The Age of Aquarius was promised to us, but God is delaying it like Augustine, who said, “Lord make me pure, but not yet”. In truth “The Lord” is a reference to Satan, and how do the Swedes call Saturday? “Lordag” or “The day of the Lord”. We know that Saturday is Satan’s Day. We have no choice but to take sides in this game of God’s: The Lucifer Side which is the illuminated, Sacred Feminine, “enlightened”, good side of God, or the Satan Side which is the masculine, violent and bloodthirsty side of God. We are forced to choose between the two faces of the same God (the Two faces of January: Good Capricorn/Evil Capricorn). Again, Picasso said it well: “I don’t think I have a choice. Painting is stronger than I am. It makes me do what it wants”. This world belongs to God alias Satan/Lucifer/Christ and he rules it. No one else. The question remains to know whether there is a way out of this realm and away from this slippery Creator, who favours evil. He created us to be food for Evil, but he did not expect us to become intelligent. Or maybe he did, to make things even more exciting for him.


      • Mick replied:

        Now I like that summing up of the situation. Dovetails nicely with my own researches, very timely. Thank you :-)


      • mgs1129 replied:

        There is no tried or true answer, Alex and I have been playing with ideas for quite sometime, and even with the ‘flat earth’ hype. Ultimately, there is no way out of here via answers or knowledge. It could be the ability to ‘play’ that shakes this world loose. Alex always promotes ‘play’, a lost and valuable asset everyone could use a little more of :-)


      • mgs1129 replied:

        ….and I still postulate that PI-casso was possessed by an Incubus… :P


      • Mick replied:

        Infinite Possibility, as the Ickemeister keeps plugging.

        Douglas Adams had the wonderful metaphor of the Infinite Improbability Drive powering the Heart of Gold into other dimensions of reality. We all have access to our own button.

        My greatest teacher at the moment is Terry Pratchett – he knows things, very Tao.

        And that’s all play, isn’t it!


      • mgs1129 replied:

        Haha Mick, Terry Pratchett “gnos” more than most. I’ve read him as well.


      • Mick replied:

        For anyone who wants to know what real witchcraft is, I would recommend his Tiffany Aching series. It says it is meant for younger readers but there is no difference from his adult books. He does not bother with the esoteric, kaballistic, Crowleyan/CIA clap-trap of modern witchcraft. That is just Golden Dawn Qabalah dressed in Faery green and given tits, hooves and antlers. Pratchett’s take is simple, humane and low-key, with a sprinkling of Puckish humour. Above all, he’s not wrong.


  2. empoweredbyknowledge replied:

    I’m with stupid…

    True Art Revival Part 1 –>
    True Art Revival Part 2 –>


  3. empoweredbyknowledge replied:

    I’m with stupid (meaning I agree and therefore am one of the “stupid”)


  4. Mick replied:

    Perhaps, perhaps not. There is a reason why the sun became the centre of the ‘solar system’, increasing its size and becoming the only creator.

    Of interest is the new computer game No Man’s Sky, can be looked up on Google.

    Another layer of virtual reality is certainly on the cards.

    Excellent writing, though.


  5. Occult Fan replied:

    Reblogged this on Occult Fan and commented:
    Essential to comprehend.


  6. Occult Fan replied:

    This is undoubtedly brilliant. I have so much to respond with, that it overwhelms me. Suffice to say this is an extremely important piece of writing, and you are doing a great favor to humanity by sharing this cohesive take on things. Men ‘on the Square’, indeed. Is cock worship for a widow or for a widow’s sons? One innocently wonders, within this ‘line’ of thinking. Thank you for writing this and sharing it.


  7. Brother Dennis replied:

    A theory I’ve kept in the back of my mind: Apparently Native American myths hold that there was a world before this and there’ll be a world after this; one of the precursors to the coming world is, in some traditions, the world being covered in a giant spider web (the world wide web, that is). Other religious and cultural traditions also speak of the coming of another world from this world, as this world rose out of a previous world. So what I’ve been thinking is that the next world will literally be a digital world, that we will become digitized entities within the next world. It begins with 3D technology in movies, tv, games; virtual reality is the next step. Then it’s just a process of integrating those into daily life so that the digital world is indistinguishable from the organic world. Organic-world interactions subtly give way to digital interactions until living occurs mainly within the digital interface, and then wholly. Voila, a new world is born.


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Dennis, you may want to read “Future Smart” by James Canton!


    • Mick replied:

      Yep, what Alex calls an impending 2D is a virtual 4D. New Age fluffies will experience it as Ascension.


  8. suliwebster replied:

    Thanks Alex. This post has pulled together a lot of different things for me that I couldn’t quite join up or explain. It’s spot on !
    Flattening the Earth is equivalent to flattening Motherhood. Soon mothers will come flatpacked like ikea furniture.
    Screens and paper are all 2D. Internet is 2D whilst giving the illusion of 3D.
    Offices and rooms are square and cubist.
    Wombs are round and curvy, and I think we live inside a giant womb.
    Adam must be a bit cubist and flat I think. Men tend to be more square shaped than women. Maybe Adam was a vampire like Picasso, sucking the lifeblood out of Eve and the Earth, with his man made machines.
    It is amazing how the mother baby relationship has such an impact… I am guessing that Picasso forever craved the loss he experienced at birth, and in order to try and get that, he drained from others.
    When babies are created and inCUBEated in labs, in factory production LINES, they will grow up quite happily liking 2D. They won’t have any reference memory back to the 3D curvy womb, and they won’t experience touch. They won’t have mammary memory either.
    Touch is very important, and we are all losing touch.



    • Mick replied:

      Yep, it’s all in the angles.


  9. alex robinson replied:

    Thank you everyone for your comments & clips – which add to this topic. I’m hoping to get on to part ii quickly. It’s always a pleasure to see friends here & helps me keep doing what I do. Thanks!!


  10. Frau replied:

    Really awesome! I have been a reader of this site a while ago, and only recently came back. And now I read this and it’s really putting a lot together for me. I started a blog yesterday because I want to write down my own stuff too. It’s all been too long in this place that is called my head ;-) You’re kind of a role model for me, haha ;-) Thank you Alex! Really brilliant! I’m going to listen to the newest podcast later. Really really love your work!

    Blessings from Germany


  11. Nancy replied:

    Game’s over Alex. Folding it flat to go back in the box! I was happy to find another view of things.


  12. Nancy replied:

    It would be great if you did a short youtube vid so others could find this thought provoking article. I really appreciate your work. Cheers!


  13. Nixon Scraypes replied:

    Hello,I hope you don’t mind me coming down the chimney in this season from the Suliwrites demesne.I think you have it nailed down nicely,cock! Like you say it’s all cock and no trousers. The dark elite are phallic worshippers, forever going on about the size of their dicks. I wonder what that is in old Fellipo’s hand coming out from under his toga? He would have been a goldsmith wouldn’t he? You’re dead right about the two dimension thing,it fits well with the holographic universe jive , it’s all just describing the image on the backside of the eyes not the world outside. That’s exactly what the big dicktators do,drive you inside your mind so you’re no threat to them when they’ve conquered you. They’ve got us by the short and curlies! Sometimes I wonder if they are mineral beings, that’s a form of second dimension, isn’t it?


    • Mick replied:

      Silicon, more like insect than mammal.


      • Nixon Scraypes replied:

        A silly con eh? I always thought insects would have been better than reptiles for the alien deception.


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