staying flexible in gnostic quicksand

Hello again.

I do hope you are ready for more things that shouldn’t be said?

And ideas that are all wrong :)

If so please join Michael & I on a journey of unsustainable provocation &


… shifting sands.



Or listen to our podcast below:

April 11, 2016. Uncategorized.


  1. empoweredbyknowledge replied:

    Northern Exposure TV series really gave me a blow.

  2. Brigitte replied:

    Wonderful inspiring podcast! Thank you, Alex and Michael!

    • mgs1129 replied:

      Your welcome Brigitte, hope you enjoyed!

    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Brigitte, it always helps to do these, clearing out head space for new ideas :)

      Hugs & health to you

  3. Mick replied:

    Excellent, excellent podcast! I can only agree with everything you both said. Here is a link to a book you may find interesting, it certainly puts a panther amongst the self-satisfied pigeons.

    Please do more!

    • mgs1129 replied:

      Funnily enough Mick, I tried to find some decent videos on Anatoly to watch on youtube, but they were mostly adverts for his book(s) :-) Will take a looksee…

    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks Mick, we’re having a look at that book, with questioning in mind of course. More to come … :)

  4. james replied:

    Always look forward to your audios Alex and Michael. They are like gemstones, rare and beautiful ;-p. Haven’t even heard it yet but I’m already smiling because of the title “Staying Felxible”, this is a theme that has been at play in a big way this month (for me, and others I’m sure). In fact it just came up in a youtube astrological reading I just watched.

  5. Mick replied:

    Here is another link. Sadly, I’m not able to watch the vids at the moment, but you may find them useful:

  6. Rodgeir replied:

    It was midnight in Paris and we were rolling along the Quai d,orsay toward the Avenue Bosquet, where I live, on the left bank of the river Seine. As we came to the pont Alexandre III, the cab slowed down, for the traffic light was red against us, and then, without stopping, we sailed through the red light in a sudden burst of speed. The same performance was repeated at the Alma Bridge. As I paid the driver I asked him why he had driven through two red lights.
    “You ought to be ashamed of yourself, a veteran like you, breaking the law and endangering your life that way” I protested.
    He looked at me astonished. Ashamed of myself? Why, I am proud of myself. I am a law-abiding citizen and have no desire to get killed either.” He cut me off before i could protest.
    ‘No, just listen to me before you complain. What did I do? Went through a red light. Well, did you ever stop to consider what a red light is, what it means?”
    “Certainly,” I replied, “It’s a stop signal and means that traffic is rolling in the opposite direction.”
    “Half-right,” said the driver, “but incomplete. It is only an automatic stop signal. And it does not mean that there is cross traffic. Did you see any cross traffic during our trip? Of course not. I slowed down at the light, looked carefully to the right and to the left. Not another car on the streets at this hour. Well, then! What would you have me do?
    Should I stop like a dumb animal because an automatic, brainless machine turns red every forty seconds? No, monsieur,” he thundered, hitting the door jamb with a huge fist. “I am a man, not a machine. I have eyes and a brain and judgment, given me by God. It would be a sin against nature to surrender them to the dictates of a machine. Ashamed of myself, you say? I would only be ashamed of myself if I let those blinking lamps do my thinking for me. Good night, monsieur.”

    This was I thought an anti flatness story from the time around ww2, before cctv.

    • Mick replied:

      Wow, Rodgeir, what a supreme example of true humanness!

      • Rodgeir replied:

        Happened to find it in a book on rhetoric from the 50`s and tought this is exactly what is missing today and what is going on all around.

        Also I did find your links interesting, so thanks for those, very interesting videos.
        I have books 1-4 + 1 on Egypt of Fomenko. Found once upon a time on scribd. Book 2 and 1 are still there.
        You may find C.K. Raju interesting.(The Western history of science was designed by priests during the Crusades and Inquisition)

    • alex robinson replied:

      Thanks for the ‘expansive’ tale Rodgeir :)

  7. Mick replied:

    Thanks Rodgeir, will check those out.

  8. Nixon Scraypes replied:

    Yes,woman- strong, consistent, moving like the sea. Man- more directional, but inconsistent,up and down. When he’s up follow him,when he’s down nurture him. It’s so perfect,an unbeatable combination. That’s why the parasite has to divorce us. The fake feminine- in another post you talk about the male gang, the fallen angels as they love to think of themselves,they do hate women. The Sophia stuff is those men in dresses, like the Renaissance pictures of woman- men with tits painted on! The only thing parasites can do is prey on you, so they have to be very slippery and cunning and keep fascinating you otherwise they’ve had it. Flattening it all out- they want the world and they’re conning us out of it, they’ve almost bought it already.

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