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First we look what lies at the deceptive core of the Smart Future plans. Then we balance things out by looking at why men have been made to suffer in silence & isolation.


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June 6, 2016. Uncategorized.


  1. Mick replied:

    Blavatsky crap!!!!!!! The system runs on that shite, dontcha know.

    Will listen tonight. Long time coming, huh?


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Yes, Blavatsky, Bailey, and Crowley are some pretty big cogs in the wheels, or should I say the grease…however, tis more than meets the eye! Especially in your next comment…


  2. Mick replied:

    Excellent podcast, again pushes boundaries of conception. This is rather long, but of interest, I think.

    Finally, this NDE is the anomoly of all anomolies. Fred B had a series of NDEs while using ketamine. Each time he was able to see further into the experience until he was able to see through the illusion and realized he was sitting in a moving chair and part of a cinema or theatre production being cheered on. And beings were calling him a ‘cheater’ for using his methods: ” …I would be in a dark (black) holding area, usually sitting in what seemed like a tunnel-shaped cinema. There would be light at the end of the tunnel-shaped room. I would start hearing humming and feeling a loud-deep vibration all around me. The chair would then move towards the light (almost like a convoy that you see in some amusement parks). The light would get closer. On my way down the corridor, there would be video images* projected on each side of the wall captured throughout my life and shown to me as the chair is moved down the corridor. * Every time I’ve experienced this experiences, the video would show the same images from one experience to the other. From what I understand while sitting on that moving chair, is that the significant events in my life in Earth are being showed to me, as a reminder of what just happened. In the first 3 experiences, I wouldn’t distinguish the ‘television/cinema’ setting, nor the fact that I was in a room. I was too overwhelmed by these images of my life. The sound was actually really intense: as if it was injected through my brain, not produced by a speaker. After the 4th experiences, I started looking around and that’s when I noticed the surroundings… After 5 experiences, I realized that the light was simply coming from an opening in the dark wall, leading to a long brightly lit spiral corridor. It was the contrast between being in the dark vs. walking in a bright surrounding that made me feel overwhelmed by the light…. The sixth and final phase would then happen. I would be welcomed as a hero in the middle of a giant open-air stadium with approx 90 000 spectators. Loud music would be playing while I was wheeled on stage. I remember then feeling totally immerse in the experience, as if my body on Earth didn’t exist anymore. (I was able to analyze that kind of information after 5 experiences). People that I knew on Earth: parents, friends, coworkers, would be waiting for me on stage. They would all be happy to see me again. Giant screens would show images of my life on Earth – as if these people were also watching my progression on Earth while I was there. And then, the same thing would happen. As the ketamine in my system worn down (I wasn’t able to administrate an extra dose while in experiences experience without stopping it), I would feel my body (on stage in the stadium) dissolve and ‘melt’. In the 1-6 experiences, I could see people in the stadium becoming horrified or sad. I would hear voices saying ‘we don’t know what’s happening’. In the 7+ experiences, I would come back to the same dark room but I would be wheeled down the spiral corridor. There would be no humming or cheering. I would be sent down in a backstage area where people (staff, employees?) would be ushering my body in an open space. I would hear the words ‘cheater’ being pronounced by some of them. In the 10th experiences, I was send to the same holding room. My parents were present – crying and saying that I shouldn’t have artificially induced this ‘transition’ process, that I cheated and that this was the last time we could see each other. I would then see all the stage equipment being dismantled and was left alone. I remember seeing a newscast on a TV screen besides me where 2 anchors (that I know here in Quebec) announce that I was officially off ‘my mission’, that the program had been discontinued and that I would never come back to that area. There was an argument about how the rest of my Earth life would be ‘not so bad’ because when I first left for my mission, ‘I had choose a good and comfortable planet’. My body then dissolved back….
    Fred goes on to write: “We exist somewhere in a system where humans have a purpose to produce energy. We are connected to a ‘Matrix’ computer to artificially create universes within our brains and therefore produce energy to power a system. For what? I didn’t get to see it. The more ‘copies’ of yourself you produce within the Matrix, the more energy you produce. An afterlife definitely exists Yes We are sent on Earth for some reason. People in this alternate universe are watching our lie on Earth, as we would watch a reality television show. This mission on Earth lasts shorter than our life in the alternate universe because time is different. After multiple Near Death Experience, I was able to ‘explore’ deeper and deeper into the ramification of it all. I could see that we exist in many many copies in many universes. But the origin of it all would be a great laboratory, somewhere in a mountain setting, where humans would be sleeping in little boxes, connected to a ‘matrix’ kind of system, to produce energy.” end-quote

    It is from:


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Hi Mick, one of the more interesting NDE’s I’ve read in awhile…Adding to this, I’ve also discovered (in many different reads other than NDE research) the Astral Realm plays a huge role in any NDE stories, abduction stories, astral travel, etc. That realm appears to be chock full of entities such as Archons, Demons, Demiurges, Schemas, Larvae, Angels (Fallen)/Angles, etc.

