a different angle

Today we’re going to try something a little different.

Play with it & take it as lightly as you would a work of fiction or a mouthful of interesting food. Do not try to turn it into fact or you will lose it. Do not analyse its flavour or you will genetically modify it into slush. I’ve played with a story genre to get across new ideas in an easy to contemplate way (I hope!)

~ ~ ~

Lucifer flickered on his death bed.

Time was getting shorter & shorter. He knew …

luci out

… he was fading. But he also knew that all the work he had put into his eon old plans looked like it was paying off.

Even as his essence faded, the new light that his minions had been creating, was growing stronger.

All across this world that he had staked a claim to, a new light was flashing & pulsing & exploding.

Plugged into this new light-support system, he was now receiving a …

plugged in

… constant intravenous infusion through the web …

he had begun spinning in earnest, a century earlier.

Lucifer was the Angel …


… of Angles & the demi-god of all things 2 dimensional.

As a supreme entity of light, he lacked the organic matter that would allow him to live the depth-filled existence of 3 dimensional beings.

As ‘light’, his existence required that he be …


reflected by matter.

He had never had any real power in the world he had tricked into compliance, but that was a great secret.

However, his skill in the art/craft of light, especially …


… illusion was all but unsurpassed. He had woven the most ingenious web, that even those who had given him existence had been mesmerised …


… by his extraordinary special effects.

The illusory veil he designed was so life-like that those who had watched from afar had been fooled. They were no longer able to tell the difference between what was real …


… & what was illusion.

It did not matter that the inhabitants of this world were 3 dimensional while he was only 2D, because he was the Angel of Angles & as such had covered every one of them.

During his time as overlord, Lucifer had fooled the foolish into opening the portal to the thought realm, allowing streams of thought-demons to enter.

thought demons

These thought-demons caused the humans to weaken their connection to their bodies & their common sense. With these weakened he gained enormous power.

But time had begun to run out for him, so he stepped up his plans to turn the 3D world he had illuminated, into a giant multifaceted, light-reflecting 2D jewel. Every surface had to be made flat & reflective to create the effect he needed to complete his grand plan.

He had spent decades spraying the sky …


with metal particulates to create a …

… giant silver screen. He smiled weakly to himself as he contemplated how easily that had been accomplished.

He smiled again when he contemplated how easy it had been to turn the inhabitants into 2d light-replicating screens.

He’d had to make sure both sides of his honey-trap had been baited & sweetened.

The people must be flattened into shallowed entities willingly giving up their 3d lives for a 2d replica existence, while the world must be flattened into reflecting, geometric spaces.

The introduction of an endless supply of concepts kept humans constantly choosing & ‘one-siding’. Getting humans to fall for the con of the ‘engineered yes’ was one of Lucifer’s greatest coups.

It began the day Lucifer tempted the first humans to believe they needed to make a choice. That was the day he sold them the idea that there was such a thing as “goodness”.

The day they accepted the concept of good, was the day hierarchy was introduced into this world & …

terrible path

… was the day they fell.

If they had not embraced the idea of goodness, there could never, ever have been evil. How funny for him to contemplate, that it was ‘goodness’ that allowed sin & death into the world. It was the concept of goodness that would …


… propel him to the victory he had spent millennia coveting & planning for.

Trapped by the idea that they had once been ‘good’, but now were bad, the first peoples spread out over the world bearing the shame that would slowly & increasingly warp them, to the point where centuries later they would be easily tempted by Lucifer into agreeing to become …


reflecting shells for HIS light.

His final goal being to create so much light, by making every single surface on the face of this plane(t) glow & burn bright with such …

lig hts

… dazzling light that he would be able to blast open the gates of God & seed himself on the throne of creation.

His plan for the plane(t) he was stuck on, was never going to be gentle.

It was merely the arena he chose to force the source of creation into the light.

Lucifer was only light.

Beyond light there was nothing.

Nothing is the ultimate goal that Lucifer is after.

