the steps of the temple – part i (podcast)

Join Michael & I for a revealing look behind ….


the tricks of
entertaining deceptions.


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June 25, 2016. Uncategorized.


  1. Anonymous replied:

    Your shows are truly amazing and wonder filled. The honesty is so potent and refreshing, many angles that you discuss are similar to my lines of thought and your shows allow me to delve deeper, freely, I am not insane! I listen avidly to your podcasts, sometimes unashamedly on repeat! They feed me so many, many ways and I just wanted to write a few lines to declare my true appreciation.
    I’d love to hear more shows from Micheal too, this was just awesome!!
    Best wishes from the UK

    • mgs1129 replied:

      Thank you Anonymous :-) We really appreciate the kind words!

  2. Mick replied:

    I have only listened to the first half hour so far, but would just like to throw this pennyworth into the mix.

    The bus in Speed is very likely a representation of Juggernaut, a Jagannath temple car. In English it means to steamroller and is a literal or metaphorical force regarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable. In Sanskrit it is Jagannatha which means world-lord. Thus it can be a symbol of Armageddon.

    Following this reasoning, the Asian lady wearing Ms Bullock’s clothes could be a Hindu cow goddess. Kamadhenu is the Mother of all Cows, who brings prosperity and luck, as well as providing life sustaining milk. Re Delooze milk links with Moloch since its root is MLK as all original language had no vowels.

    Babies are like cans of beans, providing nourishment to the gods.

  3. Mick replied:

    An addition from Wikipedia:

    The figurative sense of the English word, with the idea of “something that demands blind devotion or merciless sacrifice” became common in the mid-nineteenth century.

    Many speakers and writers apply the term to a large machine, or collectively to a team or group of people working together (such as a highly successful sports team or corporation), or even a growing political movement led by a charismatic leader—and it often bears an association with being crushingly destructive, with one early use of the word construing it as a synonym for Moloch.[2]

    Now how’s that for utter vindication, Michael :-)

    • mgs1129 replied:

      Heya Mick,

      Hmmmm….did not know about The Juggernaut information, interesting indeed.

      Alex and I were postulating about the Asian woman in the background dressed like Sandra in the bus, that perhaps it has to do with a faux mirror (effect)…meaning, that Hollywood movies is/are the “flat silver screen” (mirror), we are the other half of that equation that “makes it real” (i.e. active participants in the ritual), and perhaps the faux mirror actor/actress in there is strategically placed for overflow energy that Sandra might receive. Of course we’re talking “other worldly/Astral” level stuff here, but something to play with.

      Make one wonder about the introduction of “The Juggernaut” in the X-Men series now…and I have heard American commentary referring to NFL teams when they are “on a roll” as an “unstoppable Juggernaut”.

      Good info!

      • Mick replied:

        Yeah, I agree with the mirror stuff as a reflection of our consciousness. ‘They’ need that energy to create. I kind of see us trapped in a square cell, with each side being mirrored so that we get enmeshed in seemingly infinite reflections. The thing is, as you have both said, this situation is multi-layered. We have a tendency to get stuck in the complexities of one layer (I am just saying generally) and to forget that there are others underlying. Matt Delooze continually stressed this, and that we must continue to burrow deeper. Films have a reality of their own, much like the magickal egregores created by religious groups and occultists, or our own thoughts, often without us realising.

        Please keep on!

  4. mgs1129 replied:

    Alex you couldn’t get a more revealing shot in Back to the Future if you wanted too! Talk about subliminal mind f**kery! That screenshot says quite a bit about the Hollywood deceptions.

  5. Nixon Scraypes replied:

    One thing you were discussing was how actors are chosen for the symbology they carry.I thought about Reeve in his wheelchair, the lame God symbolism and….But that was much later, oh no, it must have been planned! A less sinister alternative would be that his accident was just theatre, most probable I think.

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