      Playing with the idea here, that the Astral Realm somehow became inserted between this reality we are in, and the ‘next realm’, to ‘intercept’ energy/feed off of human emotional energy, blood/seamen sex magicks, etc it would be plausible perhaps that each and every NDE, abduction, etc. takes place on the Astral Realm (which we naturally have access too) and these entities have a vested interest in sending people back here one way or another.

      I think the release of DMT in the brain when actual death occurs is supposed to open up a portal ‘beyond’ the Astral Realm, but I also believe that this has dropped, meaning, the level isn’t high enough in humans anymore to do that. Its been affected by vaccines, tech, food, emotional health, etc.etc.etc. and people get trapped or enter the Astral Realm in NDEs and perhaps even at Death. Another point in case, is that none of these people actual experienced death, as they have all ‘come back’….More to ponder perhaps. I don’t believe anyone has experienced a true death so to speak, and all NDEs are based upon intervention or rather disruption from entities in the Astral Realm…Kudos on the comment! The web site is interesting!


      • Mick replied:

        In all of these related subjects we only have another’s word, unless we have experienced ourselves and much of that will be influenced by the belief systems we adhere to. It seems that all esoteric trails are well trammelled, guarded and monitored. Any initiation into a magickal system will attach one to a fully formed egregore, a psychic collective to which one becomes a feeding tube in return for sensation and a semblance of imaginative power. It seems much like the Theocrats described in The War in Heaven channelling. Having read through the free material of Anatoly Fomenko available on his website it appears much of conventional history may likely be utter fabrication, but then reality is probably an exercise in imagination, sadly somebody else’s. Life itself certainly seems to be a magickal ritual in terms of alchemical precepts. But that interpretation is reliant on a Blavatskyan basis, which is the foundation of the esoteric underbelly of world politics as evidenced by the importance of Alice Bailey’s Master-ridden cosmology within the United Nations, encompassing most channelling, all New Age spirituality, indigenous shamanism, Western ritual magick (OTO, Satanism, Rosicrucian and Freemason systems), Tibetan Buddhism and the Ecology movement, with tentacles spreading into every corner of life through invasive media, cultural and educational initiatives.
        It seems to me there are few options available after death – re-absorption into the One (rewarded by beyond orgasmic bliss); the return to ‘home’ (an egregore or collective); becoming a god or theocrat (in other words, a spiritual vampire); a ‘hungry ghost’ (a kind of astral ronin); capture and forced dissolution for intransigency (not a nice option); immediate reincarnation.
        But who knows, we may very well be but binary algorithms thinking we are real.
        I do think you should explore this aspect more fully. Perhaps Alex could interview you so you can expound your ideas further. I would find that both interesting and thought provoking


  3. Rodgeir replied:

    There is a rather unknown word covering most of your talk, namely communitarianism. See Niki Raapana for more.

    Regarding “black holes” I want to throw in my opinion.
    Severe trauma may cause Multiple personality disorder.
    What if minor trauma (or lies) cause only a fragmentation of your personality and not a deep split, we feel like the same person but but we get “mood swings/variations” as the different fragments dominate our persona.

    I did read an explanation on the difference of Multiple personality disorder(MPD) and Dissosiative identity disorder(DID) which is different than the official which is that DID is formerly known as MPD.
    Well, the Explanation was severe trauma before a personality is formed (age 6) may cause MPD. Later than 6 years it is DID as usually a persona is formed by then.

    Roles we act in our daily lives, like employer, employee, mother, daughter…
    and socalled archetypes, hero, sage, fool, explorer, caregiver…
    is I think fragments.
    This is like the hegelian dialectic( of which communitarianism is said to be the ultimate Synthesis)
    And this is how it works, create fragments, define reality based on these fragments and on and on.

    One very good example is Kinsey and his report. When you create an image of what is normal sexuality based on prostitues, homosexuals, and pedophiles, it explains a lot.
    And we have Maslow(MK-Ultra) hierarchy of Need, which is worthless. It seems reasonable, but defines man in very limited terms.


    • mgs1129 replied:

      Hi Rodgeir,

      Yes, I have to agree with the information you have posted. In the “Hidden Agendas” days, covering MK/Monarch programming revealed much information, including the grander scale of society.

      The original trauma possibly fragmented all of us, which makes it easier for “walk ins” or “angle riders” to slide in between our body and real selves, that is somewhere buried beneath all those “societal roles”. It is entirely plausible and possible that society as a whole suffers from MPD, some people more than others, and it does explain much.

      Its interesting that the hegelian dialectic movement explains away everything though as society being ill or sickly, no doubt on that, but there is more to it than that I feel. Thanks for sharing that pertinent information.


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