Nothing is the beginning of everything, & will remain so as long as it remains nothing.

Lucifer confused the peoples of the world with tales of a fearsome Great God …


… one who had to be worshipped & sacrificed to. He did everything to keep them away from his only Nemesis – “nothing”.

Lucifer’s plan is to split it open & illuminate nothing – just like he did with the Adam & then the atom.

To gain control, not of plane Earth, but of all creation, nothing has to be made to matter.

It had to be made into matter.

And turned to the light …

lighty light

To be rendered visible, made known, recorded, named, branded.

For years Lucifer’s supreme agents, the great art masters had sought to pierce the secret of nothing:

“As soon as nothing is enclosed, it becomes visible and no longer nothing”

“For Reinhardt art for art’s sake became an obsession, a desperate attempt to get to the bottom of what life is, to reduce everything to its barest essentials & then to reduce it even further”

“Minsky, one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence, puts it like this: “Once we’ve split up each old mystery into parts, we will have replaced each old, big problem with several new and smaller ones – each of which may still be hard, but no longer will seem unsolvable.”

Don’t get religious. Don’t get gnostic. The idea is to stimulate new ideas.

More to follow…

March 28, 2016. Uncategorized.


  1. mgs1129 replied:

    Absolutely LOVED this! Enjoyed the story telling style and the pictures you chose added more DEPTH to it! Brilliantly ‘created’.

  2. mgs1129 replied:

    Hey Alex! Check out this link: spotted it earlier.

  3. mgs1129 replied:

    One more…looks like Anno Lucis was kicked off in Moscow back in September of 2015…

    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Michael, that is an amazing find

      • Dennis replied:

        First of all, consciousness is an illumination. The minds eye uses intuition to discern. Gnostic thought is a very interesting take on this prison planet and it’s lack of illumination hence suffering. Too much/too simple to negate light and it’s illumination of our souls. Lucius means light. To demonize what enables us to see is folly. The demonic angle is too rigid and injects too many ghosts to our infantile psyches. Shine forth brave souls! 87

  4. suliwebster replied:

    And the world is being covered with solar panels. They reflect and they are always ANGLED to face the Sun. Methinks they are feeding the Sun from the Earth energy.

    Angle-terre is the French name for England, the land of Angles.

    I agree that Good is the Root of all Evil. And I am getting really bored of the almost desperate way in which everyone strives to be good and positive, whilst leaving evil (eve ill) and abandoned negativity (female) in its wake.

    It is curious though, how we KNOW that the world wide web is the spiders web, (spiders like corners), it is our demise, but we are still in it. I think it is addictive, sort of sticky. Maybe we are so fascinated with how it is going to pan out, that we prefer to watch the unfolding drama that we are part of, than to hang onto our 3D organic life. Are we trapped? Or can we get out ? Can it be that difficult to stop switching on the screens ?


    • alex robinson replied:

      I agree about the abandoned true feminine. Am slowly rounding out these topics to get to a much greater pic. I appreciate your comments & depth.

  5. Mick replied:

    Poor old Lucibel, everyone blames her.

  6. alex robinson replied:

    Ah Mick you forgot to play

    • Mick replied:

      I do not, sirrah! I just chose the role of devil’s advocate, continuous praise is boring.

      • mgs1129 replied:

        Ahhh yet it was not praise, but rather a revealing…bringing it into the light….yar!

  7. Brigitte replied:

    Thank you for this eyeopening, dimensional information!

  8. alex robinson replied:

    You are very welcome Brigitte xo

  9. neal replied:

    But this place is not three dimensional. Just the two of two. Some twos are timelike. Something mostly forever, like enzymes that wait for straggling sheets of carbon that are fragile and would not replicate and sustain without a little time. Fours make the twos, makes the one.

    Existence borrowing from itself, or just procrastinate. I think sometimes the backwards view would seem like history and sacrifice. Instead of trading places to know peace.

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